Leave the World Behind The Stylish Wardrobe’s of the End of the World’s Leading Ladies

Apocalyptic Fashion: Outfits from Leave the World Behind

It might not be a surprise that the release of Netflix’s latest psychological thriller, Leave the World Behind, based on the Rumaam Alam novel of the same name, initially passed you by. Hampered by the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike and a small theater run, the movie didn’t hit its stride till it made it to Netflix in early December. 

Brought to the streaming platform by the creator of Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail, has crafted another suspenseful and all too real scenario. Where the only comfort is the stylish Leave the World Behind outfits of our leading ladies.  

Official trailer for Leave the World Behind, streaming on Netflix. 

Julia Roberts Leave the World Behind Outfits as Amanda Sandford

Amanda Sandford, the people adverse wife and mother of two teenagers just wanted to enjoy a quiet and isolated weekend in Long Island. But as the family and world start to experience some unusual events, it’s hard to decide if she’s more upset by the communication dead zone or the two strangers who have knocked at the door.  

Julia Roberts Patterned Dresses as Amanda Sandford in Leave the World Behind

Julia Roberts Patterned Dresses as Amanda Sandford in Leave the World Behind
Julia Roberts, Amanda doesn’t like people so picks an isolated holiday rental surrounded by woods, that adds to the eerie suspense as the potential impending apocalypse draws nearer. Leave the World Behind, Netflix.
Julia Roberts Patterned Dresses as Amanda Sandford in Leave the World Behind-3
PROENZA SCHOULER Ruched Tie-Dye Midi-Dress worn by Amanda Sandford (Julia Roberts) as seen in Leave the World Behind

Aware that her professor husband Clay, played by the phenomenal Ethan Hawke, is more comfortable sticking to his normal routine of home comforts and minimal effort, Amanda out thinks him. Booking, and packing their bags for a weekend trip to a luxury Long Island rental. 

And what is in those bags? Well the Leave The World Behind Julia Roberts style consisting of dark blues and earthy colors along with easy comfort, means orange and black tie dye dresses. Or subtle blue floral patterns on lightweight cotton button-up shirt dresses. 

Julia Roberts Outfits in Leave the World Behind Netflix
The dark blues and purples of Amanda’s patterned shirt dress perfectly complement Julia’s complexion and beautiful red hair.

The Leave the World Behind Quilted Jacket of Amanda Sandford

The Leave the World Behind Quilted Jacket of Amanda Sandford
As well as wearing the jacket for their arrival at their vacation rental, Amanda has it on during the tense and distressing car jam and subsequent fleeing scene. Leave the World Behind, Netflix.

With Amanda Sandford, just another stylish entry on Julia Roberts list of iconic fashion moments, which we have previously written about here, the Leave the World Behind wardrobe is full of casual comfort. But if there was one statement piece in her closet it would definitely be the gray quilted jacket that she wears during some of the movie’s biggest moments. Slightly oversized, in a durable fabric and light gray coloring the simple short jacket, with pockets, works perfectly over Amanda’s patterned dresses.  

leave world behind julia roberts outfits jacket

Amanda’s Denim Shorts and Blue Shirt Beach Look in Leave the World Behind

Amanda’s Denim Shorts and Blue Shirt Beach Look in Leave the World Behind
Amanda simply accessories her relaxed beach look with a sun hat, flip flops and typical mother sized beach bag that can fit everything you’ll ever need in it. Leave the World Behind, Netflix.

Julia Roberts’ simple look of denim cut-offs and loose fitting blue button-up shirt, over her matching basic tank top is the perfect attire for a day at the beach. Even if the family are about to experience some surprising events, including when they have to flee an out of control oil-tanker which grounds itself mere feet from where the Sandford’s were enjoying some sun, sea and sandy relaxation. 

Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke adorned with classicRay-Bans in the scene on the beach from Leave World Behind:

leave world behind her sunglasses
Her sunglasses. Credit: Netflix
leave world behind his sunglasses
His sunglasses. Credit: Netflix

Amanda’s Cozy and Comfortable End of the World Cardigans 

Amanda doesn’t trust or believe the two strangers who turned up late at night claiming the house belongs to them, with some of that being hinted at as her slightly racist views. Leave the World Behind, Netflix.
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Nothing screams relaxed, vacation comfort more than The Leave the World Behind Julia Roberts style of effortlessly cozy cardigans. Wearing a few different styles of the easy and homely knitwear throughout the movie, Amanda Sandford favors light, pale colors of cream and gray. Short and ribbed or long with large patch pockets, both of her most worn cardigans feature colorful embellishments with stitched florals and zig zag trims as added little extras.  

leave world behind julia roberts cardigan
Amanda’s pale gray longline cardigan features rudimental flower prints and zig zag trim around the pocket and cuff edges.
Mother Patch Pocket Knee-length Cardigan worn by Amanda Sandford (Julia Roberts) as seen in Leave the World Behind

Myha’la’s Leave the World Behind Outfits as Ruth Scott

Ruth Scott, is the defensive 20 something year old daughter of Mahershala Ali’s George, who turns up with her father late one night to claim to be the owners of the vacation home. Instantly hostile with Amanda, after picking up on some racist biases, Ruth isn’t a shining example of her own generation either it would seem. 

Ruth’s Statement Bronze Evening Dress in Leave the World Behind 

Instantly taking a dislike to Amanda and her questioning tone on their arrival, Ruth doesn’t want the family at the house and tells her father “We need to get them out of here.” Leave the World Behind, Netflix.

With the few pieces that we see Ruth wear throughout the movie, what we can tell is that the Leave The World Behind Myha’la style is unfussy, casual and has a slight bohemian flare to it. Exactly how you would describe the statement dress she is wearing when she and her father arrive at the house after the Opera. Already on everyone’s mind when the movie is mentioned, because of its use in all the promotional material, the bronze layered, floaty keyhole dress with ruching is perfect for the empowered young woman. 

The Color Purple: Ruth’s Use of Lilac in her Leave the World Behind Wardrobe

Leave the World Behind Rutj Lila Shirt
Is the color purple used by costume designer Catherine Marie Thomas as a nod towards the luxury life Ruth lifes and the power she thinks she has? Leave the World Behind, Netflix.

Although Ruth doesn’t like Amanda, the feeling is mutual. With Amanda believing her to be an entitled and rude young woman, who should have grown out of that phase by now. Happy to make herself at home, all be it in her house, while the Sandfords are still on their vacation Ruth lounges by the pool in her lilac bikini. A color we see her wear a couple of times, and might be a subtle hint at the power and luxury she believes she possesses.   

It was hard to take your eyes off Ruth, especially for Amanda and Clays son, when she lounged by the pool in her little lilac bikini.

Myha’la Herrold’s Mustard Collared Cardigan as Ruth Scott in Leave the World Behind

Paired with other muted colors, Ruth’s mustard yellow cardigan echo’s the earthy bohemian shades that we first saw in her statement bronze party dress at the beginning of the movie. Leave the World Behind, Netflix.  

With the Leave The World Behind Myha’la style being recognised for its simplicity and comfort, her yellow cardigan is another of her memorable pieces. However it isn’t the first time that Myha’la Herrold, who plays Ruth Scott, has been recognized for her cozy knitwear with her also making our list of Top 5 Outfits from Black Mirror Season 6. Yet her yellow knit cardigan in a subdued mustard shade, that is possibly closer to a shirt with it’s collared neckline and short length doesn’t stray far from her boho roots.   

With a stellar cast of stars, Barack and Michelle Obama working as executive producers, and the creator of Mr. Robot at the helm, Leave the World Behind should be the next big apocalyptic movie. But what many people will really remember about the psychological thriller is how the Leave the World Behind styles of Julia Roberts and Myha’la, helped to add to the suspense and doom felt throughout the movie. 

Even if it might actually be just as hard to forget the eerie look of those deer gathered on the lawn… 

Why are the deer gathering on the back lawn?
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