Family Switch Steal Jess and CC Walker’s Body-Swapping Outfits

Family Switch: Steal Jess and CC Walker’s Body-Swapping Outfits

What more could you want from a Netflix Christmas movie than an unrealistic comedy plot, some Christmas magic and a stylish winter wardrobe to put a twinkle in your eye. 

And with the tagline “The Walker family is about to change lives. Literally.” Netflix’s latest Christmas classic, Family Switch, might have a predictable storyline we can see coming a mile away, but it still gives us all the cheesy Christmas feels. 

Official trailer for Netflix’s latest Christmas classic, Family Switch. 

Not the first body-swapping movie, not even the first Christmas themed one, Family Switch sees a chance encounter, a planetary alignment and some hasty words, work some Christmas magic to let the family walk a mile in each other’s shoes. But with a series of important achievements on the line, as well as Jennifer Garner and Emma Myers Family Switch outfits to consider, undoubtedly festive mayhem ensues.   

Jess Walker’s Family Switch Outfits

Fashion might be subjective but Jess Walker, the wife and successful working mother of three, might be the most stylish Christmas movie character we have seen for a while. Even when her teenage daughter is switched into her body and puts her own youthful spin on the business woman’s designer attire.  

Jess Walker’s Classic Chanel Black Shirt in Family Switch

Jess thought that her biggest worries were her looming presentation and childrens distant and disconnected attitudes, before fate stepped in and changed everything up. Family Switch, Netflix. 

With one designer look after another, it is not hard to see how Jess Walker’s polished and flawless outfits have quickly become fan favorites. The hardworking, business woman looking for promotion at her job, opts for classic and stylish pieces.

Adding a black beanie hat to her look keeps her make-up and pink hair from looking too girlie. Riverdale, The CW. 

Just like her Chanel silk black blouse with contrasting white trim, that is the perfect accompaniment to her black pants, Mary Jane pumps and bosslady attitude.    

Jess’ Vivienne Westwood Plaid Pants

Determined to make one new happy memory with the whole family at Christmas, Jess makes all the Walkers attend the Griffith Observatory to witness a rare planetary alignment. Family Switch, Netflix. 

As a high flying architect, with her sights on making partner, Jess is organized and precise leaving nothing to chance. But that doesn’t mean that her Family Switch outfits are all made-up of black, conventional office wear. With her off the clock looks having an added subtle femininity, her large plaid black and red tartan pants and simply beaded cream cardigan add a playful edge to her grown-up wardrobe.   

Jennifer Garner as Jess Walker Wearing a Striped Satin Night Shirt in Family Switch

Jennifer Garner, no stranger to the role of body-swapping, plays Jess Walker in Family Switch, sleep apnoea mask and all. Netflix.
Morgan Lane Ruthie Silk Striped Pajama

Family Switch isn’t the first time that Jennifer Garner has woken up in the wrong body. With her star making turn as Jenna Rink in 13 Going On 30 (2004) not only catching our hearts but captivating us with the now famous rainbow Versace dress, that we talk about here

However, even though one movie sees her as a teen in an adult body and the other as an adult in a teens body, both her characters have a love of beautiful silky nightwear. And in Family Switch it is this Morgan Lane Jillian night shirt with soft pink and cream stripes that Jess chooses for bedtime. 

Body-Swapping: CC’s Gym Shorts and Graffiti Jacket Version of Jess

Jennifer Garner as CC in Jess’ body, wearing an outfit styled by teenage CC. Family Switch, Netflix.   

It is bad enough waking up after unexpectedly swapping bodies with your teenage daughter, but it’s a whole lot worse when it happens on the day of your big presentation. Especially when your sporty and overly casual daughter thinks that her fathers basketball shorts, a yellow Bode graffiti cord jacket and Nike Dunk high top sneakers are an appropriate office look.  

Jess’ Workwear Blazer and Skirt Look in Family Switch

CC doesn’t understand how much impact her mother has on the people around her, with her reciting song lyrics, cookie baking and secret handshakes that help her co-workers feel appreciated at their job. Family Switch, Netflix. 

With CC believing her mother to be a frigid, and passion-less robot, the formal workwear that Jess makes her wear to the office while body-swapped doesn’t help her case. But the simple black pencil skirt accessorized with a matching black turtleneck sweater and Marant Etoile Grey Herringbone Blazer, doesn’t tell the whole story. One that CC only really understands after experiencing life as Jess, the glue who holds her work family together as much as she does the Walkers.


CC’s Yellow Adidas Track Pants Look for her Mother Jess  

CC realizes that Jess’ presentation is not a solo event and that she has to use her whole work team, the same way that she would when playing soccer, to succeed. Family Switch, Netflix. 

