Dress Up Like Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

If you are looking for a good Mad Hatter costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.


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Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland Costume Guide

The Mad Hatter is a spark of color in any Halloween party. He is a supporting role in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, which later on led to the production of animated film and later on, live-action feature film Alice in Wonderland produced by Walt Disney Pictures (1951 & 2010). He is not your typical character due to his uniquely strange idiosyncrasy, which is also expressed in his peculiar attire and features. 

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In this film publicity image released by Disney, Johnny Depp is shown as the Mad Hatter from the”Alice in Wonderland” (AP Photo/Disney)

Mad Hatter’s character

The most interesting part about the Mad Hatter’s character is that he is stuck in an infinite Tea Party, imposed by Time, as he was found guilty by the Queen for trying to murder Time.

The original Hatter (1951) is slightly different to his newest counterpart, played by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s movie in that, the original character appears to be slightly annoying to Alice, whereas in the 2010 film he appears to be the compendium through Alice’s journey, guiding her through this venture into the mad and the unknown. 

The Mad Hatter is the benchmark of mysterious insanity, and since he is punished into an eternal tea party, he dresses fancy and quirky. The original Hatter wears a top hat, marked by its price tag “10/6”, which amounts to ten shillings and six pence, as by the original story by Carroll. 

“The Hatter used to carry about hats to sell: and even the one that he’s got on his head is meant to be sold. You see it’s got its price marked on it-a “10” and a “6”-that means “ten shillings and six pence.” Wasn’t that a funny way of selling hats? And hasn’t he got a beautiful neck-tie on? Such a lovely yellow tie, with large pink spots.
When you follow him enough you also soon notice that all his clothes, skin, even hair changes according to that what he is feeling. Every color in his costumes, skin and hair are mood colors – he’s like a mood ring: you can instantly see what he is feeling”

~ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Get The Look: Cartoon Mad Hatter Costume

Mad Hatter” Alice in wonderland cartoon” (AP Photo/Disney)

In the 1951 animated version, the Hatter appears in a total green and yellow look. He wears a green three-piece suit accompanied by a bright turquoise bow tie, a golden yellow blazer and a green top hat with the tag. In Burton’s film, the designs of Colleen Atwood for “The Mad Hatter” are bright and colourful, combining thick textiles and quirky elements, such as the decorative belt hanging across his body, made of colourful sewing threads. 

If your Halloween costume idea is closer to the animated version all you need is a pair of pants, waistcoat and shirt, all in green, and a yellow or golden blazer. Don’t forget the tagged top hat, all of which can be purchased in a costume shop or online. A more feminine approach to this costume would be a bright green dress or shorts with tall stockings and a pair of Mary Janes instead of the classic three-piece fit.

Get The Look: Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter Costume

In the case that you want to spice it up this year, you might prefer a costume that resembles Burton’s character. A key feature would be the muddled orange hair and a top hat in dark brown.

Mad Hatter Make-Up Tutorial

This character’s makeup is equally eminent. He is pale with colourful shades around his eyes, purple contouring and pink lips. A wig can be purchased both online or in a wig shop. You could even spray paint your hair if you dare!

Mad Hatter Costume Tutorial

The Tim Burton’s character allows you to play more with the colors of the suit. If you love DIY and are looking to put in some extra effort into this costume, playing with patchwork and quirky elements such as the colourful thread belt would be a perfect fit. A teapot would be a trivial accessory. If you’re looking to make the hat from scratch, sewing a fabric onto a lamp shade would be noteworthy.  

Tip: Wearing two unalike stockings would make your costume more interesting!

If you don’t want to attend the cosplay party alone, then Tim Burton’s White Queen is a perfect match. Here is the tutorial:  Dress Up Like The White Queen from Alice in Wonderland

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