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Love Lies Bleeding Outfits: The Perfect 80’s Wardrobe for Lust, Violence and Revenge

British film director Rose Glass’ Love Lies Bleeding, might be billed as a romantic thriller, but this isn’t 100 plus minutes of sentimentality and beautiful tender moments. Instead the dark noir would better be described as the place that lust, violence and family feuds collide with dire side effects for everyone involved. Yet maybe even more intriguing than the forbidden love, macho gym culture and the 80’s bad haircuts are the Love Lies Bleeding outfits, that strive to give us a new take on the decades neon, lycra and short shorts.

The official trailer for Love Lies Bleeding.

Kristen Stewart as Louise “Lou” Langston

Kristen Stewart as Lou in Love Lies Bleeding.

Louise “Lou” Langston might just simply seem like the reclusive manager of a dingy, small town gym but as part of the powerful Langston crime family, her forbidden love for Jackie might just turn out a lot deadlier than she anticipated.

Lou Langston’s Crater Gym Tank Tops and Uniform of Basic Tee’s in Love Lies Bleeding

The arrival of Jackie into Lou’s life has dangerous and profound consequences for the quiet and wary small town gym manager. Love Lies Bleeding, A24.
Crater Gym Love Lies Bleeding M Kristen Stewart Love Lies Bleeding Merch, Muscles Tee
Crater Gym Love Lies Bleeding M Kristen Stewart Love Lies Bleeding Merch, Muscles Tee

Lou Langston, the gritty and intense Kristen Stewart played gym manager in Love Lies Bleeding, might not be as far away from her most well known character, the vampire loving Bella Swan, as you think. With a similar tomboy styling to both Bella (find her looks here) and Lou’s casual and relaxed wardrobe.

Lou personalizes her Crater gym t-shirts by removing the sleeves and turning them into oversized, loose and baggy tank tops.

However the Kristen Stewart Love Lies Bleeding outfits aren’t just made up of the simple raglan t-shirts and basic plain tank tops. Especially with her collection of Crater Gym t-shirts, that double as her work uniform and come in a selection of colors. With the simple logo tops having a well worn and comfortable feel that fits the quiet and wary character. 

Little did Lou know how things would turn out after she brought Jackie with her to the hospital to visit her sister, after her husband beat her
Raglan T-shirts
Lou’s wardrobe of simple, basic t-shirts and tanks don’t stick to a color palette and she wears them in all different colors.
The story of Love Lies Bleeding from the point of view of the movie’s star studded cast.

Kristen Stewart and Lou’s Slouchy 80’s Replica Jeans

Lou has a typical tomboy feel to her wardrobe that includes baggy, oversized fits and simple 80’s basics, that is the complete opposite of Jackie’s more feminine look. Love Lies Bleeding, A24

If you couldn’t tell from the dodgy perms and shaggy mullets that Love Lies Bleeding was set at the tailend of the 1980’s then Lou’s most worn pair of jeans with their acid wash finish definitely would have shouted it loud and clear. Created from a contemporary pair of modern Levi’s, according to this interview with costume designer Olga Mill, the jeans were given their pale blue coloring and loose legged, slouchy feel from a process of dying, acid washing and multiple launders. Before being paired with some 80’s classic Asics sneakers, that are just about hot enough to make our top movie sneakers list.  

Lou’s Oversized Black-and-White Windbreaker and Stomach Baring Sports Bra

The more time that Lou spends with Jackie, the more she starts to dress with the same feminine edge that Jackie does. Love Lies Bleeding, A24.

As Lou’s story, and steamy forbidden romance with Jackie develops she starts to let her guard down. No longer desiring to lie low, and slip silently through the background of her own life, Jackie’s influence can even been seen in her Kristen Stewart Love Lies Bleeding outfits.

Gone are the raglan t-shirts and oversized tank tops, replaced by stomach baring sports bras in gritty shades of gray and black. Paired perfectly with Lou’s monochromatic baggy black-and-white color block windbreaker, and favorite jeans.     

