Dress Up Like Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and The Olympians

If you are looking for a good Percy Jackson costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and The Olympians.



Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and The Olympians Costume Guide

Much like other book series like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson was such an original and creative world for every kid to wish they were a part of. Who wouldn’t want to imagine themselves in the land of the gods, possibly even related to them? Well, a lot of these demigods, apparently. Although unlike most, you’ll have the first-hand experience in a Percy Jackson cosplay!

Who is Percy?

Outfit Inspo-Percy_Jackson
Percy as he appears in Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is a teenage demigod, the son of Poseidon. He was named after the famous greek hero Perseus for good luck. When Percy was a baby, he was attacked by a snake but managed to defeat it. This story is very similar to the demigod Hercules, who did the exact same thing as a baby. While Poseidon visited Percy a few times as a baby, he wasn’t around often and when Percy was older, his mother often told him that his father was “lost at sea”. Unfortunately, due to his bloodline or maybe even the irony of the reason for his name, Percy had incredibly bad luck growing up, often getting into trouble.

Stealing that Percy Jackson Outfit

Jax Cosplay’s Percy Jackson tutorial

How do you steal the look of a god? The answer isn’t exactly as complicated as you may think. While Percy isn’t from ancient Greece or Rome, some armor that he wears is certainly reminiscent of that time, and for good reason of course. Start out with a simple pair of blue jeans and an orange, short-sleeved, camp-half blood shirt. Next, a beaded necklace to throw on over top and some black sneakers. Go ahead and add a pair of black arm guards and some shoulder or torso armor to really take you back to ancient times. Finally, get a short, unruly, black wig with bangs and a helmet, as well as a sword to really make sure you’re battle ready.

Rick Riordan was definitely on to something when he created this memorable series. It’s hard not to have heard of the Percy Jackson series nowadays, even if you haven’t read it. It’s so grounded in mythology and the grey area of demigods that it’s hard not to become absorbed in that world. In fact, you’re already in that world and sporting it in your Percy Jackson cosplay!

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