Charlie Hunnam (Kai) Rebel Moon Outfits Style Clothes and Looks

Style Inspiration: Mimicking Charlie Hunnam’s Rebel Moon Wardrobe a la Kai

There are films that receive a remarkably negative reception on forums and social media channels, yet they manage to attract a widespread audience. The reasons behind this phenomenon remain elusive. Intrigued by the following post on Reddit, we decided to have a look at Rebel Moon Outfits.

Our interest in Rebel Moon Outfits is not solely based on Charlie Hunnam’s style, but it certainly plays a part as we embark on this cinematic exploration. So let’s leave beautiful Coras’ outfits for the next time and start with him

Charlie Hunnam’s (Kai) Rebel Moon Linen Scarf and Necklaces

Charlie Hunnam's (Kai) Rebel Moon Linen Scarf and Necklaces
Can Kora (Sofia Boutella) really rely on the shady Kai (Charlie Hunnam)? – Picture: Clay Enos/Netflix ©2023
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Kai, portrayed by Charlie Hunnam in “Rebel Moon” is noted for wearing a thin, light, and breathable 100% linen scarf along with three necklaces around his neck. Fortunately, similar scarves and necklaces are readily available, making it easy to replicate that part of his distinctive look.

Charlie Hunnam's (Kai) Rebel Moon Linen Scarf and Necklaces
Charlie Hunnam flaunts sculpted arms and laid-back style, sporting a sleeveless look with a linen scarf and necklaces in Rebel Moon. A perfect blend of strength and fashion. Credit: Netflix

Charlie Hunnam’s (Kai) Rebel Moon Grey Coat

Charlie Hunnam's (Kai) Rebel Moon Grey Coat
Charlie Hunnam's (Kai) Rebel Moon Grey Coat

This sophisticated gray tailored jacket is a bespoke creation by costume designer Stephanie Portnoy Porter for Rebel Moon. While this unique piece may not be available online, its design can serve as a splendid source of inspiration.

Charlie Hunnam's Kai Costume was designed by Stephanie Portnoy Porter .
Charlie Hunnam’s Kai Costume was designed by Stephanie Portnoy Porter . Photo by

Notably, Zack Snyder reunited with Stephanie Portnoy Porter for this project, having previously collaborated on “Sucker Punch” and “Justice League.” The star-studded cast, coupled with Snyder’s visionary direction, sets the stage for a captivating space saga, with Sofia Boutella taking center stage as Kora.

Explore more costume glimpses on to delve into the visual allure of Rebel Moon.

Charlie Hunnam's (Kai) Rebel Moon Hoodie
Charlie Hunnam in an oversized hoodie effortlessly exudes cool vibes as he casually points a gun at the camera, combining style with intensity. Credit: Netflix

This distinctive jacket features a spacious and loose hood, adding a unique flair. While not your typical hoodie, it shares a kinship with the iconic ones seen on the big screen. Drawing inspiration from the mysterious aura often conveyed by classic hoodies, similar to those in “Mr. Robot,” this piece is crafted to evoke an enigmatic charm.

Rings worn by Charlie Hunnam (Kai) in Rebel Moon

Charlie Hunnam’s character in Rebel Moon adorned with stylish rings, adding a touch of flair to the sci-fi epic’s captivating aesthetics. Credit: Netflix

To complete Kai’s look, you will need some rings—better said, eight of them. (Why is he not wearing one on his other pointer finger?!) So, with the scarf, necklaces, hooded trench coat, and all those fingers, you’re close to Kai’s moon rebel look!

Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire | Official Trailer | Netflix

Superhero maestro Zack Snyder initially aimed for his “Rebel Moon” to grace the “Star Wars” universe, yet fate had other plans. Despite early criticism, the first installment, now on Netflix, is better than its reputation. Charlie Hunnam, portraying Kai, adds a dash of allure to the film, especially with his captivating outfits. Whether it’s the rings, necklace, or scarf – these accessories contribute to the film’s undeniable sex appeal, making them quite tempting to borrow for a touch of sexiness.

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