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Gen V Outfits: Steal The Look of Three Superpowered Female Protagonists

If the last decade or so is anything to go by then it doesn’t seem likely that the rise of the superhero and their Earth saving exploits is ending anytime soon. So Amazon Prime, and their successful The Boys franchise are right on the money. Especially with the release of the latest spin-off Gen V that isn’t just all supersuits and superpowers, as competitive and hormonal teens fight to be the next big thing. 

So let’s delve into the world, and fashions, of the young adult supes and their Gen V outfits…

Amazon Prime’s Gen V Official Trailer.

Set in Godolkin University, the school of crime fighting challenges young adult superheros, or supes, to test their boundaries. Battling for a spot in the schools top rankings and a chance of joining the elite world saving team, The Seven. But like all good superhero streaming hits, everything is not as it seems and the only thing we can be certain about is the modern and trendy Gen V outfits that our three conflicted female protagonists wear.  

~ Marie Moreau’s Gen V Outfits  ~

One of the show’s main protagonists, and freshman at Godolkin University, Marie Moreau had dreams of becoming a member of The Seven and being someone her sister could be proud of. But as the school mysteries start to unravel Marie realizes there’s more to life than just being a hero.   

Marie Moreau’s Casual and Comfortable Stylish Jeans in Gen V

Kind, compassionate and with good morals, Marie just wants to grow-up to be a superhero that her sister can look up to and that her parents would have been proud of. Gen V, Amazon Prime.

With echoes of X-Men Apocalypse, and the rise of the young superhero, Marie Moreau’s simple and modern outfits definitely bring to mind Jennifer Lawrence and her Mystique wardrobe (that you can find here). Favoring stylish jeans, casual tops and effortlessly comfortable layers the troubled yet kind and considerate Marie wants to fit in with her new college classmates just as much as she wants to stand out and make a name for herself. 

Although Marie’s fitted jeans are a basic staple of her wardrobe she often goes for bold patterns and prints, like she did with her bleached tie dye black jeans that definitely made her stand out in the crowd.

The Adidas x Ivy Park Red Blazer Jumpsuit worn by Marie Moreau in Gen V

With her hemokinetic powers, Marie can manipulate her own blood into tendrils and basic structures, coming from the palms of her hands. But only through an open wound, so she always carries a switchblade. Gen V, Amazon Prime.  

As a hemokinetic, with the ability to control and manipulate blood, it is fitting then that many of Marie’s most statement Gen V outfits are in a striking scarlet red color. A shade that often appears throughout her wardrobe, in her red shirts, t-shirts and even her evening gown from episode three. But it is her red blazer jumpsuit by Adidas x Ivy Park in power red, with its statement shoulders, cinched waist and trademark three stripes that will be remembered from our young supes trendy looks. 

Marie’s Stylish Gen V Jackets

Marie’s Stylish Gen V Jackets
Eventually being accepted into Godolkin University, Marie Moreau is one step closer to becoming the superhero she has always dreamed of being, and making amends for her past mistakes. Gen V, Amazon Prime. 

Portrayed in Gen V by Jaz Sinclair, who also appeared in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (a wardrobe favorite of ours) Marie Moreau is still trying to atone for the tragic events of her parents deaths. After accidentally causing them when she came into her blood manipulation powers at puberty. 

But now a young supe at Godolkin University she hides her sorrow, with her growing skills and dark brown selection of jackets. Away from her bold reds and whites, the muddy colored layer of crop jackets and leather coats could be seen as a protective barrier to the real Marie and a way to blend into her surroundings.  

Marie Moreau wearing H&M Cropped Denim Jacket in episode 8 of Gen V season 1
Marie Moreau wearing H&M Cropped Denim Jacket in episode 8 of Gen V season 1. 

