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Yellowstone: Clothes, Outfits, Style and Looks

Not only have westerns dominated Hollywood, but they have also significantly impacted modern fashion. The trend is evident in how many people attempt to combine western attire with current fashion essentials.

One such example is the praiseworthy blend of old West in the new West in the current top-watch Yellowstone. Apart from boasting an indulging storyline, the masses are also intrigued by the ‘western wear with an urban flair’ apparel.

In this post, we shall unveil the top personal styling tips inspired by Yellowstone characters’ ranch dressing style. So, let’s get started, shall we!

John Dutton’s Yellowstone Wardrobe and Looks

1- John Dutton’s Shearling Jacket

John Dutton’s Shearling Jacket-
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John Dutton (S03E05): John Dutton Yellowstone Wardrobe 

John Dutton, the main character of the series and the patriarch of the Dutton family, is dressed in khaki trousers, a rancher jacket, and a white ten-gallon hat.

The garment is ideal for Dutton’s struggles since he lives in uncharted territory. It has rugged cotton construction and a contrasting orange cloth across the shoulder for a distinctive cowboy appearance. Additionally, it had two chest pockets and was a practical dusty beige color.

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2- John Dutton Brown Yellowstone Vest

John Dutton Brown Yellowstone Vest

Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Vest – Yellowstone Wardrobe (S03E05)

The western cowboy apparel is incomplete without a stylish vest, and Dutton is no exception. He has a traditional brown vest with a shirt collar and a zip closure, which he frequently sports underneath the aforementioned beige jacket.

Moreover, you can style this trendy old West fusion every season. Furthermore, if your area is not too cold, you can treat this iconic John Dutton Yellowstone outfit as a standalone vest.

3- John Dutton Black Ranch Vest

John Dutton Black Ranch Vest-where to buy
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Black Cotton Vest with Yellow Emblem – Yellowstone Outfits

The lead in the series has been equipped with various jacket styles. Unlike Rip Wheeler, who wore only one black outer, John donned a collection of Yellowstone outfits, including this black ranch vest.

Like all other coats from the Yellowstone clothing collection, it’s a fantastic corduroy jacket for fall outerwear to layer with everyday attire.

4- John Dutton Inspired Button-Up Shirt
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Everyday Casual Ranchers’ Button-Up Shirt – John Dutton’s Yellowstone Wardrobe (S02E03)

These classic western button-up shirts are a necessity if you want to achieve the ultimate ranchers’ look. It features a durable cotton material and a loose cut, making it ideal for people with an active lifestyle, like our very own John Dutton.

We suggest buying neutral shades like khaki, or if you are really into mimicking the actor’s look, go for gray or blue.

5- John Dutton’s Khaki Pants

John Dutton's Yellowstone Wardrobe Khaki Pants
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John Dutton’s Yellowstone Wardrobe Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are a western staple; not only are they sturdy, but they are suitable for a rancher’s daily activities. Add a modern fusion by pairing it with a dark brown quilted vest.

That said, you can always replace it with light wash-fit cowboy jeans if you wear the brown Yellowstone vest.

6- John Dutton’s Statement Yellowstone Cowboy Hat

John Dutton's Statement Yellowstone Cowboy Hat
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John Dutton’s Yellowstone Outfit Accessories (S01E01)

During the series, the character dons many colored hats. But you don’t have to go overboard – investing in one shade that goes with most of John Dutton’s Yellowstone wardrobe would be a great cost-effective option.

We suggest going for an off-white color like this one, so it matches everything.

Who can know better about the Yellowstone Wardrobe than costume Designer Ruth E. Carter?

Rip Wheeler Inspired Yellowstone Outfits

7- Rip Wheeler Yellowstone Jacket

Black Cotton Jacket- Rip Wheeler Yellowstone Outfit (S01E08)
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Black Cotton Jacket- Rip Wheeler Yellowstone Outfit (S01E08)

When it comes to loyalty, Rip Wheeler serves as something of a role model because he was raised by the Dutton family from an early age and has a father-son relationship with John Dutton. He has a distinct personality, and his attire is easily recognizable.

He wears a black cotton jacket with the Yellowstone emblem on the left. This color gives him a rugged appearance, and the cotton fabric is strong enough for his cowboy lifestyle. The jacket also features a quilted lining, one left chest pocket, a shirt collar, and button fastening.

Moreover, the black cotton rip-wheel jacket looks classy. While comfortably spacious across the chest, waist, and shoulders to allow for airflow, it should sit comfortably on the shoulders. So choosing a slim fit for this jacket would completely wreck the look.

8- Rip Wheeler Yellowstone Black Denim Shirt

Rip Wheeler’s Gothic Yellowstone Wardrobe
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Rip Wheeler’s Gothic Yellowstone Wardrobe

As was already stated, Rip’s entire look is built on the colors black and blue; while simple, it makes him stand out from the other characters. You should put on a black relaxed-fit denim shirt underneath the black cotton jacket for a similar look.

