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  • thonet chair 18La La Land Thonet Chair

    The Thonet Chair No. 18

    Thonet Chair No 18 (new) As seen in: The Life and Death of Colonel BlimpCabaretPoltergeistCitizen KaneLa La LandToy Story 4
    Designer: August Thonet

    Generations of art directors and set designers have cast a Thonet bentwood chair (often the Thonet Chair 14 and Thonet Chair 18), also known as the ‘bistro chair’ or ‘cafe chair’, in their films.
    The Number 18 Bentwood Chair was first designed by one of Michael Thonet’s sons, August Thonet, in the 1800s. The No. 18 Bentwood Chair remains a popular item due to is light but strong characteristics.
    Available in a wide variety of colours.
    Price: Approx £245.
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    See also: Thonet Chair No 14 (new) and Thonet Chair No14 (vintage)
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  • thonet chair 14 replicaCabaret (1972) - Thonet Chair

    The Thonet No.14 Chair

    A special kind of chair, the Thonet No.14, is both economical and classic. As seen in Cabaret, the Thonet No.14 shows its durability. Made of bent beechwood, the Thonet chairs vintage set of six is a steal with them in excellent condition. Popularly known as the café chair, the Thonet No.14 is a staple not…

  • thonet chair replicaPoltergeist-Thonet-chairs

    Chair No. 14 By Michael Thonet

    The Michael Thonet Chair No. 14, an innovation of perfected bentwood furniture. Who would not recognize this chair that you see in cafés and bistros? As seen in La La Land and Cabaret, Michael Thonet’s inventiveness became a hit instantly. German descent, Michael Thonet was a skilled craftsman and designer. His perseverance resulted in being…