Jaz Sinclair wearing PUMA X Fenty White Corset Sweater Mini-Dress in Gen V

It feels like Marie’s use of white, especially in this episode 2 look, is a symbol of her innocence, reflecting her kind and caring nature of wanting to help people and seeing the best in them. Gen V, Amazon Prime.
X Fenty By Rihanna Nude Corset Sweatshirt In Nude NeutralsX Fenty By Rihanna Nude Corset Sweatshirt In Nude Neutrals
PUMA X Fenty By Rihanna Nude Corset Sweatshirt In Nude Neutrals

In complete contrast to all of her wardrobes, darker garments in varying shades of reds, blacks and dark browns Marie’s use of white in her outfits seems risky. Especially with her skills of blood manipulation. But as much as red appears so does white, in everything from her black and white cardigans to her Nike Cortez Sneakers. Yet it is her corseted mini sweater dress from Rihanna PUMA x Fenty collection where the symbolisation of the white as her kind and caring side feels the most obvious. 

Marie uses her power of blood manipulation to save a stranger’s life. 

~ Emma Meyer’s Gen V Outfits  ~

Maybe not the main protagonist of Gen V, but even with her friendship with Marie Moreau, Emma Meyers is much more than just a superhero sidekick. Even if technically she has no interest in being one of The Seven, and would rather just grow the followers of her “”Fun Sized with Little Cricket” Youtube channel.

Emma Meyer’s Love of Bold Graphic Prints in Gen V

The life of any party, Emma the Youtube star and influencer hides the harder parts of her life, and powers behind a bold and crazy attitude that’s also reflected in the way she dresses. Gen V, Amazon Prime. 

Where Marie, the show’s main protagonist and superhero wannabe, is a bit of an introvert  nervous that she will hurt someone with her powers, Emma is the complete opposite. A supe influencer, Emma Meyer is bold, adventurous and the life of any party. Something that is reflected in her Gen V outfits full of graphic prints and fun colors.     

Lizzie Broadway as Emma Meyers wearing Mushroom Sweatshirt in episode 5 of Gen V season 1. 
Acne Studios X Ray Mushroom Graphic Sweatshirt

With a simple casual and relaxed wardrobe of basic round neck t-shirts and comfortable sweatshirts, Emma uses color and patterns to stand out. Graphic prints of crazy x-ray mushrooms, bold pink cactus t-shirts and fun slogans like “Happiness” epitomize the enjoyment Emma tries to get out of life. Even if her powers aren’t just all superhero fun.  

Emma Meyers episode 7 of season 1 of Gen V.
Urban Outfitters Pink Cactus Graphic T-shirt

The Crystal Haze Gummy Bear Charm Necklace

The Crystal Haze Gummy Bear Charm Necklace
The Crystal Haze brightly colored and completely unique gold chain necklace with 6 life-size gummy bears hanging off it, is the perfect embodiment of Emma and her outgoing personality.Gen V, Amazon Prime.  

Emma Meyers, or Little Cricket who is played by Lizzie Broadway, is a tritagonist with the ability to shrink or grow depending on her needs. And although constantly weighted and measured as a child by her controlling mother, Emma tries to see her superpowers as fun and unique. In the same way that she uses bright and bold colors in her wardrobe, and if her Gummy Bear necklace is anything to go by her accessories too. 

Emma Meyer’s Free People Quilted Jacket in Gen V

Emma needs to speak to Marvel’s Antman, because when she changes size her clothes don’t, which means when she grows super big she’s often left naked with nothing to wear. Gen V, Amazon Prime. 

With her superpower a not so subtle play by the writers of Gen V on eating disorders, something they are known for doing in The Boys, Emma either purges her stomach contents or binges to change her size. But with her clothes neither shrinking or growing with her, she requires an extensive wardrobe. So it’s not just comfort that is key, with Emma’s oversized Free People quilted jacket the perfect garment to throw on over anything. 

Emma wakes up a little bit bigger than normal, and in the pool. 

Emma’s Cropped Shirt and Cargo Pants in the Season One Premier of Gen V

Emma’s Cropped Shirt and Cargo Pants in the Season One Premier of Gen V
Although Emma makes a stylish first impression on campus in her cargo pants and crop shirt, when Marie first meets her she has shrunk herself down to play fight with her pet gerbil. Gen V, Amazon Prime.

