Have a seat! – chairs in Movies and TV Shows

Villains sneakily turning in their chairs, heroes bravely fighting for the throne, families fighting and throwing benches around… Chairs play a bigger role than one might presume! Everyone needs them and they’re a great prop. However, they’re quite large and take up lots of screen space, so set designers have to pay lots of attention to them!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting chairs we’ve encountered in TV shows and movies. If you’re looking for a quirky design choice or want to introduce some spice to your office, these are all great options to choose from!

Lupin chair

The Netflix show Lupin introduces us to many interesting art pieces, such as “the face chair” you can see on the featured photo, as well in this trailer.

Assane Diop is both a gentleman and a thief, and in the TV show Lupin, he’s avenging his father, a victim of injustice. This noble intention combined with a love for mischief often leads our protagonist towards various valuable treasures. One interesting find we see in the series is the Lupin chair, an expressive piece of furniture that some find creepy, but others mesmerizing – which side are you on?

Dr Evil chair

Dr Evil holds his cat Mr Bigglesworth as they both relax in the beautiful leather Ox Chair by Hans Wegner

Good old Austin Powers! If you’re not a fan of his, maybe you’re a fan of Dr Evil? This mad genius has no mercy for his enemies, and we believe he’s the same with the assistants that buy him furniture – this leather black classic Dr Evil chair is a must-have!

Sherlock Holmes Chair

The Sherlock Holmes chair is a great, simple choice for those who like to feel like detectives.

We all wish we could step into the fantastic mind of Sherlock Holmes, one of the world’s best detectives. This man leaves no mystery unsolved, and we decided to be just like him – we found the cozy chair Mr. Holmes likes to use when he’s brainstorming ideas and talking to his John, his right hand. We found a perfect dupe designed by another great mastermind, Le Corbusier himself!

Men in black egg chair

Get yourself the famous Men in Black egg chair – no other way to pay an homage to this fantastic movie!

Men in Black is a 1997 movie classic presenting the interesting idea of futuristic and modern. It’s fun to see what people thought the future was going to look like just 20 years ago, right? These egg chairs designed by Thor Larsen can be a great addition to any modern home, and a subtle association to the movie – a test for true fans!

Morpheus in chair

You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The Matrix is a hit many won’t forget, and this cult movie remains a staple in everyone’s collection. One of the coolest characters in the story is definitely the intimidating Morpheus with his epic leather chair. Doesn’t it look like something that you’re simply forbidden to touch? Though we don’t see only Morpheus in chair, but Neo as well!


Alien Covenant Throne Chair

Carlo Bugatti Throne chair

We simply had to give some spotlight to this eccentric, bizarre chair from the hit movie Alien. It’s strange and looks quite dangerous, yet Sir Peter Weyland, a former inventor and a CEO, seems to find it very comfortable! What do you think about the Alien covenant throne chair?

Black panther throne chair

The Black Panther throne chair might not look luxurious, but it’s authentic and powerful.

The famous Wakanda throne chair was the only way to end this list on the right note! It’s powerful, interesting, and quite an irregular throne, don’t you think? We love the scriptures on it, as well as the subtle patterns. It’s so authentic and interesting, and even more special when the talented Chadwick Boseman sits on it. The Black Panther took the world by a storm, and we loved it too – the detailed design in this movie strikes our fancy!

MOVIE:Black Panther, Alien-Covenant, The Matrix, Man in Black, Sherlock, Lupin, Austin Powers-International Man of Mystery