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The Ultimate Personal Styling Tips To That 70’s Show

That 70’s Show was a hit among the late 1900s audience. The historical eight-season-long sitcom featured six young friends who set the bar high for various beautiful styles and trends. Safe to say the crowds were crazy about ‘That 70’s Show’ fashion.

You know how they say history repeats itself – we aren’t too sure about history, but fashion trends surely repeat. Take contemporary times, for example. There has been a resurgence of interest in 1920s fashion, particularly Hyde That 70’s Show outfits.

So, we have composed this post as a personal styling guide to integrating That 70’s Show’s fashion into your everyday wear. Enough talking – let’s jump straight in!

Hyde that 70s show outfits

Steven Hyde plays the character of a sarcastic, clever, and dry person in the show. He is somewhat of a lone wolf. Fans adore everything about Hyde, from his taste in music, his friendship with Jackie, his humorous “burns,” his Zen outlook, and of course, his sense of style. Here are some fashion items inspired by Hyde’s style throughout the seasons:

Hyde’s Iconic Band Tees

Steven Hyde’s Jimmy Page T-shirt

Hyde’s character would be unrecognizable without his band t-shirts. Each shirt wonderfully reflected his character and sense of flair. He even gifted Jackie one of his favorite shirts on her birthday, showing how much he treasured them.

Moreover, Hyde’s style incorporates patterned t-shirts, which makes sense because patterns were in trend in the 1970s. However, if you notice, he always wore a vest or jacket over them. The costume designers were able to seamlessly integrate a pattern that could be perceived as “loud” with his laid-back and calm vibe.

Hyde’s That 70’s Show Fashion Jackets and Vests

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That 70’s Show Steven Hyde’s Brown Vest

Jackets, flannels, and vests, particularly denim jackets, were key players in defining Hyde’s character in That 70’s Show. Hyde always looked comfortable and laid-back in his sweaters and flannels. But it was still really grungy!

He typically wore them with a band t-shirt or patterned shirt. However, you can take the same 70’s fashion inspo and revamp it to suit the 21st-century fashion norms. For instance, try a denim vest over a white tee and a pair of colored pants. Alternatively, you can add a little more flair to the look and wear a boho tank underneath the denim jacket or vest, and finish off the look with leather sandals.

Steven Hyde Accessories: Boots and Sunglasses


Steven Hyde Signature Sunglasses (S02E05)

Seeing Hyde without his sunglasses on was a rare occasion on the Show. These vintage aviators soon established themselves as a wardrobe staple for him. You can easily find similar aviator sunglasses online.

Another essential accessory you might have noticed in Hyde’s wardrobe is the boots.

That 70’s Show Hyde Boots

Even though Jackie purchased him new pairs in one of the episodes, Hyde remains loyal to his old ones and continues to wear them in forthcoming episodes. He would constantly shine them in Foreman’s basement, illustrating how well he cared for them.

Hyde That 70’s Show Rings and Necklaces

Hyde That 70’s show outfits

Flare jeans, denim jackets, vests, sweaters, flannels, band t-shirts, printed shirts or pants, a belt, boots, sunglasses, and the distinct curly hair were staples of Hyde’s wardrobe. But one other wardrobe item that made Hyde’s character distinct: the rings and necklaces!

These beaded chokers were a staple accessory for Hyde’s wardrobe. In the 1970s, these were highly popular wear. They created fantastic accessories that complimented his aesthetic. Although he also frequently wore a pinky ring, the bracelet of strength is one of Hyde’s most demanded accessories.

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How to dress like Jackie Burkhart

Jackie Burkhart, one of the Show’s key characters and a style icon, appeared in That 70’s Show. She mainly wore 1970s-era fashions that were appropriate for the period. She had a talent for assembling unique and imaginative outfits that always appeared to work for her. This is the main reason why Gen Z is particularly interested in mimicking her style.

