Downtown Abbey Lampshades Flapper-Style

As seen in: Downton Abbey

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These lovely fringed lampshades are seen in Downtown Abbey as an accessory in almost every room in the series. Feminine and dainty that some would consider the Downtown Abbey lampshades to be Victorian. The popularity boomed in the 1920s, fringes can be seen in every piece of furniture and even in women’s “flapper-style” fashion.
The Downtown Abbey lampshades come in different shapes and styles be they scallop-shaped or tulip-shaped, hung on the ceiling, or as a table lamp, they also come in different colors. Fabric options are mostly silk, plain, or printed like damask or floral, there’s a wide variety to choose from. Of course, authentic vintage lamps are hard to find.

Traditional yet splashy, the fringed lampshades bring you back in time. They could even be quietly hung or standing in your grandmother’s house. A match to a Victorian interior, the Downtown Abbey lampshades make you feel nostalgic.