Dress Up Like Negan from Walking Dead

If you are looking for a good Negan costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Negan from Walking Dead.


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Negan from Walking Dead Outfit Guide

Negan (and his beloved, bloody baseball bat, Lucille) is one of the most iconic and cruel villains in The Walking Dead universe. Stylish and easy to recognize, a Negan Halloween costume is always a good choice! 

Costume Inspo -The bat Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walk­ing Dead S08E15
Ne­gan (Jef­frey Dean Mor­gan) with the bat in The Walk­ing Dead (S08E15)

Who is Negan?

Negan is the primary antagonist of the sixth season of The Walking Dead. A brutal, rude, sarcastic character with a God complex, Negan carries a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire which he named Lucille.

Yet his behavior in certain situations cannot always be considered Machiavellian: while he can, of course, be merciless and relentless when he wishes to get a point across, he can at the same time (at least on the surface ) understand others and be inclined to spare those he sees as potentially useful. 

He is one of the most popular characters of the show. Negan’s look was created by the series’ costume designer, Eulyn Womble, who custom made his jacket, belt and hand wraps in order to specifically match his comic book counterpart.

Any tips for aspiring costume designers?
“It’s not about fashion. It’s about the characters. Enhance the story, do not detract or distract from it.”

Eulyn Womble for Parade

So what do you need in order to recreate his look?

Negan costume and accessories 

The mask of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in The Walk­ing Dead Season 10 Episode 11
The mask of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in The Walk­ing Dead Season 10 Episode 11

To transform into Negan, you will have to slip into a white t-shirt, gray chino pants with a brown belt, a pair of biker boots, and of course, Negan’s signature black leather jacket. A pair of black leather gloves and a tasteful red neck scarf will help you embody Negan’s stylish allure.

Slick your hair back with some pomade for that suave hairstyle, and grab your favorite baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire: here’s Negan! 

RayDoesFX shows how to achieve Negan’s look with makeup.

To make your costume more realistic, you can use makeup!

Start by making your eyebrows look bushier with an eyebrow pen. With a light brown eyeshadow, draw Negan’s slight wrinkles on the sides of his eyes. Use some blush to bronze your skin, mimicking Negan’s tanned complexion. Finally, use black eyeshadow to map out Negan’s facial hair, making sure to blend it all very well. Then use some black body paint to create Negan’s beard, closely following the technique shown in the video. For a more realistic touch, add a couple of white hairs with a tiny bit of white paint on your brush.

With this incredible makeup transformation, along with your beloved bat and biker look, you have created the perfect Negan costume!

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