The Mean Girls Outfits: Their New Sexy Grown-Up Look For 2024

Mean Girls 2024. That one little sentence will have one of two reactions when uttered in most people’s presence. Either full blown excitement at the thought of rushing to the cinema in January to see the movie come Broadway Musical’s return to the big screen. Or abject horror at the thought of a classic being remade so soon, because you definitely refuse to believe the original Mean Girls is 20 years old. 

It isn’t possible, is it? 

Ok, you don’t need to accept it but maybe once you’ve seen our rundown of some of the best Mean Girls outfits from the trailer, you’ll change your mind. Since you know no matter what they change, update or add to the new movie that the Mean Girls outfits will be just as fabulous, outlandish and pink as the original all those years ago.

The Official trailer for the new 2024 Mean Girls.

~ Cady Heron’s Mean Girls Outfits ~

Cady Heron the protagonist of Mean Girls, no matter if it is the movie or musical version, is the kind and naive high schooler who grew up in Africa, that we meet on her return to attend North Shore High. Where she is a fish out of water with no knowledge of teen pop culture, at all. Which no doubt leads to some of Cady’s unfashionable and questionable Mean Girls outfits.  

Cady Heron’s Replica Blue Plaid Shirt From Mean Girls

When Cady struggles to fit in at North Shore high, Damien and Janis decide to take her under their wing and help her with the social side of the high school run by Regina George and The Plastics. Mean Girls(2024), Paramount Pictures.

It seems only right to start our breakdown of the Mean Girls outfits with one of the first looks that we see Cady in, and one that is almost an exact replica of the look that Lindsay Lohan wore in the original movie. Her simple blue plaid button-up shirt. With Cady returning from Africa with a relaxed and casual wardrobe that has a real tom-boy feel to it, her basic long sleeve blue plaid shirt fits the characters sweet, kind and naive nature perfectly. 

Lindsay Lohan wearing her version of Cady’s blue plaid shirt in the original 2004 Mean Girls.
Lindsay Lohan wearing her version of Cady’s blue plaid shirt in the original 2004 Mean Girls.

Cady’s Simple Army Green Canvas Jacket

Cady decides to act the fool, to have a reason to get Aaron to tutor her in Maths. The problem is he is terrible at Maths, and she is actually pretty good, good enough to be a mathlete in fact. Mean Girls(2024). Paramount Pictures.

As if life isn’t hard enough for Cady, things take a turn when she falls for the dreamy Aaron Samuels, only finding out afterwards that he is Regina George’s ex-boyfriend. Making him off limits, especially if she is going to be a Plastic too. But Angourie Rice’s Cady with her simple wardrobe of basic, casual pieces like her dark army green canvas jacket with its zip pockets, epaulets and button closures, won’t be deterred.    

Flirty but Practical: Cady’s Denim Shirt and Floral Mini-Skirt in Mean Girls

Between falling behind on Maths, deliberately, and starting a war with the most popular girl in school, Cady’s first year at North Shore is turning out to be quite eventful. Mean Girls(2024), Paramount Pictures.

With a little bit of peer-pressure and influence from The Plastics, Cady Heron’s Mean Girls outfits become more feminine and flirty as she becomes more shallow and attention seeking. Little hints of florals, like her cream flower patterned mini-skirt start appearing in her wardrobe. Yet even though she pairs it with a cute matching cream camisole with a tiny bow, Cady hasn’t fully shaken her tom-boy aesthetic and can’t help adding a loose and slightly oversized denim shirt to the neutral look.   

Angourie Rice as Mean Girls Cady heron in a Pink Sweater Vest

Cady, the naive fish out of water, falls victim to the life of The Plastic’s, enjoying the popularity it brings her even though she starts to lose her real friends along the way. Mean Girls (2024), Paramount Pictures.
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When Cady suddenly found herself invited to sit with The Plastics, on a Wednesday she knew she had to find something pink to wear, even if she didn’t want to join them. Pushed to infiltrate the group by Janis, Cady’s only option was an oversized pink knitted sweater vest, that wasn’t either high fashion or up to the usual standard of The Plastics and their stylish Mean Girls outfits. 

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It was Janis who persuaded Cady to take up the offer of sitting with the plastics, to infiltrate their group and look for a weak link they could exploit.
Who made the cut for Mean Girls 2024. 

~ Regina George and the Plastics ~

If Cady is the protagonist of Mean Girls, in all its forms, then Regina George is the main antagonist. The Queen Bee of North Shore High Regina rules the school as the leader of The Plastic’s, along with friends Gretchen and Karen. So it is no surprise that between her devious gossiping, manipulation and killer Mean Girls outfits that she is regarded as one of the best teen movie genre’s villains. 

Regina George’s All Leather Look in Mean Girls 2024

Regina George’s All Leather Look in Mean Girls 2024 -
Reneé Rapp’s Regina George, who she also played in the Broadway musical, has had a very grown-up make-over, bringing in her dark Evil Queen Bee side. Mean Girls (2024), Paramount Pictures.