As CC comes to terms with the fact that it is up to her, in Jess’ body to do her mothers big presentation, she uses her team player skills to help her believe in herself. Changing up Jess’ prim and proper business Family Switch outfits, and pairing a formal mini check blazer with yellow Adidas track pants and cute hair bunches. After the mother and daughter duo realize that the only way to succeed is for CC to do it her own way. 

Jennifer Garner and Emma Myers talk about their latest movie, Family Switch. 

CC Walker’s Family Switch Outfits

CC might be a soccer obsessed teenager, but that doesn’t mean that her casual and relaxed wardrobe doesn’t have a few stand-out looks. Even though her mother Jess thinks otherwise, and tries to add a touch of subtle feminine charm to the sporty high schoolers Family Switch outfits.  

CC’s Oversized Blue Check Shirt in Family Switch

Feeling pressured by her parents to go to College and give up her dream of becoming a professional soccer player, CC’s relationship with her family is fractured. Family Switch, Netflix. 

For CC, her love of soccer and sports goes hand-in-hand with her casual and relaxed style of dressing. Although she obviously has a wardrobe full of feminine skirts, sweaters and cardigans, as we will see later, CC prefers her clothes baggy and oversized. Like her unisex Urban Outfitters blue flannel plaid shirt, that she can easily throw over any of her simple round neck t-shirts.  

Emma Myers as CC Walker Wearing a Blue Butterfly Print Crewneck Sweatshirt 

Emma Myers as CC Walker Wearing a Blue Butterfly Print Crewneck Sweatshirt 

CC’s bold and colorful wardrobe of hoodies and oversized sweatshirts won’t phase actress Emma Myers, who recently made her name as Enid the bubbly best friend of Wednesday Addams on Netflix’s Wednesday. Yet just as Enid probably would, CC has opted for a cute and girly butterfly print on her Aeropostale bright blue crewneck sweatshirt. Playing on her youthfulness, as it becomes apparent she has body-swapped with her mother. 

Jess’ Maje Tweed Jacket and Pleated Skirt Version of CC

Emma Myers as Jess in CC’s body, wearing a conservative outfit styled by Jess. Family Switch, Netflix.
Elegant Tweed Jacket 
Tweed Jacket

Just as CC went too far with the basketball shorts and sneakers when styling her mother, whose body she was inhabiting, for a day at work, Jess tries to dress CC up too prim and proper for the sport stars liking. Meeting in the hallway to compare CC is disgusted to see that Jess has her in an elegant Maje white and black tweed blazer, pleated mini-skirt and Mary Jane heeled pumps.   

CC’s Je T’aime Sweater and Check Pleat Mini-Skirt in Family Switch

As well as compromising on their outfits, the Walker family has to compromise on transport too. Especially since the only people who should be driving are now in the bodies of teenagers. Family Switch, Netflix.
Check Mini-SkirtStriped Sweater

Somehow finding a compromise for CC’s Family Switch outfits, Jess still gets to dress her new found teenage body in a mix of girl-next-door and preppy school looks. With echoes of Sabrina Spellman with their matching blond bobs, CC’s check pleated mini-skirt and striped collar Je T’aime sweater has the perfect modern feel to it. And is a flawless blend of conservative Jess and relaxed CC.

Sandro Sky Blue Sweater worn by CC Walker in Family Switch

It isn’t until the body-swap that Jess realizes how hard CC has been working on her academic achievements. Trying to meet the high expectations her parents have set for her. Family Switch, Netflix. 
Sandro Knitted Sweater

With Jess thinking that her disorganized daughter has been slacking off at school because of her singular focus on soccer when at home, she is pleasantly surprised by her academic achievements. Fittingly suited to the preppy school girl look that she has given CC. With her Sandro sky blue mohair-blend sweater helping to soften the classic white shirt, tie and pants business look Jess was trying to achieve. 

CC’s Metallic Silver Flared Mini-Skirt in Family Switch

Jess and Bill get a chance to relive their youth, while stuck in the bodies of their teenage children. To CC and Wyatts horror. Family Switch, Netflix. 

It is one thing to have to try and be as good a soccer player as your star daughter, while body-swapped, but it is another thing to have to try and navigate the teenage social scene. Although getting to relive their youth, Jess and Bill, who is now Wyatt, add their own flare and not just to the Family Switch outfits. With CC’s metallic silver skirt and matching sparkling cardigan and shoes perfect for the group dance the parents happily instigate. 

Walker’s Family Switch Outfits
Do the Walker family get their happy ending? Family Switch, Netflix. 

Destined to be a body-swapping classic, like Freaky Friday before it, Family Switch has more than just the fashion to thank for that. But even with the Christmas time setting, the stellar cast and the body-swapped baby and dog, it is hard not to go back for the Family Switch outfits. Especially those of Jess and CC, where the wardrobe choices are as much a part of their stories of acceptance as the time spent facing each other’s fears are.  

But do the Walker family get their happy ending…there’s only one way to find out.

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