Strong Girl Nam-Soon Outfits

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Outfits: Three Generations of Super Stylish Women

Over the years, Netflix has unexpectedly become the place to be if you want to catch all the latest South Korean K-dramas. With hits like All of Us Are Dead and Doona! (whose hauntingly beautiful wardrobe has already been scrutinized by us, here) among their streaming successes, their newest offering Strong Girl Nam-Soon looks set to be just as big a triumph.   

But before we delve into the charming and designer-stacked Strong Girl Nam-soon outfits, first we need to consider the little details, and the three generations of super strength women who made this binge worthy K-drama a hit. 

Official trailer for Netflix’s latest K-drama, Strong Girl Nam-soon. 

The Strong Girl Bong-soon spin-off, tells the story of Gang Nam-soon and her journey back to South Korea as a young adult, after being lost in Mongolia as a child. However, after her heartfelt reunion with her mother and grandmother, the three generations born with superhuman strength, inadvertently find themselves wrapped up in a Police drugs investigation. Thankfully looking every inch the stars in their charming and exquisite investigation worthy outfits.  

Gang Nam-Soon’s Strong Girl Nam-Soon Wardrobe 

Nam-soon, our main protagonist and the superpowered second cousin of Do Bong-soon (who starred in her own television show Strong Girl Bong-soon) has inherited the family’s super strength and desire to do good. Along with their undeniable impeccable sense of style.     

Nam-soon’s Embroidered Blouses in Strong Girl Nam-soon

Deciding as an adult that it is time to find her birth family, Nam-soon travels back to South Korea to search the Gangnam district, but only after she saves her plane from crash landing. Strong Girl Nam-soon, Netflix. 

Having been lost by her father in Mongolia as a child, when they were on a photography trip, Nam-soon was taken in and raised by a local Mongolian family. So when we first meet her, traveling back to South Korea to find her birth family, her Strong Girl Nam-soon outfits hint at the traditional lifestyle she grew up with. 

Her hair in pigtail braids, Nam-soon’s simple lightweight cotton blouses are delicately embroidered with intricate floral patterns, similar to the traditional Mongolian embroidery that was passed down from mother to daughter for centuries.    


With her traditional braids and beautiful embroidered blouses, Nam-soon’s outfits hint at a modernized traditional use of Mongolian embroidery.

SJYP No-Collar Terry Jacket Worn by Nam-soon in Strong Girl Nam-soon

Although Nam-soon’s terry jacket comes from the South Korean brand SJYP, just like her embroidered blouses, it gives the look of a modernized Mongolian way of dressing that fits in with her story arc. Strong Girl Nam-soon, Netflix.  

Reminiscent of the resilient wools that were used to make traditional Mongolian clothing, Nam-soon’s SJYP no-collar terry jacket has a modern and simple feel to it. With its collarless round neckline and cream terry fabric highlighted by the blue and white embroidery that covers all the jacket’s edges, including the sleeve cuffs. 

Nam-Soon’s White Skirt and Blazer Two Piece in Strong Girl Nam-soon

While using her superstrength to save a little boy from a building fire, Nam-soon’s mother Geum-joo is able to find her and bring her back to her family. Strong Girl Nam-soon, Netflix. 

A kind and caring woman, Nam-soon inadvertently comes face to face with her mother Geum-joo while carrying out a good deed. Back in the family fold, and caught up in the drugs investigation, her Strong Girl Nam-soon outfits get a stylish and elegant make-over. With a matching MUSEE ivory crop tweed jacket and mini-skirt, as well as a new short bob haircut with full bangs. 

The Knitwear Worn by Lee Yoo-mi as Nam-soon 

Nam-soon might be from a powerful, super strength family, but they are also very rich. Which means that she can afford the best designer brands especially for her collection of knitwears. Strong Girl Nam-soon, Netflix.    

With our main protagonist being portrayed by rising South Korean star Lee Yoo-mi, it is fitting that Nam-soon’s superstrength and speed is a genetic trait that is passed down the female side of the family. But being from a powerful lineage in more ways than one, Nam-soon prefers a softer and more delicate feminine touch to her outfits.

