Assane Diop’s Lupin Outfits: Masterful Style and the Mystique of the Face Chair

Assane Diop, the charismatic lead in Netflix’s “Lupin,” boasts a fashion sense that’s as sharp as his wit. A modern embodiment of the iconic French gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, Assane blends classic elegance with contemporary flair. His wardrobe, carefully curated, mirrors his knack for navigating both high society and the shadowy world of crime. Be it a glamorous gala or a daring heist, Assane’s style embodies the essence of the suave and cunning character he portrays. Let’s take a look at typical Lupin outfits.

Lupin’s Influence on Nike Sneaker Sales

His favorite color is orange (he said that in Season 3. No wonder he is wearing orange Nike Jordan sneakers

Assane Diop’s love for Nike sneakers is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a vital part of his cunning toolkit. You’ll often catch him sporting these kicks as he pulls off heists and escapes with style. But here’s the twist – Assane’s affinity for Nike sneakers has given the brand an unexpected boost in the real world.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Pollen sneakers worn by Assane Diop (Omar Sy) as seen in Lupin TV series Season 3

Fans are now scrambling to get their hands on the same models he wears, turning these sneakers into the hottest must-haves. It’s a clever fusion of fiction and fashion, where a fictional character’s taste in footwear is having a real-world impact on sneaker sales. Talk about the magic of Lupin’s influence!

Assane Diop above the rooftops of Paris
Assane Diop above the rooftops of Paris. Netflix, Lupin.The man with the long leather coat, the slouchy cap, and the distinctive Nike sneakers is rebellious, cultured, and loving. With his dog named ‘J’accuse,’ he’s always on the lookout for justice

Assane’s choice of Nike sneakers hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans and fashion enthusiasts. The actor behind the character, Omar Sy, is a self-proclaimed sneaker aficionado who regularly shares his love for kicks on Instagram, often showcasing Nike Air Jordans. This shared passion is no coincidence.

The Symbolism of Assane’s Coat

Black coat worn by Assane Diop (Omar Sy) as seen in Lupin TV series

Assane Diop’s coat in Netflix’s “Lupin” isn’t just outerwear; it’s a symbol of his transformation and duality. This impeccably tailored coat represents the dual nature of his character. On one hand, it pays homage to Arsène Lupin’s gentlemanly charm. On the other, it conceals his true identity as a cunning mastermind orchestrating daring heists.

Assane Diop (Arsène Lupin), played by Omar Sy, in the series ‘Lupin,’ Season 2

The coat acts as both a shield and a symbol of sophistication, enabling Assane to seamlessly navigate both high society and the criminal underworld. It embodies his adaptability, allowing him to blend in or stand out as needed, all while maintaining an air of mystery and intrigue.

The Knitted Shirt and Subtle Moments

The knitted melange optic sweater of Assane Diop (Arsène Lupin), played by Omar Sy in the se­ries Lupin Season 3 Episode 3
Melange Sweaters

In Season 3, Episode 3, Assane’s choice of attire in a casual moment speaks volumes. He sits in his favorite chair, wearing a knitted shirt that effortlessly combines comfort and elegance. While he typically dons tailored suits for high-stakes situations, the knitted shirt represents his more relaxed side—a return to his true self. This contrast underscores Assane’s versatility, highlighting his ability to effortlessly switch roles, whether in the midst of a heist or simply taking a moment to reflect.

In this scene, the knitted shirt offers a glimpse into Assane’s multifaceted character, emphasizing that even in the most seemingly ordinary moments, he never compromises on style and sophistication. It’s a subtle yet charming touch that showcases the attention to detail that has become synonymous with his character.

Assane’s Beret Cap in His Lupin Outfits

The beret flat cap of Arsène Lupine (Omar Sy) in the series Lupin
The beret flat cap of Assane Diop (Arsène Lupin), played by Omar Sy in the se­ries Lupin Season 1

Assane’s signature sweatshirt in “Lupin” is a clever counterpoint to his formal wear. It symbolizes his adaptability, allowing him to transition seamlessly between different worlds. What makes his style intriguing is how he pairs this casual piece with Nike sneakers and a tailored coat. It’s a blend of comfort and refinement, mirroring his dual life as a master thief and a sophisticated enigma.

Orange Obsession: Assane Diop’s Vibrant Signature Hue

This mastermind behind the suave Lupin character has a penchant for the color orange, which transcends his wardrobe. The vibrant hue reflects his vibrant personality and his desire to stand out, even while hiding in plain sight.

Casual Elegance: Assane Diop sporting a dark green sweater paired with his signature orange beanie
Iconic Ensemble: Diop donning his signature tweed cap, complemented by an orange leather jacket and an orange checked shirt.

Just as he orchestrates elaborate heists with precision, his choice of orange adds a touch of audacity to his fashion sense. It’s a color that embodies his adventurous spirit and his determination to leave an indelible mark, much like his legendary namesake, Arsène Lupin. Whether it’s a subtle accent or a statement piece, orange is a recurring theme that underscores Assane’s unique style and unwavering confidence.

Sleek Monochrome: Assane Diop’s effortlessly chic all-black ensemble, highlighted by a striking orange T-shirt
Intense Stare: Assane Diop in a captivating close-up, sporting an eye-catching orange long-sleeve shirt

Assane Diop’s Iconic Y-3 Track Jacket

In this scene, we are introduced to a unique and stylish jacket worn by Assane Diop:

LUPIN Floral Track Zipper Jacket worn by worn by Assane (Omar Sy) S03E02-3

Have you ever wondered about the brand and type of the track jacket, a zipper jacket, that Assane wears in Season 3, Episode 2? This jacket stands out with its black (or dark gray) design adorned with vibrant colors and flowers. It’s no ordinary jacket; it’s a Y-3 creation. Y-3 is a brand that blurs the lines between sportswear and high fashion, making it a perfect match for Assane’s Lupin style. His fashion sense effortlessly combines sporty and chic, much like the Y-3 brand itself.

A Stylish Heist: Lupin’s Irresistible Outfits from Seasons 1 and 2

Here, watch two very powerful videos on Lupin outfits – showcasing all the stylish attire worn by this French thief who has stolen hearts in both the first and second seasons

All Lupin Outfits from the Season 1
All Lupin Outfits from the Season 2

mask chair from lupin: A Symbol of Complexity

Assane Diop (Arsène Lupin) in his Nemo Face chair

Assane Diop’s Nemo face chair isn’t mere furniture; it’s a visual representation of his enigmatic character. Shaped like a face, it adds intrigue to his living space, mirroring his multifaceted identity. This artful piece symbolizes both the gentlemanly facade Assane presents to the world and the hidden layers of his life as a master thief. As he sits in this unique chair, it’s as if he’s perched on the edge between two worlds—a reminder of the intricate web of secrets and mysteries defining his character in “Lupin.”

In “Lupin,” fashion provides insights into Assane Diop’s character and his complex world. From his impeccable clothing choices to his stylish living space, each element reflects the multifaceted nature of this modern-day gentleman thief. Through these stylish selections, Assane continues to captivate audiences, intriguing us with his character but also with his Lupin outfits.

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