Dress Up Like Nadja from What We Do In The Shadows

If you are looking for a good Nadja costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Nadja from What We Do In The Shadows.


costume-Nadja-What We Do In The Shadows

Nadja from What We Do In The Shadows Costume Guide

Nadja from What We Do In The Shadows is a great character to imitate for your next costume party or cosplay event with the look being a combination of part vampire, part Victorian elegance and part seductress smoothly blended into one costume. This article will help you achieve the look you need. 

The 2014 Official Trailer for The horror comedy film, What We Do In The Shadows which was adapted into a television series years later.

if you’re looking to create a Nadja cosplay, I hope that this video helps you understand some of her key aesthetic looks and choices. I’ve also included some Late Victorian and some modern sewing patterns that I think would do a great job to help create a Nadja cosplay of your own!

What We Do In The Shadows is a horror comedy film which was adapted into a television series years later. You’d be safe to call it a Mockumentary. A documentary making film crew follows around a group of vampire flatmates as they live their daily lives in today’s modern world, one of them being Nadja, a humorous, seductress vampire who is over 500 years old. 

Here Comes a Subtitle (How to get the Look, How to create the costume etc..)

Costume-Nadja from What We Do In The Shadows
Costume Inspo: Nadja certainly has a provocative, temptress-like quality about her. Who would guess that this bombshell is over 500 years old? Source: vulture.com

Costume designer for the film version, Amanda Neale and costume designer for the television series, Laura Montgomery, both have succeeded in creating a sultry yet sophisticated style for Nadja and you can recreate her look with a few key items.

  • You’ll first need a long Victoria style dress with mutton-like big sleeves, a corset waist and a hoop skirt crinoline underneath to make the dress really stand out. Choose a dark color such as black or burgundy or go with bright red to really accentuate the sex appeal side to the character.
  • A pair of vintage style black booties will be great but will not be seen much if you manage to keep your skirt down with all the Nadja vibes going on.
  • Next, a long black wavy wig followed by some white face powder, deep red lipstick and some fake fangs.

That’s all it takes to create a costume in the likeness of Nadja from What We Do In The Shadows for your costume parties, cosplays or for some Halloween fun. 

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