Steal Emma Stone’s Affluent and Down-to-Earth Outfits From Showtime’s The Curse

With channels full of home flipping reality television shows, it might come as a shock that it has taken this long for the world of Hollywood to use the genre to create a dramatized television series. However that’s exactly what Showtime has done with its latest hit, The Curse.  Billed as a black comedy, centered around newlywed couple Whitney and Asher Siegel’s struggles to realize their vision for eco-living in the small New Mexico city of Española. The early reviews used descriptions like “cringey,” “uncomfortable” and “squirming” to the delight of the co-creators. 

And with the couple’s increasingly blurry ethics and morals, a difficult watch for many, all that discomfort is worth it for the Emma Stone The Curse outfits. 

The official trailer for Showtime’s latest hit, The Curse. 

Whitney Siegel’s Love of Simple Sweaters in The Curse

A simpler, yet no less expensive wardrobe for the Emma Stone The Curse outfits, than she had as Cruella De Vil in the live-action Disney remake. This time focusing on luxury fabrics and designer brands, the affluent Whitney loves her effortless crewneck sweaters. No doubt picked for their ease and simplicity, the basic sweaters in an array of colors have a simple and down-to-earth appearance at first glance. Before you realize that cashmere has a steep price tag.       

Whitney Siegel wearing White + Warren Green Crewneck Cashmere Sweater in episode 1 of The Curse.  
Whitney Siegel wearing a White + Warren Cashmere Sweater in Green and Lev­i’s Wedgie Straight Jeans in episode 1 of The Curse.  

Greenpeace T-Shirt Worn by Whitney in The Curse

Greenpeace T-Shirt Worn by Whitney in The Curse
Whitney’s use of her simple Greenpeace round neck t-shirt, could be perceived as virtue signaling. Especially when reporters make the family connection to her “slumlord” parents. The Curse, Showtime.   
The Curse Emma Stone Greenpeace T-Shirt
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Whitney Siegel might be the brains behind the eco-housing project of Española, designing the buildings with their sleek, expensive, energy-efficiency for their HGTV show Flipanthropy. All while walking around showing off her perceived eco-credentials in her simple Greenpeace t-shirt. Refusing to acknowledge the hypocrisy of her real estate aspirations against those of her parents who were dubbed “slumlords.”  

Whitney’s Navy Blue Short Sleeve Jumpsuit

Whitney’s Navy Blue Short Sleeve Jumpsuit
Even when Whitney tries to appear as if she is hands on, it still looks like a performance. With her picking expensive utilitarian workwear in a naive attempt to look the part. The Curse, Showtime. 

With Whitney’s need for approval, in not just Española or the larger eco-friendly real estate industry, she throws herself into their potential HGTV show in the hopes of creating a credible following. Happy to look like she is willing to step in and get her hands dirty, the Emma Stone The Curse outfits often have a utilitarian feel. Like her Alex Mill short sleeve jumpsuit, in a heavy navy cotton that Whitney looks just as good demolishing a wall in, as she does sitting in front of the camera. 

Whitney’s (Emma Stone) Back Beat Co. Sun Embroidered Sweater in The Curse

Whitney’s Back Beat Co. Sun Embroidered Sweater in The Curse
Whitney never misses the opportunity for a subtle hint at how good a person she is. The Curse, Showtime.  
Sun Crew Neck Sweater

It might seem like a coincidence that when the happy newlyweds get interviewed by the local news station, for what they believe will be a flattering piece about their new show, that Whitney has opted for a bright and sun embroidered crewneck pullover. But a closer look, and some tricky questions later, it quickly becomes apparent that the Back Beat Co. sweaters list of eco-credentials is a lot more impressive than the Siegels. 

Expensive and Out of Touch: Whitney’s Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses Emma Stone The Curse
Whitney is so out of touch with the local community that she doesn’t realize that even her three figure priced sunglasses are flaunting her wealth. The Curse, Showtime. 

Whitney can’t understand how anyone would think that the gentrification of Española wasn’t helping the local residents of the small city. With its new chic sustainable homes and fancy coffee shops, in her eyes, bringing work to the locals. But swanning around in her expensive Thierry Lasry sunglasses, while the residents struggle to make ends meet, is really just rubbing salt into their wounds. 

Emma Stone Wearing Alex Mill Navy Work Jacket in The Curse

Emma Stone Wearing Alex Mill Navy Work Jacket in The Curse
The Alex Mill Navy Dyed Work Jacket that Emma Stone wears in episode 5, is the perfect garment for someone who wants to look hands-on, when they’re not. The Curse, Showtime.

Although she might be the designer of her “invisible eco-homes” made of mirrors to blend in and reflect back the image of the community they are built in, Whitney couldn’t think of anything worse than being invisible. Selfish, and with questionable morals, she styles her outfits to look simple and casual, while choosing pieces like her navy work jacket to subtly hint she is an all-rounder willing to do anything for the project.

Whitney Siegel’s (Emma Stone) Denim Overalls from Episode One of The Curse

We The Free Ziggy Denim Overalls worn by Whitney Siegel (Emma Stone) as seen in The Curse (S01E01)
We The Free Ziggy Denim Overalls worn by Whitney Siegel (Emma Stone) as seen in The Curse (S01E01)

Her simple denim overalls and cream t-shirt paired with her expensive designer sunglasses, foreshadows the charade that Whitney and Asher’s Flipanthropy HGTV show really is. The Curse, Showtime.  

It isn’t just her subtle heavy cotton jumpsuits and work jackets that the Emma Stone The Curse outfits use to portray Whitney as the hardworking savior of Española. With the power hungry designer fully aware that there is nothing more down-to-earth than denim, and the practical look of overalls. 

Levi Corduroy Overshirt worn by Emma Stone in Episode Two

Although Whitney’s mask slips episode by episode, to reveal her selfish attitude and problematic opinions, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have her own real life problems as well. The Curse, Showtime.

Even in episode two we are safe to assume that Whitney’s use of utilitarian fabrics like cotton, denim and corduroy, are a subtle attempt by her to create a feeling of connection between herself and the viewers. Yet still carefully choosing her outfits to fit her narrative, her oversized corduroy shirt in a dark blue seems like the perfect way for Whitney to hide the parts of herself she doesn’t want on public display. While still looking every inch the home flipping HGTV star.  

Collina Strada Star Print Cropped Trousers worn by Whitney Siegel (Emma Stone) as seen in The Curse (S01E05)
SANDRO YZA signature-claps tweed shoulder bag worn by Whitney Siegel (Emma Stone) as seen in The Curse
Vans Classic Slip On worn by Whitney Siegel (Emma Stone) as seen in The Curse (S01E04)

When Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie set out to create a show about the gentrification of a small New Mexico city, their aim was to make the audience as uncomfortable as possible. Which they easily managed. But what they didn’t realize was how invested people would become in the Emma Stone The Curse outfits. From fashionistas to home flipping enthusiasts, Whitney Siegel’s wardrobe of simple and down-to-earth looks really hit the spot, even if the price tags were a bit high for most of us.  

MOVIE:The Curse
DIRECTED BY:Created by Nathan Fielder