Dress Up Like Cujo from Cujo

If you are looking for a good Cujo costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Cujo from Cujo.



Cujo from Cujo Costume Guide

Shopping List for Cujo from Cujo Costume & Outfit

Halloween, or any cos-play events, give you the chance to go all out on your costume. So why not try to recreate the baddest of all the ‘good boys’ with your very own Cujo Costume. 

costume guide-Dress Up Like Cujo
St Bernard Cujo, goes on a murderous rampage after being bitten by a rabies carrying bat in the 1983 film of the same name, Cujo. Imdb.com

Cujo (1983) the American horror movie based off of the Stephen King novel of the same name, tells the story of the St Bernard dog Cujo, who becomes rabid and goes on a murderous rampage after being bitten on his nose by a rabies carrying bat. The task of attempting to train the movie’s doggy cast of St Bernards fell to animal trainer Karl Miller, a task that often became so complex that some of the more difficult scenes were left down to stuntman Gary Morgan dressed in a dog suit. 

How to recreate Cujo-Cujo’s look?

Although there are professional level dogsuits available out there, we are going to suggest how to create your own version of a Cujo costume on a bit more of a budget. So instead of an expensive dog suit, start with a brown hooded onesie. Get something with a little bit of texture, like a onesie made of a fleece material, to better represent a dog’s fur. Add a pair of brown shoes or trainers in a similar color to your onesie so they all blend together.

The next piece of your Cujo costume to focus on is getting paw style gloves to cover your hands. Like the rest of your outfit, go for a glove in a brown color to match the rest of your costume, they should be furry like dog hair which will also add to the effect. Buy a dog mask, preferably a St. Bernard mask, since this is the breed of dog Cujo is. But if you really can’t get one, any brown dog face mask would work. Pop it on and put up the hood of your onesie to see how you look.

Cujo’s villain origin story starts with every dog’s idea of a fun afternoon, out chasing rabbits, and ends with a bat bite.

Finish with a red dog collar around your neck, if you were really committed you could purchase a dog tag with Cujo on it. But once you’ve coated yourself and your costume in blood, it will be hard for anyone not to realize you’ve come in a Cujo Costume. Focus the blood on Cujos face, head and surrounding areas. But since he goes on quite a murderous rampage no amount of blood will ever be too much, just make sure you can see a little bit of your brown costume through the red.      

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