Although the new Regina George played by The Sex Life of College Girls Reneé Rapp, hasn’t changed her cunning, confident and manipulative ways, her Mean Girls outfits have had a sexy update. 

Gone are her mini-skirts, slogan tanks and cute cardigans, that we showed you how to recreate to cos-play as Regina. Instead her first look with the skin tight pants and stud front jacket, is all black leather. But don’t worry there is also an updated version of Regina’s “R” necklace, this time a mix of pearl and chunky chain to call back to the original 2004’s movie looks.   

Regina’s “R” letter pendant necklace is back, but not before it has had it’s own make-over.
Regina’s “R” letter pendant necklace is back, but not before it has had it’s own make-over.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink…

Fans weren’t sure about the more masculine and sexy looks that The Plastics are wearing in the new movie trailer, especially with there not being a strappy stiletto heel or tiny bag in sight. Mean Girls (2024), Paramount Pictures. 

No matter what else might have changed in the world of Mean Girls, from twenty years ago until now, on Wednesdays we still wear pink. Spoken originally by Karen, one of cinema’s most well known quotes makes it clear that The Plastics have rules that you need to follow.  But the overly feminine looks of the 2004’s movie have been given more of an edge, with The Plastics moving away from patterned dresses and stiletto heels, into sexy corset tops, and masculine cargo pants paired with chunky soled boots.  


Gretchen and Karen’s Simple Sexy Camisole Tops in Mean Girls

Gretchen is always so eager to please Regina, while Karen is much more likely to just say what is on her mind, even when Regina vents to them about her large pimple. Mean Girls (2024), Paramount Pictures. 

The Plastic side kicks to the Queen Bee Regina George and her intelligent and manipulative ways, Gretchen and Karen are the somewhat typical eager to please airheads we expect them to be. Styling themselves and their Mean Girls outfits with a subtle femininity, while not stealing Regina’s enviable fashion thunder. But with the updated low v’s and scoop necklines, as well as the peeking bra straps under their simple camisole tops, yet again the new movie hasn’t forgotten the little details of its stylish predecessor.   

Regina and The Plastic’s Christmas Talent Show Costumes in Mean Girls

The Christmas talent show doesn’t quite go as Regina had planned it, and why is her sexy Santa costume feeling so tight? Mean Girls (2024), Paramount Pictures. 

Glimpsed in the trailer alongside the words “this isn’t your mother’s Mean Girls,” we can safely assume that North Shore High’s Christmas talent show is still as NSFW as it was the first time round. Cady and The Plastics, still perform their risky, in more ways than one, Christmas routine in short sexy santa costumes, black thigh-high boots and black satin gloves. Although this time round the mini-skirts, corset tops and matching Santa hats have had an all-over red sequin make-over.  

Adding a black beanie hat to her look keeps her make-up and pink hair from looking too girlie. Riverdale, The CW. 

Gretchen’s Sweater Vest in Mean Girls

No matter how hard Gretchen tries she can never really please Regina, especially not when she keeps trying to make the term “Fetch,” work to Regina’s disdain. Mean Girls (2024), Paramount Pictures.
Retro Jacquard Knitted Vest as seen in Mean Girls

All Gretchen wants is to please Regina, to the point that the Queen Bee’s second-in-command has lost all confidence in herself, and who she used to be. Which could be why her Mean Girls outfits have a lot of neutral tones in them. Of course, she can’t not wear pink on Wednesdays but Gretchen’s easy beige and brown sweater vest is deceptively simple and basic, allowing all eyes to be on Regina. Which is exactly what Regina expects. 

Regina George’s Black Homecoming Dress and Viral Mascara  

If there is only one thing that is for certain, it is that Regina George can turn any situation to her favor to make sure she comes out on top. Mean Girls (2024), Paramount Pictures.  

It’ll take more than a little bit of water to destroy Regina George, especially when most of the girls, and some of the boys, at North Shore idolize her. But that didn’t stop Cady, Damien and Janis from trying, turning the school’s sprinklers on to the black evening gown wearing Regina George at Homecoming. However, between her figure clinging floor length gown, black fur shrug, swept back hair and running mascara, all they managed to do was “accidentally revive the wet look,” and send Regina viral after the make-up look caught on. 

It’s not easy to destroy Regina, especially when so many of her fellow students idolize her. 
It’s not easy to destroy Regina, especially when so many of her fellow students idolize her. 

Ok so not a complete reboot or remake of the 2004 original, the new Mean Girls movie is more or less its biggest fan girl, a bit like us. Based on the Broadway musical there have been some changes, a few minor details added, but what hasn’t changed is the stylish, fashionable and unmistakable Mean Girls outfits. From the iconic pink on a Wednesday to the new darker dressed evil Queen Bee that is Regina George, if you loved the original then you are definitely going to want to be first in line for Mean Girls 2024.  

Oh yeah, and we didn’t forget to tell you it was a musical right…

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Mean Girls (2024), Paramount Pictures.
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