Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair The Race To Space

As seen in: Mars Attacks!, Tommy, The Prisoner, Dazed and Confused

Designer: Eero Aarnio


Coming from an era that is influenced by the race to reach space, futuristic designs were developed.
This brought about the Pop Art movement which conveys less serious and more imaginative works of art. Designs were more playful using different materials and colors, showing positivity.
The Eero Aarnio Ball chair embodies this style. Although for him, his designs are purely functional rather than being coined as some style. The fiberglass exterior is a different color and material from the interior, with several options to choose from. Eero Aarnio, an acclaimed Finnish designer created the Ball chair in 1963 and in 1966 was promulgated in the Cologne Furniture Fair.
The Ball chair in the movie Mars Attacks! features a white shell with polka dots interior. So animated in the design that it relates to the silliness of the movie. As well as in Dazed and Confused, the Eero Aarnio Ball chair was rightfully selected to be a part of the set design and in-theme with the movies. It is now being viewed in several prestigious museums around the world.

Eero Aarnio is one of the pioneers in using molded plastic as a material for his designs. To him making use of plastics in design suggests “unlimited possibilities”. The Ball chair is a product of one of his experiments with plastics. An experiment that changed how a chair should look and feel.

The retro Ball chair is described in the New York Times as one of “the most comfortable forms to hold the human body”. The seat is so deep that you would want to literally curl into a ball while in it. You have your own private space where no one can disturb you.

Height 120 cm / 47.25”
Width 110 cm / 43.31”
Depth 97 cm / 38.19”

Shell – Fiberglass
Foot – Aluminum
Cushion – Polyurethane Foam
Upholstery – Fabric in different colors

Excellent reproduction of the original design available, for low budgets.