Lee Yoo-mi wearing Prada Intarsia Turtleneck Wool Sweater as Nam-soon in Season 1 of Strong Girl Nam-soon. 
Intarsia turtleneck sweater

Including a lot of use of luxurious knitwear, with their fuzzy textures, simple patterns and statement embellishments. Like her Sandro Dumas ruffled mock turtleneck sweater in the monochromatic shades of black and white, which feature heavily in Nam-soon’s outfits. Or her bolder Prada patterned sweater, that is luxurious and expensive.  

Nam-soon in Etmon Shawl Sailor Collar Knit Cardigan in episode 6 of season 1 of Strong Girl Nam-soon. 

Nam-soon’s Everyday Casual Looks on Strong Girl Nam-soon

Nam-soon throws herself into helping Police Lieutenant Gang Hee-sik investigate the drugs that have turned up in Gangnam District, with her overpowering reckless and fearless attitude. Strong Girl Nam-soon, Netflix. 

Much more of a casual and relaxed dresser than her mother, or grandmother Joong-gan, Nam-soon often simply picks a pair of basic skinny jeans and one of her many sweatshirts to wear. Keeping the relaxed look modern with cropped lengths and graphic prints, or even easy to throw-on hoodies in soft and feminine colors. 

Lee Yoo-mi is wearing, Lucky Marche Nylon Hooded Sweatshirt and a yellow Prada triangle bag in Strong Girl Nam-soon. 

Flirty and Feminine: Nam-soon’s Softer Side and Girly Outfits

Soft pastel shades of powdery blue and yellow, contrast Nam-soon’s flawless complexion and dark short bob haircut. Strong Girl Nam-soon, Netflix. 

With a secondary storyline of the budding romance between Nam-soon and Police Lieutenant Hee-sik, continuing throughout the first season, on occasion we see her Strong Girl Nam-soon outfits having a flirty and feminine edge to them. Softer pastel colors of powdery blues and yellows are paired with luxury fabrics and delicate prints. 

Nam-soon in Margarine Fingers Blue Twiggy Ribbon Slip One-piece in episode 7 of Strong Girl Nam-soon. 

Young, and as reckless as she can be traditional, Nam-soon accessories her mini-length dresses with her beloved knitwear in the form of cardigans and turtleneck sweaters. Before adding the finishing touch of a designer handbag or two, and dressing the looks down with sneakers or simple white leather pumps.  

The budding romance between Nam-soon and Hee-sik is a big plot point and adds some light relief to the show full of drugs and sharply dressed criminals. Netflix. 

Hwang Geum-Joo’s Strong Girl Nam-Soon Wardrobe

Geum-joo, the mother of our main protagonist as well as the rich and powerful CEO of the Gangnam pawn shop “Gold Blue,” is as formidable as they come with her superhuman strength and impressive designer wardrobe. 

Geum-Joo’s Modern Twist on the Power Suit in Strong Girl Nam-Soon 

The self-made entrepreneur is so desperate to locate her lost daughter she holds annual strong woman contests, in the hope that Nam-soon will enter and the family will be reunited. Strong Girl Nam-soon, Netflix. 

Not afraid to stand-out from the crowd Geum-joo, our CEO and grieving mother, has spent the years building up her good karma, and business empire. So it is no surprise that the super strength and super powerful business woman loves an expensive designer power suit. 

Kim Jung-eun in Jacquemus Bari cut-out tailored dress and Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag as Geum-joo in Strong Girl Nam-soon.
Kim Jung-eun in Jacquemus Bari cut-out tailored dress and Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag as Geum-joo in Strong Girl Nam-soon.

But where women like Emily Meyers from Fair Play favors dark modest colors, Geum-joo likes to opt for bold and bright shades of lime green and cerise pink. Accessorized with the latest in designer handbags, shoes and expensive jewelry. 

Geum-joo loves to wear designer brands, and accessories her all black ensemble with the iconic Lady Dior Bag in episode 2 of Strong Girl Nam-soon. 

