Scarface : Clothes, Outfits, Style and Looks

If a person deserves the best-dressed actor award yearly, that would be Al Pacino! The man has carried every role with style, from the sophisticated and cunning Michael Corleone in ‘Godfather’ to the renowned mafia affiliate Jimmy Hoffa in ‘The Irishman.’ Not to forget, his style and looks in ‘Scarface’ were nothing less than iconic.

Michelle Pfieffer Scarface Outfit

And he’s not the only Scarface actor who set the mark for fashion; you can’t leave Michelle Pfieffer out of the list. Today, we will share some top tips on how you can recreate Scarface outfits in 2022. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Elvira Hancock Best Outfits

Michelle Pfeiffer Scarface dress Scarface Dress

blue-satin-slip-dress-maxi-elvira-hancock-outfit-scarfaceGET THE LOOK!


Elvira Hancock Blue Scarface Dress

We might add that Elvira Hancock was Michelle Pfeiffer’s career launch and a very successful one. Her selection of dresses and iconic bob hairstyle makes her the center of attraction.

The first time he saw her- Elvira in her silk blue maxi dress

Elvira Hancock’s outfits remain a staple in every fashionista’s home. She wears this trendy blue thigh split maxi dress in her debut scene in the movie and instantly steals the spotlight. The traditional floor-length prom dress has a sleek a-line silhouette, a low-cut v-neck with spaghetti straps, sparkling crystal embellishments, and a backless design. And we have found a pretty close dupe that you can style.

Elvira Hancock’s White Loungewear

Sleepwear Womens Sexy Lingerie Satin loungewear Set white


Elvira Hancock’s Scarface Outfits: White V-Neck top and pants

If you notice closely, none of Elvina Hancock’s dresses are too extra. She styles minimalist clothing throughout the film, which makes a powerful statement.

Take this white Scarface sleek and satin pants and top, for example. Also, most of her dresses have similar cuts and styles. The blue-teal dress we discussed previously had a v-shaped neck with spaghetti straps and an a-line cut, and so does this one!

Elvira Hancock’s Scarface Black Sequence Dress



Elvira Hancock’s Scarface Outfits: Black Sequence Dress

Costume designer Patricia Norris has taken inspiration for Elvira Hancock’s dresses from the reputed ’70s couturier Halston. The Scarface team had a limited budget of 22 million dollars and thus made each of Elvina’s dresses themselves instead of buying ready-made apparel from the brand.

Even on such a small budget, Patricia Norris did a fantastic job giving the Scarface characters signature looks, proving herself worthy of the Emmy she received a few years earlier. Keeping up with the character, the costume designer gave Evira Hancock a relaxed, barely-there costume look instead of the fully-covered gowns affluent women wore in the1980s.

This particular black sequence dress breaks the monotony of the character’s dresses. While she appears in plain, shiny gowns throughout the film, this black sequence dress adds a fancy element to her minimalist style.

Elvira Hancock’s Scarface White Skirt and Top

elvira hancock white outfit suit wrap blazer


Elvira Hancock’s Scarface Outfits: Armani Inspired White Skirt and Top

Considering the striking resemblance between her Scarface outfits, one might assume that Elvira Hancock’s character can’t style any other dress. Here’s where the costume designer and the actress prove us wrong!

This stunning white skirt suit depicts the ’80s women’s exquisite dress sense. Patricia gets inspiration for this beautiful dress from Armani, minus the square-buckled belt that was a statement accessory in the original designer dresses.

Elvira Hancock’s Statement Cateye Sunglasses



Elvira Hancock’s Scarface Outfits: Armani Inspired White Skirt and Top

Elvira Hancock Accessories: Statement Cateye Sunglasses

Elvina Hancock’s statement accessories prove that cat eye sunglasses have been in trend for longer than we think. These shades are the only accessories that add color to her overall white Scarface outfit, apart from the tiny bit of color added by the earrings.

Tony Montana Best Outfits

We have a separate DIY tutorial on how to dress up like Tony Montana from Scarface. And here are the most iconic Scarface outfits that a man can incorporate into his contemporary style:

Tony Montana’s Red Hawaiian Shirt



Tony Montana Scarface Outfits: Red Tropical Shirt

It was only fair that we started this list with Tony Montana’s red Hawaiian shirt; it is only one of Al Pacino’s most recognizable looks! Tony Montana is a Cuban American who becomes a drug lord through some brutal bloodshed. The character experiences a meteoric rise and a dramatic fall in the film.

scarface hawaiian shirt scene

Here write The red half-sleeved Hawaiian shirt perfectly portrays his impulsive and graphically violent personality. And for those of you guessing, this is the same shirt he was wearing in the famous ‘drug deal gone wrong’ scene.

Tony Montana’s White Scarface Suit



White Scarface Suit with Maroon Shirt

Tony Montana’s Scarface suit sense rises in direct proportionality to his unexpected rise in wealth and status. You can witness a glimpse of the said in this scene when he meets Alejandro Sosa on behalf of his boss.

He pairs a striped cream-white Scarface suit with a collared maroon dress shirt. The look is completed with a red silk pocket dress and gold chains to flaunt his newly emerging gangster style.

