Steal the Look Jennifer Lawrence's Style in No hard Feelings

Steal the Look: Jennifer Lawrence’s Style in No Hard Feelings

With a back catalog of movies that has seen her become one of cinema’s biggest action heroines, to conquering the sci-fi genre with the endlessly stylish Passengers, Jennifer Lawrence has always opted to play the serious characters. But when her new comedy movie No Hard Feelings hit the cinemas in 2023, it had just as many people crying with laughter as it did wishing they could steal Jennifer’s No Hard Feelings outfits. 

Jennifer Lawrence’s first comedy movie is full of laughs and awkward moments, as seen in the trailer. As well as what looks like a wardrobe department full of stealable looks. 

A sex comedy telling the story of Jennifer Lawrence’s Maddie Barker, an Uber driver who has her car repossessed and is facing losing her late mothers house over taxes. The movie centers on her attempts to ‘date’ 19 year old Percy after answering a Craigslist advert posted by his helicopter parents. Plenty of giggles, awkwardness and stylish Jennifer Lawrence moments followed, including these outfits we think stood out the most. 

Maddie’s Pink Mini-dress from No Hard Feelings 

Maddie’s Pink Mini-dress from No Hard Feelings
Jennifer Lawrence’s Maddie thinks that this pink mini-dress will be the perfect way to seduce Percy, but things don’t quite go to plan. No Hard Feelings, Sony Pictures.

It might have been the expertly timed one-liner that accompanied the first sight of Jennifer’s No Hard Feelings pink mini-dress that got the laugh, but the outfit certainly made a statement. The figure-hugging dress might not have had the desired outcome on Percy, but every woman watching was desperate to get their hands on it. 

Jennifer Lawrence’s Blue Floral Dress in No Hard Feelings

Jennifer Lawrence’s Blue Floral Dress in No Hard Feelings
Maddie chooses this perfect demure and sweet ditsy print summer dress to ‘meet the parents’ for the first time. Even if she is meeting Percy’s parents, before she has even met him. No Hard Feelings, Sony Pictures.   
blue dress no hard feelings
Monki strappy midi dress with split in blue ditsy

With the movie set in Montauk, New York, Jennifer’s outfits in No Hard Feelings ooze relaxed hot and humid summer vibes with easy vest tops, denim skirts and this perfect blue floral number. Some simple jewelry and barely there make-up give this short flared dress, with a subtle all over tiny white floral print, the perfect feel for sunny beach walks or that first ‘meet the parents’ moment. 

The Floral Backpack Jennifer Lawrence’s Maddie Barker Wore

The Floral Backpack Jennifer Lawrence's Maddie Barker Wore 1
Adding accessories can take even the most demure and sweet summer dress and give it a whole new feel. Just like when Jennifer Lawrence’s Maddie added a backpack and rollerblades to her No hard Feelings pretty in blue summer dress. No Hard Feelings, Sony Pictures. 

If you thought that Maddie’s blue ditsy print summer dress on its own was charming, then wait until you see it paired with the perfect backpack and rollerblades. Upping the style stakes, Jennifer’s No Hard Feelings outfit including the bold floral backpack, in a bright clashing flower print, and the delicate sky blue dress make for the perfect summertime look. Especially if you add the rollerblades she uses to get about, and turn this into a very appealing girly roller-skating outfit.   

Maddie Barker’s Date Night Rose Gold Dress in No Hard Feelings

Maddie Barker’s Date Night Rose Gold Dress in No Hard Feelings
Maddie may be trying to seduce 19 year old Percy at the request of his parents, but the 32 year old can’t always hide her mature looks and sexy attitude. Especially when she has on this show stopping gown. No Hard Feelings, Sony Pictures.
sequin dress no hard feelings
Cutout sequined stretch-tulle mini dress

One of the highlights of the Jennifer Lawrence No Hard Feelings wardrobe is the endless number of flawless dresses that Maddie Barker wears, including her date night gold figure-hugging pencil dress. With a hint of rose gold to those all over sparkles, the show stopping fitted number will always be a firm favorite of the female moviegoers. Symbolizing Maddie’s feminine body and attitude, as well as her supposed maturity in comparison to Percy.    

Jennifer Lawrence’s No Hard Feelings Simple Army Green Tank Top

Jennifer Lawrence’s No Hard Feelings Simple Army Green Tank Top
Jennifer’s No Hard Feelings outfits could easily be described as simple, modern, beach vibes. Including her effortless cropped knit tank tops that she keeps youthful with simple stripes or in natural green colors. No Hard Feelings, Sony Pictures.

Every one of Maddie’s No Hard Feelings outfits could be described as a summer staple and will already be the basis of many women’s closets. Yet, although she can turn on the glamor, the blond beauty likes playing into her beachy vibes, with loose curls, barely there make-up and effortless tank tops. Using natural earthy tones of green to give the simple crop knit top a modern look and feel.  

Maddie’s Floral Blouse and Denim Skirt that Jennnifer Lawrence wore in  No Hard Feelings

Maddie’s Floral Blouse and Denim Skirt that Jennnifer Lawrence wore in No Hard Feelings
Maddie’s wardrobe is made up of lots of ditsy floral prints, in soft colors and delicate fabrics giving her a girly edge. Which is in contrast to the role she is playing of seducing a teenage boy for his helicopter parents. No Hard Feelings, Sony Pictures.

If you found yourself drawn to Maddie’s use of floral prints in her No Hard Feelings wardrobe, then you weren’t the only one. However this time she has used the delicate floral pattern for a soft and floaty blouse. While sticking to light blues and pale whites, and pairing it with the summer wardrobe staple, a denim mini-skirt. Utilizing the ditsy prints in Jennifer’s No Hard Feelings outfits to give Maddie a feminine, girly edge in complete contrast to her role seducing a teenage boy. 

It might have been Jennifer Lawrence’s first time headlining a comedy, but it isn’t the first time that the star has worn a wardrobe crammed full of stealable looks. Even with the great supporting cast, and the laughs a minute, Jennifer’s No Hard Feelings outfits will have every woman looking to her for summer styling inspiration. Replicating her easy beach vibes, simple summer pieces and relaxed attitude. But after watching the movie probably not her seduction techniques.    

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MOVIE:No Hard Feelings
DIRECTED BY:Gene Stupnitsky