Geum-Joo the Crime Fighter 

Geum-joo has always hoped that her good deeds, and crime fighting, will build up her good karma, which in turn will help to return her daughter to her safely. Strong Girl Nam-soon, Netflix.  

The second woman of the family to have been given super strength, after inheriting it from her mother, Geum-joo has used her gift to fight local crime, and help the little people. Dressed in head to toe leather and riding a motorbike to come to the aid of those in need, it is no wonder nobody suspects the successful CEO. 

The All White Looks of Geum-Joo in Strong Girl Nam-Soon 

Kim Jung Eun’s worn as Geum-joo in Strong Girl Nam-soon. 
Moschino Cropped Colorblocked Jacket
Get The Look

As a self-made successful entrepreneur, Geum-joo always looks the height of fashion, spending her hard earned cash on all the most exquisite designer brands. So when it comes to her love of wearing white head to toe, which is the complete opposite to her bold and bright power suits, she sticks with her expensive labels. Going for intricate and unique Moschino, with its unusual faucet detailing or the statement piece of a Bottega Veneta all white coat.  

Geum-joo wearing a Bottega Veneta white double-breasted coat in cotton canvas in episode 4 of Strong Girl Nam-soon. 

Geum-joo’s Sparkling Designer Jewels

When Geum-joo eventually does get reunited with Nam-soon, the overwhelmed mother looks every inch the wealthy business woman in her Tiffany & Co jewelry. Strong Girl Nam-soon.  

As expensive and designer as her Strong Girl Nam-soon outfits and accessories are, Geum-joo spares no expense when it comes to her jewels either. Dripping off her, the yellow gold chains, diamond earrings and even crystal studded hair-pieces, are the things of most people’s dreams. And just one of the pricey reasons she becomes the target of a con-artist pretending to be Nam-soon.  

Geum-Joo in Cartier Maillon Panther Link Chain Vintage Necklace that costs over $40,000. Strong Girl Nam-soon.

Gil Joong-Gan’s Strong Girl Nam-Soon Wardrobe

The revered Joong-gan, the mother of Geum-joo and grandmother of Nam-soon, as well as leader of the super strength maternal bloodline has more in common with her daughter than first might meet the eye.

Like Mother Like Daughter

The first of the super strength women, Joong-gan likes to stand out from the crowd as much as her daughter does, and enjoys the authority that a good power suit emanates. Strong Girl Nam-soon, Netflix. 

Just like her female relatives that followed her, Joong-gan has the power of super strength and has put it to good use protecting the Gangnam District where they live. Even stepping in to mentor Nam-soon when she is returned to the family fold. And if there is trouble she is probably not far behind, ready to right any wrongs, just like her daughter.

Never one to leave the hard work to the younger generations, Joong-gan is as entangled in the drug investigation as the rest of her family.

But even more like her daughter is her matching designer wardrobe that favors all the same styles and expensive accessories that Geum-joo does. From her pink satin power suit that echoes her daughter’s colorful 2 piece coordinating sets, to her love of white you could say her Strong Girl Nam-soon outfits are the epitome of “like mother, like daughter.”

Joong-gan’s diamond encrusted big cat could probably rival her daughter’s gold panther necklace for price and statement piece status. 

Which could also be said for her equal love of high end, diamond encrusted jewelry. Pearl necklaces, diamond surrounded rubies and aquamarine stones, and glittering bracelets are just a few of the pieces that Joong-gan owns. But her large statement stone encrusted big cat brooch perched just below her shoulder on her faintly pink tweed blazer is probably a good representation of the power our three generation of super strength woman command.  

The three generations of this super stylish and superhuman family might be out there saving the Gangnam District, challenging male egos and dismantling criminal drug rings, but the ladies of the family still find plenty of time to shine in their Strong Girl Nam-soon outfits. And although it might not be all about their impeccable wardrobes, from the flirty and feminine, to powerful and exquisite, the show is actually just one flawless fashion moment after another. 

MOVIE:Strong Girl Nam-soon
DIRECTED BY:Produced By: Young Woo Suh