Sticking with her simple and relaxed clothes, Emma has a real tomboy feel to her Gen V outfits, preferring the casual comfort of her t-shirts and jumpers. Although on arriving at Godolkin University she makes a stylish impression in a trendy pair of cargo pants, opposed to the more popular style of form fitting jeans. Pairing the loose fitting olive green pants with a white crop top and matching open Dickies cropped short sleeve work shirt.   

~ Cate Dunlap’s Gen V Outfits ~

Less of a protagonist and more of an antagonist, Cate Dunlop a junior at Godolkin University quickly becomes disillusioned with the non-powered population, after she herself was manipulated and abused by the people who she trusted. Eventually twisting the truth of her actions to suit her own reign of terror, and rebellion against the innocent non-supes. 

Cate Dunlap’s Oversized Blazers in Gen V

Cate Dunlap’s Oversized Blazers in Gen V 2
The oversized blazers Cate’s wardrobe is known for drown her petite frame and give her a vulnerable and overly sensitive appearance.

Although Cate Dunlap might present herself as a kind and caring person, her troubled upbringing and isolation have made her flawed and easily manipulated. Particularly when the person who saved her from a lifetime of being alone, only wanted to use her skills and superpowers to their own advantage. With the costume department using her Gen V outfits to play on her vulnerabilities and overwhelmed personality, by putting her in oversized formal blazers. Staying away from black and instead opting for softer, more delicate grays and greens.  

Cate Dunlap’s Oversized Blazers in Gen V
Like most at Godolkin University Cate Dunlap had a tragic and difficult life before enrolling. However Cate’s doesn’t get any easier, with her manipulated into using her powers to other peoples advantage. Gen V, Amazon Prime. 

Cate’s Cut-out Black Corset and White Button-up Shirt Party Outfit

Cate’s Cut-out Black Corset and White Button-up Shirt Party Outfit
After telling her brother to leave and never come back after touching his arm, Cate was forced to wear gloves as a form of controlling her telepathic power that is enhanced by touch. Gen V, Amazon Prime. 

With no expectations, or desire, to make the top ranks at Godolkin or to be recruited for The Seven, Cate is happy to be the girlfriend of the university’s most popular student. But with her telepathic superpowers, mostly consisting of mind control, she is a valuable asset. 

Yet even with her sexy looks, coveted powers and star boyfriend, Cate keeps herself hidden away. Just like she does her hands, she adds a modest white button-up shirt to her black cut-out corset to keep herself covered. 

Transforming into Cate Dunlap.

Girly, Sweet and Innocent: Cate Dunlap in Gen V

Is Cate Dunlap’s look just a little bit too sweet and innocent? With soft blonde hair and feminine clothes it is hard to believe she could hate the non-powered so much she would lead a riot against them. Gen V, Amazon Prime. 
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Although Cate, played by Maddie Phillips, feels remorse for the terrible mind control she was manipulated into using on her friends, her murderous revenge triggers a darker side to our cardigan wearing young supe.

Maddie Phillips wearing Sandro Ecru Esperance Wool Cardigan as Cate Dunlap in episode 2 of Gen V. 
Maddie Phillips wearing Sandro Ecru Esperance Wool Cardigan as Cate Dunlap in episode 2 of Gen V. 

With her Gen V outfits made up of girly prim and proper tweed blouses, ecru colored soft and delicate wool cardigans and a selection of striped tanks and t-shirts, Cate’s wardrobe is modern with an feminine touch. Yet with her rebellion, and riots against the innocent non-supes there is more to sweet Cate than meets the eye. 

Cate Dunlap in Zara Multicolored Knit Tank Top in episode 4 of Gen V. 
Cate Dunlap in Zara Multicolored Knit Tank Top in episode 4 of Gen V. 
Cate Dunlap in Zara Multicolored Knit Tank Top in episode 4 of Gen V product

Not just a normal superhero streaming show Gen V, like The Boys that it is the spin-off from, likes to make subtle commentary about some of society’s most taboo subjects. From racism to eating disorders, our young supes face it all in the cleverly written scripts. But if this is the first you are hearing about it, it is safe to say you came for the Gen V outfits, and there is nothing wrong with that. Especially when you consider how stylish the three female protagonists look while having to navigate superpowered teenage life.