Dress Up Like My Chemical Romance from Black Parade

If you are looking for a good My Chemical Romance costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as My Chemical Romance from Black Parade.


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My Chemical Romance from Black Parade Outfit Guide

Shopping List for My Chemical Romance from Black Parade Costume & Outfit

My Chemical Romance is a popular American rock group known for their unique style and theatrical performances. In this article, we will discuss their iconic costumes from the music video of “Welcome to the Black Parade” and provide a guide for creating your own costume and makeup look for Halloween.

The Black Parade Album and Video Clip

My Chemical Romance – Welcome To The Black Parade [Official Music Video]

My Chemical Romance’s third studio album, The Black Parade, features a character reminiscing on his life as he nears death. The album’s lead single, “Welcome to the Black Parade,” became a massive hit and propelled the band to new heights of popularity. The accompanying video clip, directed by Samuel Bayer and featuring costumes designed by Colleen Atwood, features a marching band and the album’s alter-ego band, The Black Parade.

The costumes for the video clip were designed by the renowned and multiple Academy award winner, Colleen Atwood. She has collaborated widely with filmmakers like JJ Abrams and Tim Burton, whose films would be quite different without Atwood’s outstanding work. The clip was directed by Samuel Bayer. Bayer’s career has also peaked with other band collaborations such as, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson, Green Day and Nirvana. 

Costume and Makeup Guide

my chemical romance female outfit
black parade dress – My Chemical Romance from Black Parade by Reddit u/69plasticflowers

The marching band costumes for the “Welcome to the Black Parade” video were designed in black with silver line embroidery details and marching band buttons on the jacket. Paired with black chinos and military-style boots, the costume is a stylish and distinctive ensemble that can be purchased online or at a local fancy dress shop. As for the makeup, a light-colored foundation mixed with white face paint is all that is required to create the look. Alternatively, fans can recreate the skeleton makeup from the Black Parade tour.

Bringing the Look Together

Costume Inspo Chemical Romance Welcome to the Black Parade
MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE: Still from the video clip of Welcome to the Black Parade.

To complete the My Chemical Romance from Black Parade costume, fans can add a white short boyband wig and carry a long microphone as a prop. With this guide, you can bring the band’s unique style to your Halloween festivities and pay homage to one of the most important rock bands of the 2000s.

In summary, My Chemical Romance’s costumes from the “Welcome to the Black Parade” music video are iconic and recognizable, making them a perfect choice for Halloween costumes and cosplay events. With this guide, fans can recreate the band’s distinctive look and pay tribute to their contribution to the pop-punk and emo genres.

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