Dress Up Like Scout from Team Fortress 2

If you are looking for a good Scout costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Scout from Team Fortress 2.


Get ready to run into action!

Team Fortress 2 was one of the biggest games in 2007 that grew far beyond what anyone would have expected today. From the gameplay to the characters, there were simply too many elements that caught the attention of the masses. Scout, everyone’s favorite personality, definitely stands out from the crowd but in order to conjure up this costume it’s important to know where he came from.

Let’s peer a little deeper into Scout’s origins, shall we?

Scout as he appears in Team Fortress 2

Before we move on to the costume tutorial, we want to learn more about Scout, don’t we?

Scout, also known as Jeremy, was born into a large family of ten, the youngest of eight. Take a minute to let that sink in for a second, the youngest of eight, Scout has seven older brothers before him.

He was born on the south side of Boston, Massachusetts and that’s clear as day whenever he speaks in the game. It’s impossible not to hear that Boston accent in his lingo. Although, at a young age Scout was used to solving problems with his fists and often got himself involved in fights.

Typically, he joined fights with his brothers but being the youngest, the fights were usually resolved by the time Scout could even consider throwing a punch. For this reason, Scout taught himself to run by running everywhere even if the task was simple. He ran for small or long distances, it was all training in his mind.

Eventually, over time, he was fast enough to beat anyone to the fight.

How to create the Scout from TF2 costume

So what aided Scout in his journey to become the fastest member of the pack?

Scout’s introduction video made by Valve

What Scout wears actually isn’t all that complicated, so it should be pretty simple to copy the style and really embody the character.

  • Start with a pair of brownish-green cargo pants and knee-high white socks.
  • Throw on a red, short-sleeved shirt, and be sure to tuck it into your pants,
  • then add a black belt with a silver clip.
  • From here, add a pair of brown, low-top cleats with white stripes on the side.
  • Next, some white gauze or bandages to wrap around your hands while still exposing your fingers and a small, dark gray backpack with a single strap to run along your chest.
  • Jazz up your costume with a pair of silver dog tags,
  • and finally, a dark gray cap to rest on your head and a headset with a mic and one earpiece.

Congratulations, you’ve become the new scout! It’s thanks to Valve that we have this simple, yet charming character design and now with this TF2 Scout Costume, you’re ready to run for the hills as Scout!

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