Various people have tried dressing like Jackie Burkhart from That 70’s Show, and here are our two cents on it:

Outfit 1: Jackie Burkhart Denim Pants and Tee with Accessories

When trying to mimic a T.V. series character with as many fashion components as Jackie, we suggest starting your preparation with the accessories.

For this look, you need a scarf, preferably checkered or floral print, because Jackie sports the floral print like none other. Jackie likes to coordinate her accessories with other parts of her clothing. So, go for a similar colored belt, shoes, and hair ties.

Jackie typically wears flared blue high-rise denim pants with a sky blue colored shirt. So, that’s what you need (although you can change the color combination with what you have available)!

Outfit 2: Jackie Burkhart High Waist Pink Pants and Rainbow Pastel Shirt

rainbow t shirt
Rainbow T-Shir
Glossy Hair Clips
Glossy Hair Clips
Baby Pink Women's Solid High Waist Flare Leg Pants
Pink High Waist Flare Leg Pants
White BOHO style hoops on hooks
White BOHO style hoops on hooks
retro pink phone 70's
retro pink phone 70's
Square Toe Ankle Boots in White
Square Toe Ankle Boots in White
floral bag 70's
floral bag 70's

Jackie Burkhart High Waist Pink Pants and Rainbow Pastel Shirt

Only Jackie Burkhart can style a T-shirt and pajama with such elegance! When you look at the individual pieces from this outfit, you will notice that it comprises all the basics.

To accomplish this Jackie Burkhart look from That 70’s Show, you need a cute t-shirt with flared colored pajamas. Now, build your accessories based on your t-shirt and pajama colors.

Get a floral purse highlighting the color of your trousers and boots and earrings in colors that contrast nicely. Complete the look by adding a cute hairpin. Quick tip: Take a vintage telephone in contrasting color out when Trick or Treating to show people your keen observance of the character.

Outfit 3: Jackie Burkhart Beret with Coat Outfit

Jackie Burkhart Beret with Coat Outfit

Jackie’s wardrobe incorporates various pieces in red and pink, and not everyone could pull it off as well as she does. The character sported berets and ascots with dresses, jumpsuits, and sweaters throughout the Show’s beginning, emphasizing her excellent sense of style. Jackie was undoubtedly the character who enjoyed dressing the most; she never shied away from daring or lighthearted looks. Take this look, for instance:

You need a flowy floral dress with a vintage Penny Lane 70’s fur coat and long boots to achieve this look. The leading charisma of this outfit is in its accessories: Jackie’s statement pink beret, a pink unicorn plushie, and multicolored socks take a look to a different level.

If you plan to style this outfit on Halloween, you can carry a pink vintage telephone and a pink popsicle along with roller skates to gain brownie points (aka extra candies)!

Outfit 4: Jackie Burkhart Evening Outfit

Let’s face it, Jackie could steal any scene by showcasing her fantastic dress sense. It was always fun to watch her on television because she was never one to ignore a new fashion trend. Coats were her element, considering that she wore various vibrant and fashionable coats throughout the series.

The character was drawn to wearing coats of any material, including wool, faux fur, denim, and satin. She wore her coats with a variety of boots, dresses, and sweater combinations because she also knew just how to accessorize and combine them.

To pull off this Jackie-inspired outfit, you need a vibrant top, a nude skirt, and a wool coat. While this look has the least accessories, they do make a statement. You need a floral-print scarf and sunglasses to complete this look. Trendy half-hoop earrings and platform heels take a look to an entirely new level!

The Bottom Line

You know a T.V. show’s characters’ looks are worth recreating when the costume designer received two wins and six nominations for “Outstanding Costume Design for a Series” at the Emmys. Yep, That 70’s Show’s costume designer Melina Root won awards in 1997 for 3rd Rock From The Sun and in 1999 for her involvement in That 70’s Show.

And when you look at it, Jackie Burkhart and Steven Hyde had a distinctive aesthetic that is still discussed on social media. Their looks were the ideal fusion of 1970s grunge that suited their personalities. Today, Hyde That 70’s Show outfits are a vibe for whenever you feel like dressing up in a casual yet edgy way.

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