Dress Up Like Tony Montana from Scarface

If you are looking for a good Tony Montana costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Tony Montana from Scarface.



Tony Montana from Scarface Outfit Guide

If you’ve never heard of sleazycore, now you have. We all know the typical fashion choices of drug dealers from the 80s they try to embrace luxury, but in the end, everyone finds their style a bit tacky. However, no Halloween is complete without at least one Tony Montana costume. Are you bold enough to be the protagonist of The Scarface (1983)?


Tony Montana is a man you don’t mess with unless you can tame his broken heart. Universal Pictures.

Antonio Montana is a Cuban refugee who searches for a new life in Miami. He starts a new life chapter in the refugee camp, but soon manages to escape via immoral exchanges. Brian De Palma directed many of the famous hits you watched during the 2000s, but did you know him and Patricia Norris created the inevitably corrupt and shady protagonist of this crime drama?

Tony is a man who takes care of things without thinking of the consequences although you see him leaning back in the chair in many scenes, he likes to get down to business as well. His path to a drug lord was most certainly not a clean and easy one, but he’s managed to pick up a trophy wife as well, played by no other than Michelle Pfeiffer (read more about her outfit here)

When embodying the Scarface costume, you have to invest in clothes that look expensive, but still tacky. Sometimes combining enough chains and watches with the silky shirts does the job, but when it doesn’t, a cigar will enhance your look further.

Tony’s hair is very simple, and often a bit messy. He has a slight five-o’clock shadow beard, but most of his recognizable looks come from the scar he has throughout his eyebrow. If you’ll be playing with makeup or letting someone else dress you up, this should be the most authentic part of the costume make sure you don’t go with the wrong eye.

Instead of sharing a makeup tutorial, today we share this interesting video by The Golden Knowledge channel on YouTube.

To really be Tony Montana, instead of trying to be like him, you have to get the mindset right. After all, these are some of his most famous words…

“You wanna f*** with me? Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay! Say hello to my little friend!”

Tony Montana, The Scarface (1983), immediately before the final shooting scene

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