Dress Up Like Stu Price from The Hangover

If you are looking for a good Stu Price costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Stu Price from The Hangover.

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Stu Price from The Hangover Costume or Outfit Guide

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, especially if you are a member of the Wolf Pack. 

If you are looking for some comedic inspiration for your next dress-up or cosplay event, it would be hard to find a funnier movie than the 2009 comedy The Hangover as a muse. So why not look at the tooth-losing, stripper marrying dentist of the pack and create your own Stu Price costume. 

Dress Up Like Stu Price from The Hangover
Stu, the dentist, is not pleased to wake up and realize that he has lost one of his front teeth at the bachelor party, especially since he has no memory of how it happened and it makes him look like a nerdy hillbilly. The Hangover (2009). Warner Bros. Pictures

Who is Stu Price 

The 2009 American comedy tells the story of Phil, Stu, Doug and Alan’s trip to Las Vegas to celebrate Doug’s impending marriage to Alan’s sister. When the boys wake-up from their bachelor party in their trashed Caesars Palace suite, with no memory of the night before and Doug missing, they desperately need to find the groom before his wedding.

The Wolf Pack, Stu, Alan and Phil have no idea what happened last night or where fourth member Doug is. Warner Bros. Pictures.

Dr. Stuart “Stu” Price, played by Ed Helms, is a dentist, even if he prefers to refer to himself as a doctor, and by far the most responsible and nervous member of the Wolf Pack. Controlled and walked all over by his girlfriend Melissa, it turns out that when let loose on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol he is in fact the craziest member of the pack. From pulling out his own tooth for a bet or marrying a stripper he met that night, it might be just as well he can’t remember any of it. 

Get Stu’s Look

 You are literally too stupid to insult.”

~ Stu to Alan Garner

We have already explained in detail how to Dress Up Like Alan Garner from The Hangover

In the following, we will show you how to create a convincing Stu Price Hangover look. Have fun!

Costume designer Louise Mingenbach, was incharge of creating the perfect costume to show off our dentist, Stu Price, as the reserved and uptight guy he was, before that night in Vegas that he would never quite remember.  

To start your own Stu Price costume you will need to first get yourself a light colored short sleeved cotton polo shirt with a striped pattern across the chest. As well as a pair of tan colored pants, in a chino style and a matching set of tan brown suede mens lace up shoes. 

Your Stu costume will require hardly any styling in the form of hair and make-up. He wears his dark brown hair cut short, but if anything you might want to mess your hair up a bit. Have it standing on end and looking like you might have had a big night, then finish off by adding a pair of small wire frame glasses.  

The boys wake up in their trashed Caesars Palace suite and realize that Doug is missing.

The Tooth Situation

Somehow throughout the trilogy of Hangover movies Stu always ends up with some form of body modification. In the first movie that was when he woke up to realize he had lost one of his lateral incisors, or the tooth to the right of the front one for the non-dentists out there. 

In the movie the tooth stunt was actually all too real, as Ed Helms has a tooth implant which they removed for the shoot, as he discussed with People in an online article. But when creating your Stu costume it would be much easier, and safer just to look online and buy a set of fake teeth that show the missing front right incisor and to pop them in. 

So now that your Stu Price costume is complete all there is to do is turn it into a group cosplay and get some friends to dress-up as the rest of the Wolf Pack. Why not start with our guide to creating the perfect Alan Garner costume.  

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