9- Rip Wheeler Inspired Western Cowboy Hat

Rip Wheeler's Costume Statement Cowboy Hat (S04E01)
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Rip Wheeler’s Costume Statement Cowboy Hat (S04E01)

The cowboy hat is the final but most crucial component of Rip Wheeler’s Yellowstone wardrobe. Make sure you choose a color that reflects your target style.

As for Rip, he wears a brown hat with all-black apparel. He looks effortlessly edgy while avoiding the rugged appearance of a biker. You can rest assured that this hat is of high quality and will last you for many years, owing to the positive customer reviews.

10- Rip Wheeler’s Aviator Sunglasses

Rip Wheeler's Aviator Sunglasses - Yellowstone Costume Accessories (S04E06)
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Rip Wheeler’s Aviator Sunglasses – Yellowstone Costume Accessories (S04E06)

Can you achieve the Rip Wheeler look without the glasses? Yes! But does this accessory elevate the look to a whole different level? Also yes!

There’s not much to say other than Rip Wheeler’s statement sunglasses are necessary if you want to embody the character’s true badassery.

11- Rip Wheeler’s Western Buckle Belt

Yellowstone Ranch Belt Buckle 2
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Ripe Wheeler’s Statement Western Belt Buckle

Attention to the little details is the key to mimicking Rip Wheeler’s iconic Yellowstone wardrobe. Take his belt buckle, for instance. This unimportant accessory elevates your look and makes it worthy of winning the ‘Best Halloween Costume’ title.

Beth Dutton’s Yellowstone Costume Collection

12- Beth Dutton’s Fur Coat

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Beth Button’s Trendy Faux Fur Coat – Yellowstone Outfits (S04E10)

Beth Dutton, John Dutton’s daughter and Rip Wheeler’s love interest for the series, has a fantastic dress sense. She is the epitome of the Montana style, and almost everything in her Yellowstone wardrobe is on every fashion lover’s wishlist.

Beth’s faux lynx fur coat in the series is one of her signature looks. Although it might not appear like it, this clothing is adaptable. Style it with a black dress or throw it on top of a T-shirt with jeans; you can’t go wrong with such a unique piece!

13- Beth Dutton’s Blue Hooded Coat

Beth Dutton's Blue Hooded Coat

Beth Dutton’s Yellowstone Wardrobe (S03E06)- Statement Blue Hooded poncho-style Overcoat

This blue woollen coat poncho with a hood highlights Beth Dutton’s impeccable sense of style. The style options for such a trendy piece of apparel are endless.

That said, this statement blue poncho-cum-overcoat would be fantastic on bonfires or random chilly nights spent on the terrace.

14- Beth Dutton’s Blue Shirt Dress

Beth Dutton’s Blue Teal Shirt Dress (S03E09)- Beth Dutton’s Long-Sleeved Yellowstone Shirt Dress

It looked stunning when Beth wore this long-sleeved shirt dress with a long wool coat. Its elegant neckline may not have initially given you a feminine impression, but Beth proves it can. The way she pulled off this look makes every fashion-loving woman want to have a shirt dress in their closet.

Get Inspired- Best Beth Dutton’s Outfits

15- Beth Dutton’s Plaid Midi Dress

Beth Dutton’s Yellowstone Outfits Long Frontier Dress – (S01E05)

This gorgeous midi dress that Beth styled in season 1 had every fashionista drooling. The look is enough to justify why these long frontier dresses are back in trend.

They are versatile and flexible and look fantastic on everyone. While the exact dress is no longer available, we have spotted a remarkably similar replica.

16- Beth Dutton’s Abstract Print Crepe Floral Dress

Beth Dutton’s Floral Yellowstone Wardrobe (S04E02) – Abstract-Print Crepe Dress

Beth Dutton redefined elegance through her Yellowstone wardrobe. Take this dress she styled in season 4, for example. This abstract-print crepe Western apparel gives a fresh, trendy spring vibe, which has all the fashion lovers’ money.

17- Beth Dutton Sunglasses

Beth Dutton Sunglasses
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Beth Dutton’s Yellowstone Aviators Sunglasses (S03E01)

When mimicking Beth Dutton’s iconic Yellowstone look, the littlest details count. For example, these simple sunglasses she styled in season 3 show that you notice even the most subtle fashion elements in the character’s wardrobes.

Yellowstone Jackets

Still searching for a yellowstone-inspired jacket? Here is an interesting Video:

Yellowstone gave characters like Beth Dutton, Rip Wheeler, and John Dutton an extra fierce and fashionable appearance on TV. The TV series has elevated the concept of “cowboy wear” by providing a variety of simply stunning looks.