365 Days : Laura’s Top 3 Outfits

If you’ve heard of 365 Days (2020), you’ve probably read the bad reviews too. This steamy romance drama ended up being referred to as a superficial piece of erotica. On the other hand, we still enjoy the fashion and style of Laura, the movie’s damsel in distress. The predictable and worn-out “mafia bad boy plot” might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we are sure that all women can appreciate the 365 Days Laura outfits.

Laura’s white outfit from 365 Days

white-jump-suit-worn-by-laura-anna-maria-sieklucka-in-365-days-white-legwhite-jump-suit-worn-by-laura-anna-maria-sieklucka-in-365-daysGET THE LOOK!

Laura’s white outfit. She mostly dresses pretty simply, but this didn’t stop Massimo from laying an eye on her while in Sicily. Netflix.

We all remember this iconic scene where Laura is strapped to her seat in the airplane. The 365 Days Laura white outfit perfectly matches the white interior of the luxurious vehicle, but she is still combative and angry. Will Massimo be able to break through her defence mechanism and make her fall in love with him, as he promised? He gave her, you guessed it, 365 days.

Laura’s sunglasses from 365 Days


aviator-sunglasses-worn-by-laura-anna-maria-sieklucka-in-365-days-producGET THE LOOK!


Laura’s Sunglasses. Once she gets to know the mafia boss, Laura learns how to manipulate him and fight his narcissistic attitude. Netflix.

Laura and Massimo both wear sunglasses a lot, since they travel and go out in sunny weather. Sicily is mostly sunny, and the mafia has a reputation to maintain. These 365 Days sunglasses worn by Laura fit her simple makeup perfectly. She is rarely seen wearing lots of accessories, unless Massimo dresses her up for an event. After all, she is held captive in the first part of the movie, she doesn’t really have much time for fashion.

Short dress with sequins worn by Laura in 365 Days



Laura’s short silver dress. Laura gets ready for the night of her life. Is this the moment Massimo finally realizes he’s lost control of her? Netflix.

The 365 Days Laura club outfit is surely one to remember (we saw Mazikeen from Lucifer in a similar dress). Laura finally wears some accessories and a small bag – we thought this sequin bag matches the dress perfectly. Make sure to tie a high ponytail and do your makeup, as Laura completed her look with a timeless combination. Anna-Maria Sieklucka is a Polish actress who never thought her steamy role in 365 Days would make her recognizable all over the globe. The relationship she has with Michele Morrone, the main actor in the movie, is quite intriguing too.

Laura’s red maxi dress from 365 Days


-red-dress-worn-by-laura-anna-maria-sieklucka-in-365-daysGET THE LOOK!

Laura’s red dress. She was in an unhappy relationship when she was abducted by Massimo, a member of the mafia in Sicily.

The 365 Days Laura’s dress is a very simple, yet effective one. As Laura started her relationship with Massimo, she was frightened, angry, and annoyed. Later on, she became a true femme fatale and took things into her own hands. With this red dress, she surely wanted to show Massimo that she was an independent women who knew her worth – he could not control her.

How to dress like Laura from 365 Days?

Not only was there a sequel to the movie, but also a third part named The Next 365 Days that came out in August of 2022.

Laura doesn’t stress herself with complicated fashion choices. She is a woman that likes white, black, red and green, minimalistic pieces. Maxi dresses, matching lingerie and nude eye make-up is what makes her so irresistible. It’s the natural beauty that Massimo fell in love with, not the clothes. She also changes hairstyles to have fun with her new lifestyle, so a short blonde wig is a must-have. Other than that, keep the accessories minimal, and make sure you’re always putting up a fight with a pouty look on your face.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the 365 Days Laura outfits more than you enjoyed the movie. We think the duo still represents a quite cool Halloween costume for couples. It’s important to be ready, though – you never know when a Sicilian bad boy is going to make you a part of the mafia.

If you enjoyed Laura’s outfits in the film “365 Days,” you might also like Anna Barton’s fashion style in “Obsession,” which features similar elements of sensuality and elegance.

MOVIE:365 Days
DIRECTED BY:Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes