All Sunglasses Worn by Brad Pitt in Fight Club

When Fight Club stormed onto the screens in 1999, it wasn’t just the underground fight clubs or the enigmatic alter ego, Tyler Durden, that caught our attention. It was the iconic sunglasses that Brad Pitt’s character sported. These shades became symbolic of the movie’s rebellion and chaos, but it’s also intriguing to note the irony that Brad Pitt’s character, who championed anti-consumerism, wore designer glasses. Join us on a deep dive into the shades that define a cult classic, all while exploring this curious contradiction.

Crafted Leather and Stitched Sunglasses: Brad Pitt’s Hotel Scene Eyewear

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club. David Fincher. 1999
Handmade Replicas of Tyler Durden’s Iconic Oakley X Metal Mars Jordan Sunglasses – A Symbol of Rebellion and Irony in Fight Club (1999)

In the dimly lit hotel room scene, where Edward Norton’s character confronts Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden (see the hotel scene in the YT video below), the Oakley X Metal Mars Jordan sunglasses take center stage. These shades, with their leather parts and intricate stitches, speak volumes about individuality and rebellion. They become emblematic of the profound quote:

“People do it every day. They talk to themselves. They see themselves as they’d like to be.”

Tyler FDurden

As Tyler Durden and the narrator discuss the duality of human nature, these iconic shades reflect the idea of seeing oneself as an idealized version, a concept deeply rooted in our desire for self-improvement and reinvention.

Illustration courtesy of Mr Michael Kaplan- Costume Design Fight Club
Illustration courtesy of Mr Michael Kaplan- Costume Design Fight Club

What is the story behind these Oakley X Metal Mars Jordan sunglasses, and why did the costume designer, Michael Kaplan choose exactly these ones? Below you can see his illustrations for Tyer Durden’s character, and indeed you can see sunglasses that are the same as in the movie.

However, these sunglasses are similar to the complex themes explored in Fight Club, reminding us that identity and self-expression can often be paradoxical.

Letting Yourself Become Tyler Durden (1999) 

Ironically, the character advocating anti-consumerism wears designer sunglasses that blur the lines between rebellion and conformity. Was this a mistake by David Fincher to use designer glasses in this film at all? They look great, and it’s hard to imagine better ones for this scene, but they undeniably carry a brand. Fincher had the opportunity to demand custom-made eyewear from the costume designer and sidestep these debates. Yet, here they are, sparking discussions and enticing fans for various reasons. In a world dominated by consumerism, these sunglasses prompt us to ponder the true nature of our desires and the masks we wear to confront the world. Interestingly, the ones we’re linking to are not originals but replicas, highlighting their handmade allure and adding an extra layer of complexity to this iconic eyewear.

Brad Pitt’s Red Sunglasses in Fight Club

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club. David Fincher. 1999
Red Hot Style: Brad Pitt’s Iconic Oliver Peoples Sunset Sunglasses from Fight Club (1999)

In Fight Club, it’s Tyler Durden, the symbol of anti-consumerism, who again surprises us by sporting sunglasses from a prominent brand. But, as with the Oakley X Metal Mars Jordan, it’s challenging to envision a better fit for his character. The allure of these shades goes beyond mere aesthetics. They carry a sense of aspiration – the desire to be better than we are, much like Tyler Durden represents the alter ego of Edward Norton’s character. So, the question remains, what exactly are these intriguing sunglasses? They are the Oliver Peoples Sunset Sunglasses, and they raise more questions than they answer.

And this is how I met Tyler Durden….

If you’re interested in exploring other offerings by the Oliver Peoples brand, you can find them here. However, if you’re on a quest to find the exact pair donned by Brad Pitt in the movie, your best bet might be hunting through online auctions like eBay or poshmark.

More Oliver Peoples Sunglasses worn By Brad PPitt in Fight Club

Tyler Durden’s choice of eyewear in Fight Club is not limited to just one pair. Throughout the film, he consistently dons red-tinted sunglasses, and they all belong to the Oliver Peoples Sunset collection. These red-shaded shades become a signature of his character, representing his rebellious spirit and unique style. Let’s take a closer look at some screenshots from the film showcasing these iconic sunglasses.

Brad Pitt wearing Coffe Bath Robe and Red toned Sunglasses. Fight Club Scene- Recruitment

The Legacy of Tyler Durden Glasses in Fight Club

The sunglasses worn by Brad Pitt’s character, Tyler Durden, in Fight Club have left an indelible mark on cinema and fashion. As symbols of rebellion and irony, they add depth and complexity to an already multifaceted character. The choice of designer eyewear in a movie that critiques consumerism is both curious and thought-provoking. It raises questions about the nature of rebellion in a consumer-driven society.


If you’re inspired by Tyler Durden’s iconic style and want to capture his essence for cosplay or personal fashion, there are plenty of props available here. Additionally, for a step-by-step guide on dressing like Tyler Durden, check out this tutorial Dress Up Like Tyler Durden from Fight Club. We also recommend to have a look at Unique Gifts for True Fight Club Fans Selected by a Genuine Fan

The sunglasses may be replicas, and the costumes for fun, but the impact of Fight Club and Tyler Durden’s character continue to resonate, reminding us that even in a world dominated by consumerism, the spirit of rebellion and individuality lives on.

MOVIE:Fight Club
DIRECTED BY:David Fincher