The French Girl Movie Outfits

The French Girl Outfits: The Stylish Modern Looks For A Movie Love Triangle

What would you do, if you found out that the renowned head chef that your girlfriend upped and moved to Quebec City to work under, is actually her ex-girlfriend? That’s the question that Zach Braff’s hopeless romantic Gordon has to ask himself after following girlfriend Sophie to Canada in 2024’s latest rom-com, French Girl. With an all-star cast, wonderful scenery and a wardrobe of French Girl outfits that any modern woman would love to have, the biggest dilemma for the viewers is why they cast the flawless Vanessa Hudgen as that chef, if we aren’t meant to root for the ex-lovers.    

Official Trailer for Paramount Movies latest film French Girl. 

Sophie Tremblay – The Girlfriend

Sophie Tremblay French-Girl-Outfits-Vanessa-Hudgens-Paramount-Movies
Evelyne Brochu as executive chef Sophie Tremblay in French Girl. Paramount Movies. 

Sophie Tremblay, has no intentions of turning down the irresistible offer of the executive chef job at the swanky Quebec restaurant, even if her ex-girlfriend is the head chef and she’s bringing her new boyfriend along with her. But are there still sparks between the two ex-lovers, or will it be her family’s love for ex Ruby that wins in the end.   

Sophie’s Love of Bright and Bold Patterns in French Girl

Sophie might have worked hard for all her success but she still can’t quite believe that she has the opportunity of such a prestigious job, even if she is going to have to move to Quebec City. French Girl, Paramount Movies.  
JanikaGZ polka-dot crepe wrap top^as seen in French Girl, Movie

When we first meet Sophie, and her hopelessly romantic boyfriend Gordon, their lives are turned upside down with Sophie’s new job offer in Canada. Head over heels in love with her, Gordon doesn’t even think twice about going along too, even if it turns out he isn’t what her french-speaking family were expecting. 

But initially almost oblivious to Gordon’s struggles to fit in, with her sunny disposition and the chance of a lifetime, Sophie Tremblay’s French Girl outfits reflect her character with her wardrobe full of bold and bright patterns. Starting with tan brown and white polka dots to tell Gordon the good news, right through to the ditsy and feminine floral blouse in a cheerful and happy yellow that marks the return of ex-girlfriend Ruby into her life.  

Sophie’s boyfriend Gordon, doesn’t seem to be much of a hit with her family, struggling to find a connection that Ruby seems never to have lost. 

Sophie Tremblay’s Ba&sh Mini-Dress in French Girl 

Sophie steps away from her colorful and bold looks, but not patterns, with her Ba&sh mini-dress that she accessories with a simple matching lightweight jacket. French Girl, Paramount Movies. 
French-Girl-Outfits-Vanessa-Hudgens-Sophie-Tremblays-Bash-Mini-Dress-in-French-Girl-0- product
Ba&sh Tais Mini-Dress worn by Sophie Tremblay (Evelyne Brochu) as seen in French Girl.

Boyfriend Gordon, who has desperately been trying to find the right time to propose, might be the romantic one of their long term relationship. But when it comes to impressing on an impromptu date night Sophie knows that only a patterned mini-dress will do the trick. However her Ba&sh Tais mini with its all over leaf pattern, v-neckline, short gathered cuff sleeves and ruched bodice, in its monochromatic black and cream tones is a departure for the color loving chef. Yet paired with her cream lightweight jacket, she compliments Gordon perfectly, almost as if they had planned it.     

Evelyn-Brochu-Sophie-Zach-Braff-Gordon-French-Girl-Outfit Inspo-Wardrobe Clothes Style and Looks
Almost as if they planned it, Sophie and Gordon’s date night looks are the perfect compliment to each other with their soft and subtle shades.

Evelyne Brochu’s Simple Casual T-shirts as Sophie Tremblay in French Girl

Sophie, played by Evelyne Brochu, showing off her knife skills in the kitchen. 

With Evelyne Brochu’s wardrobe of French Girl outfits, bursting with printed blouses and patterned dresses, it turns out the skilled chef is just as good at dressing down in a simple plain t-shirt and pair of jeans. While still sticking with her color palette of bold shades, and even a subtle pattern or two, this time in the style of horizontal stripes.

French-Girl-Outfits-Vanessa-Hudgens- in striped shirt outfit
Just because Sophie can dress casual in jeans and t-shirts doesn’t mean she shouldn’t add in a few of her favorite patterns like simple stripes. 
Scotch & Soda Knit Striped Top worn by Sophie Tremblay (Evelyne Brochu) as seen in French Girl. (Sold Out).

The relaxed and casual short sleeve t-shirts, a mix of crew necks and polo shirts, in soft knits and crisp cottons are the dressed-down outfits we see her wearing when she wants to let her cookery skills do the talking.       

Even for Sophie the prestige and luxury of the restaurant that Ruby runs, and she is going to be working at is a shock and surprise. French Girl, Paramount Movies. 

