Lee Doo-Na’s Changing Wardrobe in Netflix New K-drama Doona

Lee Doo-Na’s Changing Wardrobe in Netflix New K-drama Doona!

With hits like All of Us Are Dead and Strong Girl Nam-soon, Netflix is fast becoming the place to find the latest South Korean drama’s. Dubbed K-drama’s (to go along with K-pop) the streaming platform’s latest romance won’t be forgotten in a hurry. With the hauntingly beautiful Doona! never quite what it seems.    

But it’s not like lead Lee Doo-na didn’t warn Won-Jun that falling for her was foolish. Yet where was our warning before we fell head over heels for her effortlessly chic wardrobe.  

The official trailer for Netflix K-drama Doona! starring Bae Suzy and Yang Se-jong.

However, you might think you know how the story goes: a normal boy, a famous K-pop singer and a slow-burning romance. But Netflix’s new South Korean drama based on the Min Songa webtoon, The Girl Downstairs, is all that and more. Including a whirlwind journey through the changing looks of our lead stars K-pop career, isolation and loneliness, and sugary sweet romance in her Donna outfits.      

Lee Doo-na the K-Pop Princess

Doona! might start with our romantic lead abandoning her girl group Dream Sweet, but fittingly portrayed by Bae Suzy a real-life K-pop princess turned actress, the nine episode run takes us on her journey back to stardom. Including a few statement looks worthy of the K-pop idol status she has gained.    

The Black Prada Mini-Dress 

Doo-na’s Prada Black Poplin-Trim Lace Mini-dress worn by Bae Suzy in Episode 9 of Doona! Netflix.
Original Prada

Young, rich and famous, with a wardrobe full of designer labels, when Lee Doo-na returns to the world of K-pop the biggest luxury brands all want to put her in their garments. But with a more mature and refined look, than her time in Dream Sweet, her poplin collar and cuff black lace Prada mini-dress doesn’t need the added sparkle of sequins and gemstones to make her standout from the crowd.  

Lee Doo-na’s Puff Sleeve Toile de Jouy Dress in Doona!

Bae Suzy in Lee Doo-na’s YCH White Puff Sleeve Toile de Jouy dress in Episode 9 of Doona! Netflix

With one stylish look after another, the K-pop princess Doona outfits throughout the show are absolute perfection. Especially this sweet and innocent looking white and black Toile de Jouy dress from Seoul brand YCH. The exaggerated puff sleeves, square neckline and romantic scenes in black print across the mini-dress are as timeless as they are feminine. And perfect for our reinvented singing star. 

The K-Pop Look: Lee Doo-na’s Dream Sweet White Two Piece Stage Outfit

As the most popular member of Dream Sweet, Doo-na has found it difficult to tell the girls and her manager that she wants to leave the band, but fainting on stage while performing helps her find the courage. Doona! Netflix.

When we first met Lee Doo-na at the peak of her K-pop career as one fifth of girl group Dream Sweet, the tension in the band could be cut with a knife. The popular lead singer, always singled out in a contrasting color to draw attention, wanted an escape from her idolized life. Yet that didn’t stop her putting on one last show in her gemstone encrusted and feather embellished white skirt and matching ruched top.  

Lee Don-na and her K-pop band Dream Sweet singing their hit The Whispering Spell. 

The Lee Doo-na Loungewear Essentials

When it comes to Lee Doo-na’s signature look, away from her bold stage and K-pop persona, she steers clear of eye-catching sparkles and embellishments, instead favoring low-key loungewear. Blending into her new shared housing situation and unemployed, retired lifestyle of smoking in the courtyard in her comfortable and relaxed outfits.  

Lee Doo-na’s Many Crop Tops

Lee Doo-na’s Many Crop Tops
Doo-na originally told Won-jun that she had no intention of falling in love with him, but his quiet charm and friendly nature won her over. With their slow burning romance becoming something more serious. Doona! Netflix.

Lee Doo-na’s changed lifestyle, away from the spotlight, meant that her new relaxed and at ease attitude needed to be reflected in her Doona outfits. With loungewear becoming her go to look. 

Lee Doo-na’s Many Crop Tops 2
Girly details like lace trims add an extra feminine touch to Doo-na’s basic crop tank tops and t-shirts. Netflix.

But even though Doo-na’s outfits are full of simple basics that emphasize comfort, she hasn’t lost any of her stylish credentials. With her vast selection of midriff baring cropped tank tops and t-shirts giving her a youthful and fun look. 

Lee Doo-na and Won-jun get off to a rocky start when she accuses him of being her stalker, even if at first he has no idea who she is. Netflix.

While using a soft color palette of whites, grays and pale blues to reflect her gentle and loving side. The simple cotton tops with lace trims, smock ruffles and lettuce hems mirror her playful character that we slowly see emerge as she befriends her new share house neighbor Won-Jun.  

Simple Comfy Pants Worn by Lee Doo-na in Doona!