The dark and light of Lou’s jacket is meant to represent the coming together of Lou and Jackie in their messy relationship of forbidden love.

Katy O’Brian as Jaqueline “Jackie” Cleaver

Katy O’Brian as Jackie in Love Lies Bleeding.
Katy O’Brian as Jackie in Love Lies Bleeding.

Jaqueline “Jackie” Cleaver, a vagrant just passing through town on her way to Las Vegas for a bodybuilder competition, finds herself in the grimey Crater Gym. Unaware of the direction her life is about to take with a few stupid decisions, she happily throws herself into a world of forbidden love, drugs and revenge. 

Jackie Cleaver’s 80’s Gym Wardrobe in Love Lies Bleeding

Supposed to just be simply passing through town on her way to Las Vegas, Jackie’s trip to pump iron at the Crater Gym will have profound consequences on the rest of her life. Love Lies Bleeding, A24.
Love Lies Bleeding Jackie Burning Love T Shirt

With her permed hair and soft color palette Jackie brings a, some would say, much needed feminine touch to the macho world of pumping iron. Yet it was important to costume designer Olga Mill, who recently also created the looks for Lucy Boynton in The Greatest Hits, that those feminine touches were not brought about through lycra and leg warmers.

Instead the Katy O’Brian Love Lies Bleeding outfits are a mix of simple colors, fabrics and more modern silhouettes, just like her favored white “Burning Love” tank top with its v-front neckline and cropped hem length. The perfect pairing for her sporty red and pink striped short shorts, the first of many pairs that will be seen as a statement look for the aspiring bodybuilder.    

She might be a bodybuilder but Jackie’s look could be described as having a touch of boxing legend Rocky Balboa about it. 

Katy O’Brian’s Very Snug Denim Cut-Offs in Love Lies Bleeding

Katy O’Brian’s Very Snug Denim Cut-Offs in Love Lies Bleeding
Even though Jackie has dedicated her life to becoming a bodybuilder, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want that feminine look, from her short shorts, earrings and make-up. Love Lies Bleeding, A24.

It is not long before Jackie finds herself embedded into the Langston family, who unknown to her at the time, are quite the criminal outfit. With a secret extramarital tryst, a job at Lou Sr’s gun range and forbidden love, quickly seeing the bodies start to pile up. 

But Jackie, prancing around town in her Levis denim cut-offs, with their high waisted fit and figure hugging shaping across her bum and hips, doesn’t have time to worry about the dead bodies. Especially with all her posing practice for her Las Vegas competition and her soon to be very serious steroid addiction taking over her life.  

Jackie’s SweatyRocks Color Block Windbreaker 

Jackie’s SweatyRocks Color Block Windbreaker 
Maybe it was their instant connection or Lou’s persuasive argument but it doesn’t take much for Jackie to agree to try the steroids that she is being offered. Love Lies Bleeding, A24.
SweatyRocks Lightweight Color Block Bomber Jacket customized and worn by Jackie Cleaver (Katy O’Brian) as seen in Love Lies Bleeding.

Just as Jackie and Lou are complete opposites in everything from personality to body type, the same can also be said about their contrasting styles and wardrobe. With Lou’s gritty and moody, while Jackie and her Katy O’Brian Love Lies Bleeding outfits give us one of the only typical 80’s nods with her brightly colored windbreaker.  

Customized from a contemporary SweatyRocks lightweight bomber jacket to have a more traditional 80’s silhouette, the pink and purple color blocked look adds another feminine touch to the macho world Jackie inhabits. Especially when styled over her simple cream sports bra or paired with her bright and bold colored earrings.   

Jackie adds extra feminine touches to her looks with items such as her bold 80’s earrings, with their bright colors and patterns.
Lou’s criminal father teaches Jackie how to shoot.

Although their world full of messy love and romance was set in the 1980’s, Lou and Jackie, their Love Lies Bleeding outfits and macho gym culture are just as relevant in today’s society. With director Rose Glass telling their destructive love story, through the star studded cast, that included Katy O’Brian in her first major film role.

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