Kate Winslet The Regime Outfits Wardrobe

Kate Winslet The Regime Outfits: The Surprisingly Stylish Wardrobe of a Dictator

With more than a subtle reference to the political turmoil of the world right now, the satire filled The Regime, starring Oscar winning actress Kate Winslet will have you coming for the laughs but staying for her formidable wardrobe. Teetering through the halls of her fictional Central European Versailles-like palace in her stiletto heels, as her regime of authoritarian rule crumbles around her. But she won’t go down without a fight, or in anything other than her impeccably stylish Kate Winslet The Regime outfits.  

Official trailer for Kate Winslet’s new HBO drama The Regime.

Chancellor Elena Vernham’s Military Coat Dress in The Regime

Chancellor Elena Vernham’s Military Coat Dress in The Regime
Staying locked away in her Versailles-like palace is making Chancellor Elena Vernham more paranoid and out-of-touch with her country’s people. The Regime, HBO.
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Paranoid and unhinged Elena Vernham, the Chancellor of a fictional Central European nation, revels in her desire for power and stylish clothes. A dictator in all but name, yet the appointment of volatile and disgraced soldier Corporal Herbert Zubak to her detail could have formidable consequences for all.   

Kate Winslet’s Green Coat Dress in The Regime
Elena’s long pleated skirt, military coat dress has a more feminine edge, while still looking utilitarian and authoritative. 

Flaunting her authoritarian rule, Elena navigates the overwhelmingly crammed man’s world of politics with an unmistakable feminine edge. Updating her formal military uniform into a coat dress, with the pinched waist, shortened sleeves and gold braiding to add a stylish yet gentler edge to the harsh reality of power.  

Chancellor Elena Vernham meets United States Senator Judith Holt in a tense face-to-face. 

Kate Winslet’s Wardrobe of Green Dresses in The Regime

Kate Winslet’s Wardrobe of Green Dresses in The Regime Outfit 1
Corporal Herbert Zubak quickly becomes Elena’s most trusted advisor, but with his harsh ideas and attitude that could spell danger for the whole country. The Regime, HBO. 

With an apprehensive utterance from her Cabinet ministers that Chancellor Vernham is wearing green, in the opening episode of the six part mini-series, we are led to believe that the color is suggestive of her mood. And with such a fearful tone it doesn’t seem like a positive statement. Which is unfortunate as it is one of the most worn colors in the Kate Winslet The Regime outfits.

Kate Winslet’s Wardrobe of Green Dresses in The Regime Outfit 2
Dark statement greens are one of Elena’s go-to colors, throughout The Regime HBO. 

Favoring dark forest greens, against her blonde locks and creamy complexion, the line-up of figure skimming dresses with their v-front necklines set the trend for Elena’s wardrobe. Simple and unfussy, with minimal embellishments the statement silhouettes and colors are allowed to shine.       

Kate Winslet’s Wardrobe of Green Dresses in The Regime Outfit 3
Another green dress worn by Kate Winslet in The Regime HBO. 

Elena Vernham’s Selection of Cream Blazers 

Blazer worn by Kate Winslet (Chancellor) inThe Regime Max
As the Chancellor of her authoritative country, Elena knows that she has to come across as strong and powerful, without alienating her citizens. The Regime, HBO. 
Kate Winslet’s Cream Blazer Outfit in The Regime
The softness of the delicate cream coloring of her tailored suits doesn’t make Chancellor Vernham look any less powerful.
Kate Winslet’s Cream Blazer Outfit in The Regime 2
The cropped sleeves, curve enhancing style lines and white trimmed edges help to stop her structured shoulders from looking too overpowering. 

Although Elena’s wardrobe is full of blazers in a selection of different shades and styles, as we will see, one of the colors that seems to be featured repetitively is a simple cream. Not as stark, or as harsh as white, the softer ivory toned blazers not only let Elena stand-out but show off her jackets effortless tailoring and style features. Just like her asymmetric front blazer with its statement button detailing, delicate welt pockets and collar-less finish.  

Kate Winslet’s Beaded Evening Gown in The Regime

Kate Winslet’s Beaded Evening Gown in The Regime
A favored look and silhouette of Kate Winslet’s, with the figure-skimming shape and beaded neckline. The Regime, HBO.  