Tony Montana’s Scarface Hawaiian White Shirt


Tony Montana Scarface Outfits: White Tropical Shirt

Beach shirts are Tony’s character’s staples. This white Scarface Hawaiian shirt is similar to the red shirt we reviewed above. The tropical print hints at Tony’s Caribbean heritage – while the character stops wearing these prints upon gaining wealth, we can see his friend Manny adopting the same style in imitation of Tony.

Al Pacino styles it with a bandana, perfectly depicting Tony’s recklessly violent nature. There isn’t much you can do with this Scarface shirt; the experiment margin is insanely low. That said, there isn’t much one would want to do with it, as this white Hawaiian shirt works well.

Tony Montana’s Scarface Sunglasses



Tony Montana Scarface Accessories: Aviator Sunglasses

Prop makers pay utmost attention to symbolizing the little things that only the most loyal viewers can notice. Fans speculate that the broad white line running across the temples of Tony Montana’s Scarface sunglasses has a ‘hidden meaning.’

While we can’t say anything about hidden meanings with certainty, we can claim that these Al Pacino sunglasses are a statement accessory due to their many features.

The original shades he wore were the conventional aviator style, with gradient lenses and a white line across the temple of the jet black frame. While the original Linda Farrow 6031 glasses are unfortunately unavailable, you can check out this similar article that we have found online!

Tony Montana’s Bandana

product-the-red-bandana-tony-montana-al-pacino-in-scarfaceGET THE LOOK!

Tony Montana’s Scarface Accessories: Red Bandana

Throughout the film, Tony is spotted wearing statement sunglasses, gold jewelry, Hawaiian beach shirts, silk-satin dress shirts, and three-piece suits. His bandana, however, is one piece of accessories that deserves a special mention.

Even though it doesn’t portray his affluent status, the red Scarface bandana blends well with the movie’s 1910s and 1920s setting.

Tony Montana’s White and Black Suit



Tony Montana’s Scarface Suits

You get to see a lot of dresses in Tony Montana’s wardrobe as his character evolves into a powerful drug lord. Take this black and white suit, for example:

The black silk point collar dress shirt makes a powerful statement, while the white high-buttoned waistcoat adds a graceful element to the costume. The actor styles this unique shirt-coat combo with flared pants and a black belt with a square-shaped gold belt.

If you notice closely, you will see a pattern in his dresses. In the previous Tony Montana dress we reviewed, he wore a red square on his coat, while the actor is styling a black pocket square with this one.

Tony Montana’s Blue Three-Piece Suit



Tony Montana’s Sky Blue Three-Piece Suit

Tony usually incorporates some white element, mainly a white or cream coat, in his Scarface suits. However, the character is spotted wearing a blue suit in the scene where assassins tried to murder him in the club.

Like the previous Al Pacino’s Scarface suit we reviewed, this blue dress also has a high-buttoned waistcoat paired with a white striped dress. However, unlike the previous look, the actor unbuttons the waistcoat o make room for Tony’s arm sling during the attempted assassination.

Tony Montana’s Ivory Scarface Tuxedo

Ivory Wedding Tuxedo with red bow


Tony Montana’s Scarface Outfits: Ivory Wedding Tuxedo

Yep, we have another one of Tony Montana’s white suits on the list! The actor carried forward his legacy of wearing monochromatic suits even at his wedding with his ex-boss’s widow. The only pop of color in this overall white tuxedo is the crimson silk bow tie.

Even though the character showing up to his wedding in a white dress was nothing surprising, critics mentioned that it would have been more acceptable had he worn a darker color for the daytime wedding.

Tony Montana’s Navy Chalk Stripe Suit – Scarface Climax Outfit

navy blue suit tony montana


Tony Montana’s Navy Blue Three-piece Suit

Tony Montana fulfills the crowd’s expectations of wearing a dark color in the film’s climax. You can see that the character undergoes a massive wardrobe change.

He styles a navy blue chalk stripe suit with a white dress shirt and a matching waistcoat. The look is completed with a red silk bow tie and a white pocket square. If you notice closely, Tony Montana’s outfit from this scene is inspired by the ’80s Manhattan fashion, where the character attempted to blend in with the crowd to attempt an assassination.

Alejandro Sosa Scarface Outfits


Alessan Sosa Scarface Outfits

Alejandro Sosa is the lead villain role in the 1983 American blockbuster Scarface. The character has been seen in a similar attire throughout the movie.

He wears a cream/off-white suit with matching pants and a colored dress shirt. While the character’s style isn’t the most sought-after by the crowds, we needed to include it in this list since Tony imitates his style and dress sense after gaining money from his drug business, as you can see from the comparison in this image.

Which of These Scarface Outfits are You Recreating?

These days, films are the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of life. However, even while we may primarily choose a movie based on its entertainment value, it can be difficult to ignore the stylish looks of both contemporary and classic movie characters.

The best way an actor can bring a performance to life is by feeling the character through their speech and looks. And in this case, the Scarface actors surely understood their assignment.

Looking back at the ’80s-inspired Scarface outfits, we can say one thing with surety: these trends will revive in the 21st century!

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