Chair No. 14 By Michael Thonet

As seen in: Cabaret, La La Land, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Citizen Kane, Toy Story 4, Poltergeist

Designer: Michael Thonet


The Michael Thonet Chair No. 14, an innovation of perfected bentwood furniture. Who would not recognize this chair that you see in cafés and bistros? As seen in La La Land and Cabaret, Michael Thonet’s inventiveness became a hit instantly.
German descent, Michael Thonet was a skilled craftsman and designer. His perseverance resulted in being able to bend wood using different techniques. The goal was to be able to produce a chair ready for mass production and sell it at a reasonable price.
Needless to say, he triumphed and was able to create the Thonet chair in 1859. It is made of a beechwood frame and woven cane seat. Perhaps the start of flat-pack furniture as it was first shipped in parts.

The popularity of the Chair No. 14 produced several variations using modern materials. There is a Thonet bentwood chair replica made of metal and steel that can be stackable. Of course, the Thonet chair replica is also available in wood, like Walnut.
Vintage originals you can find at 1stdibs (link below)