Dress Up Like Annie from Little Einsteins

If you are looking for a good Annie costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Annie from Little Einsteins.


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Annie from Little Einsteins Outfit Guide

Shopping List for Annie from Little Einsteins Costume & Outfit

The Little Einsteins may not have been your first choice when thinking of a costume, but why not? Let’s see how to easily recreate Annie Little Einsteins Costume.

Dress Up Like Annie from Little Einsteins
The singing cutie, Annie. 4 years of adorable. Photo-Fandom

Meet Annie of Disney’s Little Einsteins. She is one of the musically talented group of friends who star on the show. Her older brother Leo is the leader of their adventurous group.   Annie’s favorite thing to do is to sing. And she can really carry a tune at only 4 years old. Her character was created by Douglas Wood and Eric Weiner


Here’s how to dress up as Annie from Little Einsteins

To create your costume you need a few simple items

  • pink pinafore dress
  • navy blue sneakers 
  • white tshirt 
  • white cuffed socks
  • pink hair bows (2)

For the most accurate costume you’ll need to style your hair in pigtails or buy a wig to resemble the hair of Annie. 

Now that your Annie from the Little Einsteins costume is complete it’s time to warm up your singing voice so you can impress those at your next costume party or cosplay event. 

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