A Higher Purpose: Hilary Swanks Powerful and Bold Ordinary Angels Wardrobe

There is nothing that tugs at the heart-strings more than a movie inspired by a true-life story. Especially one of courage and determination, that plays out as the redemption arc of a downtrodden character like that of Hilary Swank’s latest leading lady Sharon Stevens in Ordinary Angels

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Driven by the desire to find a purpose bigger than her life of wild nights and alcohol fueled headaches, it isn’t just Sharon’s “sparkly” perseverance that is impressive. With a wardrobe full of denim, leather and shiny sequins, the Hilary Swank Ordinary Angels outfits are as imposing and powerful as the plain spoken hairdresser, who never takes no for an answer.   

Hilary Swank’s Silver Metallic Blouse as Sharon Stevens in Ordinary Angels  

Hilary Swank’s Silver Metallic Blouse as Sharon Stevens in Ordinary Angels  
Sharon insists she is not an alcoholic, and instead is just a “pissed-off hairdresser with a splitting headache” even if she is out partying, and dancing on bars, every night. Ordinary Angels, Lionsgate.  
Maison d’Amelie Paris Silver Metallic Floral Long Sleeve Blouse worn by Sharon Stevens (Hilary Swank) as seen in Ordinary Angels. (Sold Out) 

A successful hairdresser and salon co-owner by day, and a hard partying alcoholic by night, Ordinary Angels sees Sharon Stevens swapping one addiction for another. With her need to save little Michelle who needs a liver transplant, as well as her debt-riddled widowed father, becoming Sharon’s reason for living. 

But with more than a touch of Julia Roberts Erin Brokovich’s strong-willed personality reflected in her character, Sharon also favors bold blouses. This time rather than animal print though, it is a silver metallic Maison d’Amelie blouse. With its long sleeves, floral pattern and wrap-front, paired against classic denim.   

Sharon’s Burnt Orange Roll-Neck Sweater in Ordinary Angels

Sharon’s Burnt Orange Roll-Neck Sweater in Ordinary Angels
Rose (Tamala Jones) might be Sharon’s ride or die friend, but she’s also the voice of reason and reckoning in their relationship that stops our protagonist from going overboard. Ordinary Angels, Lionsgate.

Sharon Stevens might be the life and soul of the party, but that doesn’t mean that the Hilary Swank Ordinary Angels outfits are all bold, eye-catching party pieces. 

Surrounded by a community of support as well as best friend, and business partner Rose, Sharon is a simple woman with simple tastes. Just like her roll-neck knitted sweater, that adds a soft and delicate side to her whirlwind personality. Yet manages to lose none of her powerful radiance with the burnt orange shade keeping in with her less than subtle bright color palette.      

Hilary Swanks Ordinary Angels White Leather Fringe Jacket

Hilary Swanks Ordinary Angels White Leather Fringe Jacket
Sharon’s white fringed leather  jacket helps represent her resilient and tough nature, and is no doubt why the costume department chose to use it in some of the movie’s biggest moments. Ordinary Angels, Lionsgate. 
Hilary Swanks Ordinary Angels White Leather Fringe Jacket
A staple of Sharon’s wardrobe it is almost as important to the movie plot as Jamie Hughes’ (Kiernan Shipka’s) similar white leather fringed jacket is in comedy slasher Totally Killer (find out all about it here). 

With costume designer Heather Neale paying careful attention to our hairdresser’s wardrobe, hoping to make sure that it reflects the impulsive and determined leading lady’s character. The one thing she might not have realized she was doing was stealing the movie spotlight with the Ordinary Angels outfits. Particularly with Sharon’s leather jackets. And especially the white fringe embellished leather cowboy jacket that she wears throughout the movie as well as during some of her most pivotal moments.  

Sharon Stevens Acid Wash Denim Dress in Ordinary Angels

Sharon Stevens Acid Wash Denim Dress in Ordinary Angels
Hilary Swank stuns in Sharon’s acid wash denim dress, With her simple gold jewelry and pink leather handbag accessorizing the plain spoken hairdressers latest all denim look. Ordinary Angels, Lionsgate.  
980S Blue Grey Acid Wash Cotton Denim Alaia Style Dress. Rare find
1980S Blue Grey Acid Wash Cotton Denim Alaia Style Dress. Rare find

When Sharon’s community fundraising efforts start to take off, and become her new addiction, occupying more and more of her time she has less freedom for drinking and partying. Using her new found reason for living to take better care of herself, which is reflected in her looks and wardrobe. Especially in this Hilary Swank Ordinary Angels outfit, with her beautifully curled, styled hair and soft fresh faced make-up enhancing her figure hugging acid wash denim dress.   

