Dress Up Like Jane the Killer from Creepypasta

If you are looking for a good Jane the Killer costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Jane the Killer from Creepypasta.


Costume-Jane the Killer-Creepypasta

Jane the Killer from Creepypasta Costume Guide

Why not be inspired by some Creepypasta for your next Halloween or dress up event and recreate the Jane the Killer costume. Often credited as the creation of FearOfTheBlackWolf, the Jane the Killer story has been through a few revisions, but luckily for us her look has stayed the same.

Costume-guide-Dress Up Like Jane the Killer-Creepypasta
Jane the Killer, credited as a creation of FearOfTheBlackWolf is the anti-hero of her own creepypasta story, avenging the double murder of her parents. 

Who is Jane the Killer?

If you are here reading a guide on dressing as Jane the Killer then I assume you know what Creepypasta is. But just in case, the word creepypasta started out as a term used to describe horror related legends that had found their way on to the internet. 

Our anti-hero Jane the Killer was once upon a time simply just Jane Richardson. A loving daughter who had it all, before her happiness was destroyed by the double murder of her parents by Creepypasta legend himself, Jeff the Killer. To avenge her family Jane gets injected with Liquid Hate, turning the once blue eyed, blonde haired girl into the dark antagonist we are styling this costume on.

Getting Jane The Killer Creepypasta Costume

Start putting your Jane the Killer costume together with a black dress, something like an evening or cocktail dress would be perfect. Adding tights is optional and will ultimately depend on the style of dress you have picked. If you decide to go for tights, stick to black and round off the outfit with black ankle boots. 


Getting Jane The Killer Make-Up

But without a doubt, the most important step to recreating Jane the Killer’s look is getting her make-up right. Her skin is pure white while her features, including her eyes, are often described as being coal black. To get the pure white of her complexion you will have to use face paint as make-up alone will not achieve this. Start by painting your face and neck. If you are fully committed to your Jane the Killer costume then you will have to paint all your skin that is visible white as well.

Don’t go to sleep. You won’t wake up.

~ Jane the Killer

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In the following, we will show you how to create a convincing Jane The Killer look. Have fun!

Once you have achieved Jane the Killers white skin, go in and do your eyes, eyebrows and lips.

Raara Kitsune shows you how to get the perfect Jane the Killer make-up look.

Create dark smokey eyes, with a black eyeshadow and eyeliner and add on a set of false eyelashes to really give some drama. Shade back in your eyebrows, which will have paled with all the white paint, then add a coat of black lipstick to finish your make-up off. Add a long black wig and paint your nails with a black nail polish. 

Jane the Killer is one of the few Crepypasta villains who isn’t a psychopath, and in many versions of the legend isn’t even a killer regardless of her name. Her only goal is to find and kill Jeff the Killer to avenge her parents. So carry a fake knife to finish off your Jane the Killer costume, just in case you come across your nemesis and have to carry out your revenge.  

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