The Red Rose Print Midi-Dress Worn by Sophie Tremblay in French Girl

With Gordon never quite saying the right thing to Sophie’s family, this isn’t the first time, and won’t be the last time we see her making this face. French Girl, Paramount Movies. 
Rouje Rose Print Red Midi-Dress worn by Sophie Tremblay (Evelyne Brochu) as seen in French Girl. 

Sophie Tremblay’s French Girl outfits, could probably rival The Leave the World Behind Julia Roberts wardrobe of patterned dresses we see Amanda Sandford wearing. Like this Rouje rose print red midi-dress that is just another of the beautiful looks that we see Sophie wearing. With the all over delicate roses on the wrap front dress, along with the midi length hem and sleeves working perfectly with actress Evelyne Brochu’s messy blonde hair and subtle matching rosy lips.   

Ruby Collins – The Ex

Vanessa Hudgens as renowned chef Ruby Collins in French Girl
Vanessa Hudgens as renowned chef Ruby Collins in French Girl.

Ruby Collins, is the renowned and skilled chef that runs the prestigious restaurant that is at the center of the movie’s plot, with the opening for executive chef being highly contested. Not one to let past, and somewhat unresolved feelings get in the way, Sophie was brought in for her skills rather than to rekindle their love but Ruby normally gets what she wants. And that might just be Sophie. 

Ruby Collins Red Leather Jacket and Matching Red Lipstick in French Girl 

Turning up at Sophie’s family home was the perfect move, since Ruby gets to see her ex, looks a million dollars and can show the new boyfriend how much the family adores her. French Girl, Paramount Movies. 

If you are going to turn up at the family home of your ex-girlfriend, after not seeing her for many years, and have to come face to face with her new boyfriend you better make sure that you dress to impress. Something that the Vanessa Hudgen French Girl outfits certainly didn’t need to be told twice. 

There is no more a vampy entrance than being on the other side of the door in a red leather moto jacket, that would have even the likes of The Out-Laws Parker McDermott swooning. Paired against the black of her outfit and glistening hair, the supple statement leather jacket and matching red pout tells us everything we need to know about Ruby Collins. As she plays to win. 

Vanessa Hudgens Outdoorsy French Girl Outfit as Ruby Collins

Ruby doesn’t take long to start infiltrating herself back into Sophie’s life, enjoying every opportunity that arises where she can embarrass or show Gordon up. French Girl, Paramount Movies. 

There’s a reason that Ruby has worked her way to the top of the chef game, and now finds herself working in such a high class restaurant, because she doesnt do anything by halves. Which is the exact same thing that can be said for her French Girl outfits, particularly the look she just seamlessly pulls together for the hunting trip.

Looking every inch as comfortable in the outdoorsy garments as her chef apron, the mix of brown, tan and cream play perfectly off her sultry red lipstick. With the tailored tweed blazer, jeans and complimentary fedora hat, giving Ruby that just stepped off my country estate feel. 

The White Frilly Blouse of Ruby Collins in French Girl 

Gordon won’t go down without a fight if there are still some lingering feelings between his girlfriend Sophie and her ex Ruby. French Girl, Paramount Movies. 

Gordon might not be relishing the love triangle he has found himself in with his girlfriend Sophie and her ex Ruby, but the same can’t be said for the renowned chef who is enjoying every minute of the challenge. Making sure to bring out all the statement pieces when it comes to her Vanessa Hudgens French Girl outfits, including her white over the top frilly blouse. With its sheer net fabric, cuff ruffles and neckline frills, paired with the fact that Sophie’s family already love her, Ruby might just be edging Gordon out, one outfit at a time.    

Leather, Fringe and a Song: Ruby Collins Funeral Look in French Girl

With a voice like an angel it is no wonder that the script for French Girl included a song or two for the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens to wow everyone with. French Girl, Paramount Movies. 

Unfortunately for Gordon it turns out that there is nothing that Ruby Collins, played by the beautiful songbird Vanessa Hudgens, can’t do. Especially when giving a powerful and heartfelt performance that is deemed “better than Celine (Dion).” 

But the song isn’t all that keeps people on their toes at Mammie’s funeral, with her usual rockstar chic touch to her French Girl outfits stealing the show. This time with her double fringing, firstly on her black cropped leather jacket and secondly flowing from the waist of her matching black body-con dress, with quite the revealing cut.     

It might be a funeral but that doesn’t mean that Ruby Collins can’t put her own spin on wearing black head to toe.

French Girl might not have a revolutionary plot that we have never seen before, but with its star-studded cast, modern take on love triangles and the French Girl outfits there is no doubt that the movie is quickly going to become a fan favorite. Whether you are rooting for rekindled lovers or hopeless romantics, the story has something for everyone to like, love and adore, especially when you consider the sheer perfection that is the Vanessa Hudgen French Girl outfits.