Dress Up Like Carmen Sandiego

If you are looking for a good Carmen Sandiego costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Carmen Sandiego from Carmen Sandiego.



Carmen Sandiego from Carmen Sandiego Costume Guide

Dress up like Carmen Sandiego!

This cunning thief always wears red. With her stylish outfit and smart mouth, Carmen Sandiego is a great pick for a Halloween costume! Here’s how to create the perfect Carmen Sandiego costume.

Who is Carmen Sandiego?

Carmen Sandiego is a fictional thief. Most recently, she is voiced by Gina Rodriguez in Carmen Sandiego, an animated series released on Netflix. She is described as an outstanding burglar, specializing in the theft of works of art and other archaeological treasures. Nicknamed “Woman in Red”, “Mistress of Crime” or “Duchess of Cunning”, she is portrayed as an internationally renowned thief, specializing in the theft of artworks and archaeological treasures.

She has a playful and unpredictable nature. She likes to leave clues behind to annoy her opponents. She uses disguises, and she seems to take pleasure in asking riddles and maintaining the mystery about her origins.

Costume Inspo. Photo: ‘Carmen Sandiego’/Netflix. Animation Gina-Rodriguez

Carmen is always dressed with a trench coat and a red hat. A jumpsuit, boots and black gloves complete her outfit. It is rare to see her brown eyes, because she likes to hide them behind her hat or her long red hair, maintaining a certain mystery in the character.

Carmen Sandiego costume and accessories 

In order to embody this famous and stylish burglar, you will first need to slip on a figure-hugging black jumpsuit, a black belt, and some black boots. Add Carmen’s iconic red trenchcoat over the outfit to complete the look, and don’t forget her black leather gloves. Finally, slip on a red hat to better hide your identity!

Carmen Hsieh shows us how to create a great Carmen Sandiego look. 

To finish up your Carmen Sandiego costume, put on a natural makeup look, using foundation, mascara, and some discreet eyeshadow. Use a brow pen to enhance your eyebrows, replicating Carmen’s strong and well-shaped brows. Finally, paint your lips with a bright red lipstick. 

If you have long brown or red hair, let it flow freely under your hat! If you have short hair, you can invest in a wig with a long red mane to perfect the costume. Perfection is always in the details! 

We have no doubt that with your iconic red trench coat and hat, red lipstick, and long hair, everyone will immediately recognize your amazing Carmen Sandiego costume! Don’t go around stealing works of art, though. 

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