Comfort is key for Doo-na when her life becomes about being retired from the spotlight and living a relaxed lifestyle in her Share House. Doona! Netflix

With the only denim featuring in Lee Doo-na’s wardrobe her Instantfunk one shoulder denim dress, she instead chooses softer and more comfortable fits and fabrics for the pants in her wardrobe. Sticking to her relaxed loungewear aesthetic, that becomes a big part of her Doona! story.   

Even when retired, Doo-na’s love of music is still a large part of her life, often seen with her headphones on when she is relaxing. Doona! Netflix.

More likely to opt for a dress or skirt, when she does wear pants they are either comfy with a wide-leg fit, in check or flower prints to match her simple pale colored crop tops. Or typical loungewear sweatpants, given a stylish and icon worthy twist in delicate white fabrics or with sequin embellishments, before being paired with her statement platform slippers.     

Lee Doo-na’s Oversized Sweatshirts

After their initial bumps in the road at the beginning of their friendship and slow burning romance, Doo-na realizes that Won-jun helps her come out of her shell, so she can find who she is away from the world of K-pop. Doona! Netflix

It might be Won-Jun who is a university student but the Doona outfits that we see her transition into after retiring from girl group Dream Sweet, have that relaxed college feel. And would allow her to blend right in on campus. 

Doo-na’s oversized and buggy hooded zipper and sweatshirts have a touch of college varsity feel to them, and fit in perfectly on campus when she visits Won-Jun. Netflix. 

Her oversized track jackets and striped rugby sweaters, all but drown Doo-na’s petite frame. But paired with her stylish mini-skirts, lace trimmed tank tops and impeccable make-up they help her portray an air of innocence and fragility.   

Doo-na’s Zadig & Voltaire Cyrka Striped Merino Wool Knitted Sweater worn by Bae Suzy in Episode 6 of Doona! Netflix.
Zadig & Voltaire Cyrka Love Crewneck Sweater

A side of her personality that she has always had to keep hidden in her world of fame and fortune, but that Won-Jun allows her to express. Even wearing her “Love” for him on her striped sweater, when they discuss the idea of officially being in a relationship. 

Flirty and Floral: Lee Doo-na’s Flower Prints

The Lee Doo-na outfits throughout the nine episode run of the show can be broken down into the different, and very much changing stages of her life. From the K-pop princess, through her unemployed and retired loungewear stage, to these flirty “notice me” looks when Won-Jun might just be winning her over. 

Lee Doo-na’s Black Flower Print Dresses in Doona!

Doo-na accessories her GLOWNY Eve Dress with black leather Dr. Martens boots to contrast the soft, feminine satin of the dress. Doona! Netflix.
Get The Look

More often seen in whites and grays or pastel shades of pinks and blue, Lee Doo-na wears black when she really wants to make an impression. Just like with her Prada lace mini-dress above, she goes for subtle details and luxurious fabrics to make a statement.  

Bae Suzy wearing the Dundrop DD Downy Hole Waist Point Dress in Episode 4 of Doona! 
Bae Suzy wearing the Dundrop DD Downy Hole Waist Point Dress in Episode 4 of Doona! 

In this case dainty white or pink floral prints that cover the short figure emphasizing mini-dresses and give them a feminine touch. Balancing out the delicate and pretty looks with chunky soled combat boots and chokers, stops Doo-na looking too girly though.

Sweet and Innocent: Lee Doo-na’s Girl Next Door Ivory Floral Dress

Once Doo-na has Won-juns attention, with her statement looks, she uses her “girl next door” charm and outfits to draw him in. Doona! Netflix.
Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Ruffled Mini A-Line Dress

Black might make an impression, but there is nothing better to portray the look of “girl next door” than subtle frills, a delicate floral pattern and a neutral color, just ask Layla Keating from All American.

With this Not Your Rose figure hugging mini, with frilled hem and neckline in ivory and gray florals being the perfect choice for showing off your flirty side. Complemented with barely there make-up and soft and supple accessories, it’s no wonder Won-Jun had a hard time resisting her charm.     

Miu Miu Floral Cropped Cardigan

Bae Suzy wearing the Miu Miu Floral Jacquard Cropped Cardigan
Bae Suzy wearing the Miu Miu Floral Jacquard Cropped Cardigan as Lee Doo-na in Episode 3. Netflix
Miu Miu Women’s Blue Floral Mohair-blend Cropped Sweater

Doo-na might have temporarily given up her young, rich and famous lifestyle but that doesn’t mean that her wardrobe isn’t still full of all the biggest designer brands. A perk of being in the K-pop girl group of the moment. Just like this beautiful Miu Miu cashmere floral cropped cardigan that works just as well over her loungewear as it would over an equally expensive Doona outfit.   

Lee Doo-na and Won-Jun’s love story.

Lee Doo-na Pretty In Pink 

With so many different, yet surprisingly complementary styles, throughout the Doona outfits from loungewear to show stopping stage looks, the one thing that you can definitely be certain of is our stars favorite color pink featuring heavily.

The Many Pinks of Lee Doo-na’s Wardrobe

While wearing a beautiful matching pink skirt and blazer, Doo-na returns to confront Won-jun on why he didn’t come after her when she left to go back to her music career. Doona! Netflix.