With costume designer Consolata Boyle more than aware of what it takes to dress a powerful woman, having done it on more than one occasion, she knew that she would end up making most of The Regime’s wardrobe from scratch. Estimating 95% ended up being custom. 

But when it came to the Chancellors evening gowns for her Kate Winslet The Regime outfits, she already had the perfect muse in the Oscar starlet. Going for a dark figure-hugging gown with delicate beading around the neck and shoulders, that perfectly echoed one of Kate’s own most worn red carpet gowns, from the Badgley Mischka fall 2015 collection (look 29).

Silky and Decadent: Elena’s Luxury Robes 

Elena’s Luxury Robes in The Regime HBO
Usually more comfortable sticking to the simplicity of block colors and the stark tailoring of her fitted suits, Elena’s luxury silk robes show the softer and more fearful side of her character. The Regime, HBO.

Not just the powerful leader of her fictional Central European country, Chancellor Elena Vernham has some serious fears about germs and her health. Often found floating around her palace and out of the public eye in the silky decadence of her luxury robes, trying out the latest in old wives tales. Made from only the finest silks, it is during these moments of privacy that we see Elena wearing one of the rare prints that is in her wardrobe. 

Elena’s Statement Silhouette Pencil Dress 

Elena’s Green Statement Silhouette Pencil Dress 
Elena’s outfits are constantly changing, in contrast to the uniformed staff and guards around her, however she always comes back to her favored figure-hugging silhouette. The Regime, HBO. 

The statement silhouette of the Kate Winslet The Regime outfits is predominantly that of the figure-hugging variety, with both Elena’s pencil dresses and tailored skirts using the thigh-skimming shaping. Engaging her best assets to seduce and lull the power-hungry men around her into a false sense of pretense, similar to how Rebecca Welton chose to dress in the equally male dominated arena of football club ownership. Yet Like Rebecca, Elena’s outfits use softer colors as well as elements like floaty sleeves and simple embellishments to keep the looks as equally luxurious as feminine.   

Modern Military: Elena Vernham’s Take on a Uniform in The Regime  

lena Vernham’s Take on a Uniform in The Regime  
The use of military inspired uniforms throughout The Regime adds to the idea of the performance and public facing side of Chancellor Vernham’s job as leader of her country. The Regime, HBO. 

Living up to the idea that The Regime falls somewhere in the area of political satire, while not too subtly poking fun at the idea of authoritarian rulers slowly becoming more and more unhinged, the costume department also took a modern approach to the military uniform. 

Kate Winslet’s Pencil Skirt Military Green outfit in The Regime
Kate Winslet wearing a modern and feminized take on a traditional two-piece khaki military uniform. The Regime, HBO. 

Elena’s softer colors, like her duck-egg blue braid embellished jacket and more traditional khaki two-piece, feature more feminine traits. And although the military styled Kate Winslet The Regime outfits are used as a mask for the Chancellor to hide behind, while representing her citizens they are still stylish. With their cinched waists, carefully placed pleats and statement shoulders that would be frowned upon in the actual military. 

Kate Winslet welcomes you to The Regime. 

Kate Winslet’s Glamourous Navy Evening Gown in The Regime

Kate Winslet’s Glamourous Navy Evening Gown in The Regime
Although Elena is unraveling and becoming ever more paranoid in the isolation of her palace, she knows how to put on the perfect display of power when facing her public. The Regime, HBO.

Behind the closed, and probably locked, doors of the palace Elena doesn’t need to put on a show of power or stability often wallowing in her self-pity and desire for more control. The darker colors of Elena’s outfits in these moments, like this navy, almost hint to and foreshadow the lengths she will delve into the darkness to get what she wants no matter what. But when the time comes to be seen by her once adoring audience, the sexy dark blue evening gown with its low front and fitted shape suddenly represents an exclusivity and luxurious elegance of a powerful leader.   

The Diamond and Sapphire Earrings of Kate Winslet’s Chancellor Elena Vernham

The Diamond and Sapphire Earrings of Kate Winslet’s Chancellor Elena Vernham
Elena doesn’t just expect the best when it comes to her clothes, hair and make-up, she expects luxury and opulence from her statement making jewelry too. The Regime, HBO.

