The Modern and Always Chic Fleabag Outfits

It was all the way back in 2016 that Fleabag first hit our screens, initially appearing on the digital channel BBC Three. However, now something of a cult classic, it is guaranteed that every few years you hear rumblings about a scintillating, sex-obsessed heroine when a new generation finds the comedy-drama and revives it once again. The Fleabag outfits and all.   

Could things get any worse for Fleabag. It’s her mothers funeral and she is looking incredible. 

But really there are only two things that everyone remembers about the hedonistic lead character. The witty running commentary and inner monologues that our protagonist uses to break the fourth wall, and speak directly to us, and her chic understated Fleabag style and outfits with their French flair. 

Ok, I definitely lied there are three things, because nobody is forgetting the Hot Priest that she fell in love with either, that’s for sure. 

The Fleabag Jumpsuit

It was quite the statement look of defiance and confidence from Fleabag, to wear her sexy black jumpsuit to family dinner when she hasn’t actually seen any of her relatives for over a year. Fleabag, BBC Three. 

If you are going to scrutinize the wardrobe of the self-titled show’s protagonist, Fleabag, there is nowhere else you can start than with that statement black jumpsuit she wore to family dinner in season two’s opening episode. So popular in fact SilkFred, the company who designed it, actually now call it The Fleabag Jumpsuit. And who wouldn’t, after Phoebe Waller-Bridge quietly stunned in the understated sexy, sleeveless keyhole and open back, wide legged one piece.  

The Silk Fred designer behind the phenomena that was the Fleabag jumpsuit discusses designing the now famous piece.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the Stripe T-Shirt and Romper Church Look from Fleabag

Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the Stripe T-Shirt and Romper Church Look from Fleabag
Has Fleabag found God? Or is it just the Hot Priest, played by Andrew Scott that has her going to church. Fleabag, BBC Three. 

Fleabag might be a promiscuous, sex addict, that seems to be able to find a potential conquest everywhere she goes, but that doesn’t mean that she dresses that way. With costume designer Ray Holman choosing to go for practicality and style, over “sexy clothing” in the Fleabag outfits. Just like when she wears a plunging simple black romper to church, but dresses it down with one of her striped t-shirts, to see the Hot Priest. 

Fleabag’s Black Belted Trench Coat 

Fleabag’s Black Belted Trench Coat 
Fleabag’s conscious style choice to dress with a French edge to her looks, plays on the idea that although she can be a bit of an emotional wreck, she is actually very chic and stylish. Fleabag, BBC Three.    

If Emily Cooper (Emily in Paris) has learnt anything about dressing like the native Parisians, it is that half the battle is perfecting a simple, yet chic style and attitude. Luckily something that our protagonist Fleabag’s outfits have in spades, even if it is her own version of chic. And she really couldn’t look more French than she does with her simple short black bob, scarlet red lipstick and classic understated black belted trench coat.  

Fleabags Dark, Moody and Chic Floral Dress

Fleabags Dark, Moody and Chic Floral Dress
Fleabags’ addition of a classic blue denim jacket to her feminine floral dress gives it a harder edge, which fits in better with her clothing style and sharp-witted attitude. Fleabag, BBC Three.

Even when Fleabag goes for a girly floral dress she sticks to her dark and moody color palette of mostly blacks. In her soft and floaty, feminine black dress with bold red flowers and simple modest round neckline, she is dressed to impress. Hoping in particular to catch the eye of her favorite Hot Priest, no doubt.    

Fleabag and her Striped Tops

Striped White Top worn by Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) in Fleabag (S01E02)

The BAFTA award winning television show wasn’t afraid to use cringeworthy moments, vulgarity and plenty of sex scenes to express Fleabags unconventional self-titled heroine’s life choices. BBC Three.  

Although the Fleabag outfits don’t vary all that much, and she sticks to her tried and tested style throughout the show’s two seasons, the one thing that could be considered a staple of her wardrobe would be her striped tops. Of which she has numerous, in different colors and styles. 

Fleabags striped t-shirt
Fleabags numerous striped t-shirts and shirts, that are a staple of her wardrobe, reinforce the French flair that she has to her outfits. BBC Three. 

From Breton striped short sleeve t-shirts, to a few stripes and long sleeves, and even the odd striped button-up shirt, Fleabags tops just add to the French feel of her wardrobe. Especially with her sticking to the darker shades of blacks and blues, paired with white, that fits her wardrobe’s moody yet chic color palette.  

Phoebe Waller-Bridge wearing Van Heusen White & Black Striped Shirt in episode 4 of Fleabag season 2. 

Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Casual Denim Skirt and Burgundy Sneakers

Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Casual Denim Skirt and Burgundy Sneakers
Fleabag and her sister Claire, have a turbulent and often very strained relationship, however when she needs help Fleabag is always there for her. Like during the haircut episode. Fleabag, BBC Three. 

Fleabag, who is never actually named in any of the show’s twelve episodes, was written to be a representation of what the everyday woman is like, from an actual woman’s perspective. Although, maybe she is a little bit more extraordinary than most, the simplicity of her Fleabag style of basic pieces mixed and matched is what most of us strive for. Just like her classic blue denim mini-skirt paired with her comfortable burgundy canvas sneakers and matching long sleeve t-shirt that is the epitome of every modern woman. 

Hair is everything. 

Season Two’s Fleabag Finale Reformation Red Dress

Season Two’s Fleabag Finale Reformation Red Dress
Love looks good on Fleabag, even if it wasn’t meant to be. Fleabag, BBC Three.

In the final ever episode, a very happy and in love, Fleabag goes bold for the wedding of her father and god-mother (if you know you know) and wears this beautiful red floral midi-dress from Reformation. Experiencing something that was dubbed “The Fleabag Effect” by retail giants, the striking red dress sold out almost instantly. But who can blame those buyers, because if our black haired, red lipped protagonist looks this good in it who wouldn’t want one. 

Even with a stellar, and very stylish, supporting cast of British acting royalty it is hard not to be drawn into the life, loves and outrageous inner monologues of the quick-witted protagonist that is, Fleabag. With the story, quite rightly, revolving around her and her chaotic life challenges, the simple and chic Fleabag style and outfits are a breath of relief in all the craziness. While most importantly being attainable for every woman, even if we don’t all have our own Hot Priest to fall in love with.