Dress Up Like Riley Andersen from Inside Out

If you are looking for a good Riley Anderson costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Riley Anderson from Inside Out.

Costume or Outfit Guide For COSPLAY & HALLOWEEN

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Riley Anderson from Inside Out Costume or Outfit Guide

Riley Andersen is the main character of Inside Out. This cute little girl sees her life suddenly changed by a move to San Francisco, and must come to terms with new emotions welling up inside her. A Riley Andersen costume is a great idea for any child – or adult! 

Who is Riley Andersen?

Costume Tutorial - Riley Andersen in Inside Out
Costume Tutorial – Riley Andersen in Inside Out – Riley Andersen in Inside Out (2015)

Riley Andersen is one of the main characters of the animated film Inside Out (2015), produced by Pixar studios. Guided by her five emotions Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger, Riley is a joyful eleven-year-old girl with a passion for ice hockey, who will see her life and her feelings turned upside down by her move to San Francisco. In the first years of her life, her emotions are mostly driven by Joy, her strongest emotion. However, after the move, Riley starts to experience other strong emotions such as sadness and fear, leading her in her transition to adolescence. We even see Riley going out on her first date in a short film entitled Riley’s First Date?, in which we can see her emotions as well as her parents’ trying to figure out this new step without completely panicking. 

Short Film: Riley’s First Date (2015)

Inside Out director Pete Docter was inspired by his own life when fleshing out Riley’s character and life. Riley’s original home in Minnesota is a reference to Docter’s own childhood home in Bloomington, Minnesota. Additionally, Riley was based on Docter’s daughter, Elie, who was an outgoing and joyful child. She became more introverted and quiet when she turned eleven, just like Riley. 

Riley Andersen costume and accessories 

Costume Tutorial - Riley Andersen in Inside Out 2
Riley Andersen from Inside Out

In order to become this character, you’ll have to carefully replicate her outfit. Start by putting on a striped shirt and brown pants. Layer a yellow sweater over the t-shirt, and slip on a pair of bright red sneakers. Grab a blue backpack for added realism. 

If you’re looking for an absolutely perfect Riley Andersen from Inside Out Costume, consider putting on a bald cap and investing in a blond wig. Cut the hair short in a bob similar to Riley’s, with a little ride fringe. You can even invest in some blue eye contacts. 

One interesting fact about Riley’s wardrobe is that it gets darker when she experiences sadness.

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