Dress Up Like Masters Caddy

If you are looking for a good Masters Caddy costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Masters Caddy from .



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When it comes to the world of golf there has been no shortage of inspirational looks over the years to inspire your next costume idea. From Tiger Woods’ famous red tops on the final day of play to Rickie Fowler proudly wearing orange head to toe on a Sunday in honor of his alma mater, Oklahoma State. But to really hit a hole-in-one at your next dress up event, why not create your own Masters Caddie costume, the universally recognised uniform of a golfer’s right hand.     

Dress Up Like a Masters Caddie
Tiger Woods is photographed standing next to his caddie Stevie Williams, who is wearing the famous caddie uniform of the white jumpsuit and green cap, during the 2001 Masters Tournament. Photo Source: Masters.com

What is The Masters Tournament

The Masters Tournament, most often referred to as just The Masters, is one of the professional golf world’s four major championships of the year. Established in 1934 by the amateur champion Bobby Jones and investment banker Clifford Roberts, the tournament is played in the first full week of April each year, and always at the Augusta National Golf Club

For the golfers the tournament might be all about winning that green jacket, but for the caddies the four days of play revolve around that jumpsuit.

Masters Caddie Outfit DIY
The caddies at The Masters Tournament wear jumpsuits with the name of their player in large green block capital letters across their back. Photo Source: pgatour.com

However it wasn’t until the 1940’s that the now traditional uniform for the caddies was adopted, with caddies previously just dressing in similar clothing to the Gallery (the spectators). But the decision to wear white in contrast to the green of the golf course was seen as an innovation, and so the Masters caddie uniform was born.  

Getting the Master Caddie Look

Adults Caddie Uniform - Masters Golf Costume Outfit - adult size
Adults Caddie Uniform – Masters Golf Costume Outfit – adult size

To start your Masters caddie costume you will first need to get a white jumpsuit, but there is no point in trying to find an official Masters one as they are not available for sale. With even the winning Caddie having to send a letter of request to ask to keep their jumpsuit as a souvenir after the tournament. 

Luckily any white jumpsuit will work for your costume. Look for one that is loose fitting with long sleeves, a collar and front chest pockets. To stick with tradition and replicate a Masters caddie exactly, the right chest pocket will need to have the official Masters emblem on it. You can easily buy the patch online, and then either sew or glue it onto the pocket. 

As well as the emblem each Caddie has the surname of their player on the back of their uniform, along with the player’s tournament number on the left chest pocket. The defending champion always gets number 1, with the rest of the players being issued a number in the order they register when they arrive at Augusta. 

Just like with the Masters patch, purchase a set of large green embroidered letters and numbers to attach, as before, to the front and back of your white jumpsuit.

Bubba Watson’s caddie, Ted Scott, recounts his experiences at The Masters Tournament.

A Master Caddies Accessories

To finish your Masters Caddie costume, add a pair of white sneakers and an official green Masters cap. Not forgetting your most important tool of the trade, a golf bag and you are ready to hit the course.   

You could even make your Masters Caddie costume a group cosplay. All you would need is some friends, some jumpsuits and a selection of golfers names to put on the back of your uniforms. 

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