Dress Up Like Beast Boy from Teen Titans

If you are looking for a good Beast Boy costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Beast Boy from Teen Titans.


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Beast Boy from Teen Titans Outfit Guide

Ready to go green as Beast Boy from Teen Titans with a killer costume? Well, let’s figure out why exactly you’re going green in the first place.

costume guide for beast boy titans - cosplay
Beast boy as he appears in the Cartoon Network show Teen Titans.

Who is Beast Boy?

In case you didn’t know, Beast Boy, also known as Gar Logan, used to be an average kid until he suddenly came down with a deadly illness, Sakutia, that changed the pigment of his skin green and made him incredibly weak.

After receiving a serum in an attempt to save his life desperately, the color stuck and gave him the ability to shapeshift into any animal of his choice.

Talk about lucking out at the end of a hairy situation, but his introduction to the Teen Titans (made by DC Comics) comes later, as one of the group’s founding members along with his buddies Raven (here is Raven’s Costume Tutorial) , Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin.

Teen Titans Beast Boy Transformation

Beast Boy Superhero Costume in Titans Season 4 on HBO Max

We have already explained in detail how to:

In the following, we will also explain how you can create a convincing Beast Boy look. Have fun!

Beast Boy Make Up Make Up

Now it’s time to join him with this easy-to-apply Pro Paint for your face and Kryptonite hair gel that’s easy to wash out to really look the part. Remember, the greener the better and we’re just getting started! Now, Beast Boy isn’t just green skin and hair, he’s actually a vegetarian too but unless you’re really selling the act, there’s no need to cry over lost meat.

Patrick Lockyer shares a wonderful guide on how to make a beastly Beast Boy cosplay.

Beast Boy Costume

beast boy titans complete costume
Complete Beast Boy costume you can find here
  • For your clothes, it may seem like his jumpsuit is a little hard to pull off but it’s nothing a thin, black, tight-fitting, long-sleeve compression shirt and shorts can’t solve. Sometimes the simplest solutions actually work the best. Beast Boy is spry, nimble, and agile, so you’ll want to stay pretty light on your feet to move around. This means tight-fitting clothing is the best option and luckily compression is perfect for the job since that’s exactly what it’s made for, it’s a match made in heaven!
  • Slide a plum colored “Titans” tee over it and you’re already most of the way there!
  • A pair of breathable, Black and Purple sneakers should work well for shoes and they’re perfect for moving around in.
  • Last but certainly not least, some green, pointy ear tips to really complete the look and really give you that Beast Boy signature look!

Thankfully, the whole look is pretty easy to get your hands on and piece together in order to fulfill your role as one of the Titans and your wallet won’t be crying by the end of it either. We owe this incredible look to the character designers of the show: Glen Murakami, Derrick Wyatt, Jon Suzuki, Brianne Drouhard, and Glenn Wai Lim Wong.

So what exactly are you waiting for to start your Beast Boy costume? The Titans won’t wait forever and your inner beast is calling out to you, it’s time to answer.

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