Walter White Outfits Transformation

Styled to Meth Perfection: Walter White’s Wardrobe Evolution

With Breaking Bad (2008-2013) gaining critical acclaim for everything from the performances to the cinematography, it was the character development that kept on reeling people in, especially protagonist to antagonist Walter White. But television’s greatest bad boy’s transformation was seen nowhere more than through his wardrobe, with the Walter White outfits changing to narrate the story of the struggling family man with a hidden criminal alter ego Heisenberg. 

Walter starts his journey as a player in the criminal underworld by propositioning Jesse Pinkman, one of his former high-school students, to partner him in the production and distribution of crystal meth.

So, let’s have a look at some interesting Walter White’s outfits and try to identify what makes them iconic.

Walter White’s Straight-Laced Tan Jacket and Yellow Button-Down Shirt

Walter White’ Outfits - Straight-Laced Tan Jacket and Yellow Button-Down Shirt
Walter starts his journey as a player in the criminal underworld by propositioning Jesse Pinkman, one of his former high-school students, to partner him in the production and distribution of crystal meth.

When we first meet Bryan Cranston as down on his luck Walter White, we notice that his clothes reflect his life as a straight-laced yet struggling high-school chemistry teacher. His simple light tan jacket and pale yellow striped button-down shirt are bland and unthreatening. Allowing Walter to move around on the edges of the criminal underworld without drawing any attention to himself.

Breaking Bad: Clothing Store (The Pilot). This scene might not be where Heisenberg started, but it was the first step in building up his character


Walter’s Green Button-Down Shirt and White Underwear from Breaking Bad 

Walter White’ Outfits - Green Button-Down Shirt and White Underwear from Breaking Bad
An intelligent man, Walter underestimates the dangers of becoming a player in the crystal meth world. Having to flee a wildfire in his RV containing two bodies, while in only his green shirt and underpants. Breaking Bad, AMC.

Probably one of the most memorable images from Breaking Bad came from the pilot episode, with the Walter White green shirt and underpants look. The disturbing scene, made more so by the handgun a slightly unhinged Walter is brandishing, is the audience’s first steps into the world of crystal meth cooking within the show. With our protagonist demonstrating a level of naivety to the dangers he faces, from not only the drugs but the ruthless dealers they are now in league with.  

A Conservative Beige Sweater for Chemistry Teacher Walter White

Walter White’ Outfits - A Conservative Beige Sweater
Walter has spent years learning to smother his true feelings and problems. Hiding his internal struggles from his friends and family behind conservative looks and bland colors that don’t draw attention. Breaking Bad, AMC.

None of Walter’s early Breaking Bad outfits represent his dull and boring life, that he feels trapped in, more than this simple beige sweater. Paired with equally drab pants and worn like a uniform, the nondescript color and straightforward diamond pattern symbolize his benign and harmless personality that he shows to the world. With the conservative round neck, long sleeved sweater smothering Walter’s true feelings and struggles. 

Burgundy Heisenberg Check Shirt from Breaking Bad

It isn’t just Walter’s use of darker, more brooding hues in his wardrobe that give him an ominous and foreboding appearance. His new haircut, with his head fully shaved definitely adds to the personification of the criminal underworld bad boy he is becoming. Breaking Bad, AMC.— 09breaking

As his character evolves and sinks deeper into the shady criminal underworld, the Walter White clothes follow the same transformation. But with a darker color palette becoming the norm, Walter still favors the simplicity of his basic check and stripe shirts. Shadowy and moody colors, like this deep burgundy on his understated button-down long sleeved check shirt, reflect his darkening mood and new intimidating persona, Heisenberg. 

Walter’s Simple Chinos With An Edge of Menace

Walter White-Outfits - Simple Chinos With An Edge of Menace
Gus Fring, played by Giancarlo Esposito, is a high-level chilean drug distributor that Walter gets into business with, and who uses his fast food chain Los Pollos Hermanos as a front to launder drug money. Breaking Bad, AMC.

Although Walter White’s outfits darkened as his character gradually transformed into the show’s antagonist, he didn’t get rid of all his beige clothes from his wardrobe. Still wearing his pale bland chino’s when it suits the occasion, or confrontation he is walking into. With lots of color theory articles about Breaking Bad online, like this one by Looper, reinforcing the idea that beige represents safety and harmlessness, Walter knows exactly when to use this to his advantage. 

Heisenberg’s Black Felt Hat

Walter White -Outfits - Heisenberg’s Black Felt Hat
It might be a simple black felt hat, however when Walter puts it on he is ready for business as his alias Heisenberg. And that business is probably going to be violent. Breaking Bad, AMC.

When Walter White has his hat on you know that there is going to be trouble, and that will probably lead to a lot of violence. The ‘pork pie’ hat made of a simple black felt is a statement piece, and what is the statement that it is making. That for a simple accessory, the hat actually represents Walter’s drug producing and distributing persona Heisenberg. 

Funny that everyone knows him with this hat and it’s so iconic but in the actual series he wears it rarely

Pink V-Neck Sweater Worn by Walter White in Breaking Bad

Walter White’ Outfits - Pink V-Neck Sweater Worn by Walter White in Breaking Bad
When Wayfarer 515 collided midair with a chartered plane over Albuquerque, Walter is unaware that the crash was inadvertently caused by his actions when he chose not to save Jane Margolis from choking on her own vomit. Breaking Bad, AMC.

Episode thirteen in the second season is one of only a few times throughout the show’s five season run that any of the Walter White clothes could be described as colorful, bright or bold. The complete opposite of his usual dull beiges or dark moody burgundies, the v-neck wool sweater in vibrant pink is a nod to the loss of the innocent passengers in the plane crash. Especially since Walter is inadvertently responsible but is completely unaware of the part he has played, following Jane Margolis’ death (check out her style breakdown here).  

Walter White’s Transformation into Heisenberg, the Criminal Mastermind

Walter White Outfits - Black Jeans
As the seasons progressed Walter became a more unhinged and violent man, taking on the persona of Heisenberg for his criminal activities and to help separate them from his home and family life. Breaking Bad, AMC.

The only thing more important than his pork pie hat when in the character of his alter ego Heisenberg is the dark, black and moody wardrobe that goes along with it. Walter, as a high-school teacher, dressed conservatively but when working with his partner Jesse Pinkman (whose style we discuss here) this more relaxed, casual and slightly menacing look fitted his Heisenberg persona perfectly. Simple black straight leg jeans, paired with a matching jacket, shirt and shoes really shows his descent into criminality and completes his transformation.

It’s difficult to resist being attracted to Walter White

Even with his character personifying some of the worst parts of the drug trade, inciting violence and glorifying the criminal underworld, it is hard not to be drawn to Walter White. With the plot centered on his transformation from straight-laced to the show’s bad boy, his Walter White outfits have changed to fit this new narrative. 

So if you want to perfect your own Walter White look, stick to moody colors, simple unfussy garments and a statement hat. Although, it is probably best not to steal his personality, unsatisfying job and dangerous side hustle. 

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MOVIE:Breaking Bad
DIRECTED BY:Vince Gilligan