Lee Doo-na’s wardrobe is full of color, particularly neutrals and pastel shades, but the one color that appears the most often without a doubt is pink. Her favorite color to wear, the pretty in pink star uses it as a perfect contrast to her long dark locks and subtle make-up. 

Doo-na’s Sincethen pink cardigan worn by Bae Suzy seen first in Episode 1 of Doona! Netflix. 

With Doo-na’s outfits playing on the sweet and innocent feelings that the color conjures, her “girl next door” feel is an intricate part of her looks throughout the show. And adds to the slow burning romance between her and Won-Jun, that is actually just as important as the star’s impeccable wardrobe.

Back in the world of K-pop once more Doo-na’s outfits get the star make-over. Netflix.

But with everything from her simple long sleeved t-shirts to complimentary ribbed cardigans, her most memorable pink looks are the real statement pieces. Just like her co-ordinating jacket and skirt set with bold gold buttons and patch pockets, or the very ruffled baby pink tulle mini-dress that signals her sabbatical from the world of K-pop is truly over.  

Lee Doo-na’s Statement Outerwear

There is only one thing that could finish off the stylish Doona outfits of our K-pop princess, and that would be her flawless jackets and coats. Seen throughout the show in a selection of fashionable trends, she knows exactly what to add to give her outfits a classic touch.  

The Brown Jackets of our K-pop Princess in Doona!

The ending to Doona! left the love story between our two stars open to interpretation, with Doo-na returning to her world of music, fame and fortune, as well as impeccable outfits. Netflix

Just like Emily Meyers from the steamy Netflix thriller, Fair Play, Doo-na knows that the quickest way to elevate any look is to add a beautiful coat or jacket. From the timeless classic of a camel colored wool overcoat, like our high-flying professional Emily, or something a little bit more adventurous, Doo-na wears a lot of neutral and brown pieces.  

There is nothing that adds more timeless elegance and class to an outfit than a camel colored wool coat, especially when paired with other neutral shades like whites and ivory. Netflix. 

A step away from her pastel shades and love of pink, her sailor collar jacket and simple button front blazer are both in a dark and velvety brown, contrasting perfectly with the simple white features throughout. Sticking with wool like her camel overcoat, all of her outer garments shun the latest trends, and instead are classic timeless looks that work perfectly as investment pieces. 

Bae Suzy in Lang & Lu HIVER Sailor Mustang Jacket from episode 8 of Doona! Netflix.
Shearling Lined Jacket

The Lee Doo-na Accessories 

Lee Doo-na’s impeccable Doona outfits and styling isn’t just because of her designer clothes, statement pieces and “girl next door” looks, her accessories are just as important. Especially when she realizes that she might actually like Won-Jun and has to find a way to draw his attention. 

The Gucci Hair-Clips

Doo-na starts to add sweet and girly accessories to her looks to catch Won-juns attention, like her Gucci heart hair clips. Doona! Netflix. 

Just like her designer filled K-pop lifestyle and wardrobe, when it comes to adding accessories to her looks Lee Doo-na goes for the expensive and exquisite designer pieces. In her favorite shade pink, her Gucci double heart shaped hair-clip is anything but subtle. But the nod to romance and love perfectly accentuated her desire for Won-jun’s attention. 

That Hime Haircut

No doubt the unusual haircut, with noble routes, is seeing a resurgence since Bae Suzy unveiled her Hime haircut for Netflix’s Doona! 

A variation from the Min Songa webtoon’s Lee Doo-na, it was all thanks to actress Bae Suzy that Netflix’s Doona! might be as well remembered for the hime cut as it is for the plot and wardrobe. Thinking someone as unique as Doo-na deserved a look that stood out, the chin-length side locks and full fringe paired with her long dark straight hair was surprisingly the perfect answer. 

One of Lee Doo-na’s Many Hats in Netflix’s Doona!

Although a stylish accessory, Doo-na wears hats to stop people recognising her as the K-pop idol of girl group Dream Sweet when she is trying to go about her normal life. Doona! Netflix.

Doo-na might add hats to her outfits to hide her face, and statement haircut, so that people don’t recognize her. But she still uses the deception as a chance to add some more style and fashionable accents to her statement looks. Whether it’s a black baseball cap pulled low over her eyes, or a black and white plaid baker-boy hat, she never goes wrong. Just like Rebecca Welton, and her impeccable styling.   

Suzy breaks down her Doona Lookbook. From the characters clothes and shoes to her make-up and hime haircut. 

It won’t come as a surprise to find out that Netflix’s new K-drama Doona! Is one of the streaming platforms biggest successes. With a cast full of up and coming South Korean stars, a slow burning romance to draw us in and a wardrobe of Doona outfits that are the epitome of stylish, there’s no wonder we can’t take our eyes off it. And with something for everyone, romance and wardrobe wise, I don’t think that will change anytime soon, so maybe just watching it once more wouldn’t hurt…   

DIRECTED BY:Lee Jung-hyo