The glamor and luxury of Elena’s looks doesn’t just come from her elegant tailored suits, beaded evening gowns and use of indulgent fabrics, there is also her little added extra accessories to consider. Often finishing her Kate Winslet The Regime outfits with a selection of fine gemstones and jewelry, but none more opulent than her large diamond and sapphire earrings that completed the look of the navy blue evening gown we discussed above.  

Chancellor Elena Vernham’s Radiant Red Suit 

Chancellor Elena Vernham’s Radiant Red Suit 
In typical Elena Vernham style her two-piece suit has a tailored fit with the plunging lapels creating a flash of cleavage that seems sexy and passionate against the radiant red. The Regime, HBO.  
Chancellor Elena Vernham’s Radiant Red Suit 
Kate Winslet looks as radiant as the red two-piece suit she wears as Chancellor Elena Verham in The Regime. The Regime, HBO.  

Although you wouldn’t call the wardrobe of Elena Vernham dull or colorless, with both bold and bright more likely to be used to describe her looks, she does tend to stick closer to the blues and greens on the color wheel. But if you imagine a hint of elemental color coding to her outfits, it then comes as little surprise that she also adds in a radiant red two-piece tailored suit. Especially for a scene where she needs to pack a fierce punch and convey so much emotion and anger. 

A Moment of Delusion as the Chancellor Performs Santa Baby

Elena’s Santa Baby Outfit in The Regime
The cabinet ministers and loyal supporters of the Chancellor can not believe their eyes as she performs her version of Santa Baby. The Regime, HBO. 

As the country’s Regime starts to unravel from the inside out, Elena knows that it’ll take something special to distract her Cabinet ministers and supporters from how much disdain the country has for them. Maybe a big fan of Mean Girls and their “sexy” talent show performance, the Chancellor decides to put on her own Christmas show. All while dressed in a similarly revealing white fur trimmed shiny Santa dress, to really add some punch to her performance of Santa Baby.  

Elena’s Navy Trouser Suit in The Regime

Elena’s Navy Trouser Suit in The Regime
This image released by HBO shows Kate Winslet in a scene from “The Regime.” (HBO via AP)ASSOCIATED PRESS

In contrast to what we have seen on other powerful, strong, decision making women, Chancellor Elena Vernham rarely opts for the typical version of the modern power suit. Instead choosing more traditional pencil skirts and dresses, opposed to the pant sets we see on Kelly Rowland’s Mea Harper in Mea Culpa. But when the Kate Winslet The Regime outfits call for pants, Elena sticks to her modern military vibes. With the dark block colors, a cinched waist and statement shoulders balancing out the loose fitting straight-legged palazzo pants.    

The Regime’s Chancellor Elena in Her Fictional Central European Countries Traditional Dress

The Regime’s Chancellor Elena in Her Fictional Central European Countries Traditional Dress Dirndl
Softer and more intricately decorated, Elena wears a pale blue version of her country’s traditional clothing for an address to her people, in complete contrast to her fried nerves. The Regime, HBO. 

Reminiscent of the dirndl, a traditional dress worn by German-speaking areas of the Alps, we see Chancellor Elena Vernham wearing what must be considered traditional dress in her fictional Central European country. Different from her figure-hugging silhouettes, the full skirts with a pinafore style top are worn over complimentary bishop sleeved blouses. Covered in intricate and detailed embroidery, before being paired with her take on the very European Dutch crown braid hairstyle.   

The Regime’s Chancellor Elena in Her Fictional Central European Countries Traditional Dress
Chancellor Elena has to put on a brave face when she finds out that Corporal Herbert Zubak has invited some of her citizens into the palace to join in with her big banquet. The Regime, HBO. 
Missy Sue shows you how to create your own Dutch Crown Braid. 

With Kate Winslet heading up the star-studded cast and writing genius Will Tracy, one of the formidable forces behind Succession, both on board it is hard to see how The Regime could fail. The inspiration for the satirical political comedy all around us in our newspapers and our daily news shows, the story has the ability to make us a little bit giddy with uneasy laughter as we watch it play out. But we can take comfort in the impressively curated wardrobe of the Chancellor, and say a little prayer that if it comes to it we would all look as good in the Kate Winslet The Regime outfits when we are as paranoid and unhinged.  

MOVIE:The Regime
DIRECTED BY:Stephen Frears, Jessica Hobbs