The Colorful Statement Heels of Sharon Stevens 

Sharon Stevens (Hilary Swank) yellow heeled shoes as seen in Ordinary Angels
Sharon Stevens (Hilary Swank) deep red sling-back heeled pumps as seen in Ordinary Angels
Sharon’s modestly heeled shoes come in a rainbow of colors, with these hot pink pumps making a real statement.

Sharon adds an extra touch of femininity to her denim and leather filled wardrobe with her simple, unfussy shoes in her trademark statement bold color palette. Ordinary Angels, Lionsgate.  

It doesn’t seem like that much of a surprise that Sharon’s go to go shoes for most of her Ordinary Angles looks is a colorful statement pair of heels. Even if you might have suspected that it would be cowboy boots with all that denim and fringing. With the modest heeled sling-backs and pumps even staying away from boring and formal colors. Instead featured in Sharon’s wardrobe in an array of rainbow shades of red, yellow and pink.  

Casual Comfort: Hilary Swank’s Simple Tops as Sharon in Ordinary Angels

Hilary Swank’s Simple Burgundy Shirt  as Sharon in Ordinary Angels
Sharon has to use all her charm, along with a little bit of cheek and shared empathy to convince the hospital officials to forgive little Michelles family’s medical debts, to save her life. Ordinary Angels, Lionsgate.
Hilary Swank’s Simple Top as Sharon in Ordinary Angels
Sharon’s Ordinary Angels wardrobe consists of a number of simple knit jersey t-shirts and tops that pair perfectly with her denim jeans, and the odd mini-skirt.   

With the Hilary Swank Ordinary Angels outfits as much about her statement looks using her bold and bright color palette, another similarity we can see throughout her wardrobe is the use of simple fabrics. There may be added sparkles and metallic silvers, but denim, leather and supple jersey are her go to materials. 

Bold and bright: Sharon Stevens (Hilary Swank) golden yellow v-neck knitted vest as seen in Ordinary Angels.
Bold and bright: Sharon Stevens (Hilary Swank) golden yellow v-neck knitted vest as seen in Ordinary Angels. 

Particularly when it comes to the casual comfort of basic t-shirts and tank tops. With Sharon not even thinking twice about wearing her simple burgundy flower patterned t-shirt to the important meeting with the hospital officials.

Hilary Swank brings the fight directly to the hospital in an attempt to save little Michelle. 

Sharon’s Levi’s Denim Retro Collar Sherpa Jacket

The whole community rallied round Michelle and her family, especially when Louisville was hit by the 1994 snowstorm that was part of that year’s North American cold wave. Ordinary Angels, Lionsgate.  
Levi’s Retro Collar Sherpa Jacket worn by Sharon Stevens (Hilary Swank) as seen in Ordinary Angels.  
Original lEVI’S

Although it seems with her dogged determination and sheer willpower that Sharon alone is the Ordinary Angel, sweeping in to save the day and life of Michelle, in reality it was a community effort. 

Bundled up against the cold and pelting snow, Sharon wears a Levis Retro collar sherpa jacket to help to clear the covered roads. With the fleece lining, and unusual longer length giving the jacket an oversized feel, perfect for slipping a knitted sweater underneath to match your bobble hat.  

Bold and Beautiful in Red: Hilary Swanks Ordinary Angels Wardrobe of Red Outfits

It isn’t just Sharon’s desire to find something bigger than herself to live for that brought her to Michelle and her family, Sharon wants to atone for the mistakes she has made with her own loved ones. Ordinary Angels, Lionsgate.  

The clever use of red in Sharon’s Ordinary Angels wardrobe only reinforces her persistent determination and courage in the face of life’s challenges. 
The red cropped short sleeve biker jacket worn by Sharon Stevens (Hilary Swank) as seen in Ordinary Angels.    

After seeing Sharon’s Ordinary Angels outfits, it’s easy to pick-up on her love of the color red. But unlike the Queen of scarlett, Riverdale’s Cheryl Blossom, Sharon doesn’t think she invented the statement shade. Instead no doubt it is a clever ploy to reinforce her courage and determination. With her patterned red camisole vest worn when taking photographs of the family for her promotional packs, to her cropped red biker jacket from when she explains to Rose why she thinks it’s her job to save Michelle.

With the true-life story of a fathers fight to save his daughter, with the help of his local community tugging on the heartstrings, director Jon Gunn knew exactly what he was doing, asking Hilary Swank to play his charismatic leading lady. But even with such a heartfelt story, it is hard not to be drawn to the bold and colorful Hilary Swank Ordinary Angels outfits. From her use of tough, resilient leather, to her courage and determination represented through her love of red, it is easy to see how Sharon Stevens’ wardrobe has become such a big part of the movie’s plot.    

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