Dress Up Like Shrek from Shrek

If you are looking for a good Shrek costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Shrek from Shrek.



Shrek from Shrek Costume Guide

Get out of that swamp! Embrace the Shrek Costume

Shrek is perhaps a classic that everyone knows, no matter who they are. It would be a rare find to meet someone who wasn’t familiar with the classic green Ogre that saved the princess and later even married her. Are you ready to model your Shrek costume and save your own princess?

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Shrek as he appears in Shrek

How did it all begin? Unraveling Shrek’s Origins

Did you know that Shrek actually started as a book? Then later, a musical was made about the series but let’s focus on the movies. There isn’t a lot that’s known about Shrek before the events of the movie but apparently, he’s much smaller than the average Ogre and it’s a tradition among Ogres to send them away on their own when they’re only seven. He traveled alone, often being mocked or screamed at by everyone other than Fiona herself. His father allegedly wanted to eat him but this is mostly taken from Shrek’s words so whether or not that’s true is a mystery. For the most part, Shrek seemed to just live in his swamp and enjoy his privacy all alone. The only things he really took part in were bathing in mud and brushing his teeth with bug paste.

Becoming an Ogre: Unveiling Shrek’s Costume Layers

Queen Chee’s Shrek cosplay tutorial

For an Ogre, Shrek sure does have a couple of layers to his loved costume. It all starts with a beige tunic, long-sleeved and v-cut. All medieval outfits usually start with a beige v-neck and if they don’t, it’s a rarity. Next, a brown vest to slide on over top and tie all the way up to the collar of it. Add a pair of brown tights or leggings right after to match your vest and the costume’s almost complete already. Sure, he doesn’t have a lot in comparison to others but it’s a lot more than one might expect of an Ogre that doesn’t seem to care much for fashion.

Slip on a brown, Viking belt around the waist and after tying it, let it hang. Don’t be afraid to add stains or spots to the beige shirt to really add to the impression that the shirt or the entire outfit is dirty. Remember, Shrek is very proud of his filth and what he lives in, so there’s no reason to be too afraid of the consequences of eating or drinking in this costume. Next, slip on some brown boots and finally, a Shrek mask. Feel free to add a little green face paint to touch everything up if you really want to make sure you look perfect.

This classic was written by Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio, Joe Stillman, Roger S. H. Schulman and William Steig, who wrote the book. At the time of making this, there was no way to know just how big of a hit this would become and how many people would look back on this interesting movie with very fond memories. It’s time for you to do the same and make some memories in that Shrek costume!

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