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Nami’s Outfits in One Piece on Netflix

Breaking what is often known as the adaptation curse, Netflix’s live-action version of Eiichiro Oda’s best selling manga One Piece, didn’t disappoint the nervous longtime fans of the Japanese series. Remaining true to the spirit and heart of the original source material, Emily Rudd plays a slightly altered version of navigator and thief Nami. 

However before we talk about the One Piece Netflix outfits Nami will be most remembered for, first we need to know who she really is.

Luffy and Nami’s story from Season One of Netflix’s One Piece.

The epic seafaring adventure, set in an alternative version of Earth, going through a “Golden Age of Pirates,” follows fiercely independent Nami as she joins Monkey D. Luffy’s crew. But with a troubled past, family issues and a secret that might just tear her new friendships apart, the expert navigator is there out of convenience rather than loyalty. 

Nami’s Live-Action One Piece Striped V-Neck T-Shirt and Yellow Pleated Skirt

Nami’s Live-Action One Piece Striped V-Neck T-Shirt and Yellow Pleated Skirt
In a shake-up from the original manga, Nami meets and is made a member of The Straw Hat Pirate crew in the first episode of One Piece. Even when she insists she isn’t part of the crew, Luffy won’t take no for an answer. Netflix.

Almost as recognisable as Nami’s orange bobbed hair, is her blue and white striped t-shirt and complimentary yellow skirt. A popular look from the manga series, and one of Nami’s more appropriate outfits to translate for Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece. 

Many of Nami’s looks from the original Eiichiro Oda manga series weren’t appropriate for the Netflix live-action show, but this well-known look wasn’t one of them.

Costume designer Diana Cilliers made sure to add this look to Nami’s show wardrobe, changing the design ever so slightly to flatter actress Emily Rudd’s body better. However the less fitted striped t-shirt and mustard yellow pleated mini-skirt still keep the essence of the character, while allowing room for her new braver and stronger side, that might result in getting her into a fair few fights.    

Nami’s Live-Action One Piece Striped V-Neck T-Shirt and Yellow Pleated Skirt-2
Nami also pairs her versatile mustard yellow pleated mini-skirt with a cut-out pink short sleeved t-shirt. One Piece, Netflix.
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Tan Brown Bermuda Shorts Worn by Emily Rudd as Nami in Netflix’s One Piece

Tan Brown Bermuda Shorts Worn by Emily Rudd as Nami in Netflix’s One Piece
Nami is much braver and less reliant on the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates in the live-action adaptation of One Piece. Able to hold her own in a fight, and quite formidable with a bo-staff. Netflix.

The well known Nami of the manga series, might possess great skills for navigating, cartography and stealing, but she is also shown to be a bit of a damsel in distress. So with an added pinch of strength and fiery independence to Nami’s One Piece Netflix outfits, we got a bo-staff wielding warrior. Simply dressed in casual basic short sleeve t-shirts and comfortable tan brown bermuda shorts, much more appropriate of the independent and skilled-fighting navigator. 

Nami’s Sunflower Bandana

Nami’s Sunflower Bandana
The accessory of every pirate, Nami’s orange flower bandana matches her recognisably bright orange bobbed hair. One of her best known features from the original manga. One Piece, Netflix.

While it might be common for pirates to wear a bandana, you probably won’t be seeing Captain Jack Sparrow sporting a sunflower patterned one anytime soon. However, that won’t stop the recognisable One Piece Netflix Outfits Nami is so well known for, being accessorized with the fun and cheerful orange bandana. A perfect relaxed and feminine touch to her casual seafaring looks.  

Nami’s Yellow Check Plaid Mini-Dress in Netflix’s One Piece

Nami’s Yellow Check Plaid Mini-Dress in Netflix’s One Piece
Nami’s life is much more complicated than the rest of The Straw Hat Pirates know. Disowned by her village and secretly working for one of the most feared pirates, Arlong, it isn’t long before Nami’s past catches-up with her. One Piece, Netflix.

As well as taking some creative liberties with Nami’s history, and the story of how she came to be in league with the fearsome pirate Arlong, Netflix also toned down Nami’s outfits. Although there are less bikinis and skin-tight t-shirts, Nami still has plenty of femininity and girly touches in her looks. Just like with her pretty, figure-hugging check plaid mini-dress with its scooped neckline and frilled hem, that she chose in one of her favorite shades of yellow. 

Nami’s Palm Tree Patterned Button-Up Shirt from Netflix’s Live-Action One Piece

Nami’s Palm Tree Patterned Button-Up Shirt from Netflix’s Live-Action One Piece-e-Season-1-Episode-6
Being part of Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirate crew was more of a convenience for Nami than loyalty. But she has her own secrets and reasons why she is working with Arlong and ends up deceiving her friends. One Piece, Netflix.

Mostly known for her fun bright and bold color palette, it seems fitting then that Nami is wearing darker emerald greens and black when her deception of Monkey D. Luffy and The Straw Hat Pirates comes to light. With her black short sleeve button-up shirt, featuring an all over white palm tree print, left open over her dark jewel toned green strappy tank top. However it seems like maybe the moody colors were being used to foretell of the impending drama of Nami’s double-cross that was about to be discovered.    

Netflix’s Live-Action Version of Nami’s Green Speckled Tank Top in One Piece

Netflix’s Live-Action Version of Nami’s Green Speckled Tank Top in One Piece
With Nami’s outfits and features in the original manga over sexualised the life-action Netflix adaptation toned down her looks to fit in better with her more confident and braver personality. One Piece, Netflix.

Just like the Nami One Piece outfit from the original manga series that featured her green speckled tank top, the Netflix adaptation has recreated the look for Nami’s live-action wardrobe. A perfect fit for the bright and colorful looks we have come accustomed to seeing Nami in. The mint green tank top with dark green flower like speckles has also been given a looser fit and wider straps to tone down the sexualisation of the character and add a bit of innocence to the overall look.    

Nami and Luffy’s friendship is one of the storylines that never changed from the manga to the live-action, or the fact that Luffy would do anything to help and protect the ones he loves.

Girly and Glittery: The Sequin Jacket worn by Nami in Netflix’s One Piece

The Sequin Jacket worn by Nami in Netflix’s -One Piece-Season-1-Episode-3
Never having had any need, or money, for luxury items like party dresses or extravagant sequinned garments Nami, unlike Luffy, enjoys trying them on and imagining what her life could have been like. One Piece, Netflix.

Not used to the finery and fancy clothes of the rich and wealthy, Nami takes the opportunity to go through Kaya’s wardrobe to find the perfect outfit for the dinner party they are invited to. Not that Luffy or Zoro offer much help when asked for their opinion. But in contrast to the other One Piece Netflix Outfits Nami wears, this dark sequin covered jacket is a pretty big statement piece. And a little bit more than just the “nice stuff” Nami calls Kaya’s clothes. 

Luffy and Zoro offer Nami no help with their opinions on the clothes she tries on from Kaya’s large walk-in wardrobe.

In a show where the focus is on epic adventures, cut-throat villains and the search for mythical treasure, Nami’s wardrobe of warrior worthy garments still draws you in. Especially when you consider the One Piece Netflix outfits Nami wears to honor her softer, gentler manga origins also help to create the stronger and braver character from the live-action One Piece whose journey is only just beginning.   

But as her story develops no doubt she will realize that you can’t fight your past or right a wrong without your friends, and what better friend or Captain could there be than Monkey D. Luffy.

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