RIP AND BETH Costumes Yellowstone


Saddle up for style! Dive into the iconic wardrobes of Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton from Yellowstone. Whether it’s Rip’s rugged loyalty or Beth’s Montana chic, these costumes redefine Western flair. Discover the key pieces that capture their essence and transform your wardrobe into a tribute to these beloved characters. Let’s ride the fashion frontier with Rip and Beth-inspired costumes!

Who can know better about the Yellowstone Wardrobe than costume Designer Ruth E. Carter?

Rip Wheeler Inspired Yellowstone Outfits

Rip Wheeler’s Signature Jacket: A Symbol of Loyalty

Black Cotton Jacket- Rip Wheeler Yellowstone Outfit (S01E08)
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Black Cotton Jacket- Rip Wheeler Yellowstone Outfit (S01E08)

Rip Wheeler, a symbol of loyalty in Yellowstone, is easily identifiable by his distinctive black cotton jacket adorned with the Yellowstone emblem. The rugged appearance of the jacket, coupled with its sturdy cotton fabric, perfectly suits Rip’s cowboy lifestyle. Choose a slim fit for a classy yet comfortable look, as Rip’s loyalty and style are unparalleled.

Rip Wheeler’s Gothic Style: Black Denim Shirt Addition

Rip Wheeler’s Gothic Yellowstone Wardrobe
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Rip Wheeler’s Gothic Yellowstone Wardrobe

Building his entire look on the colors black and blue, Rip’s wardrobe stands out. Pair a black relaxed-fit denim shirt underneath the black cotton jacket to emulate his gothic Yellowstone style. The combination of these pieces creates a striking ensemble that mirrors Rip’s unique character.

Rip Wheeler’s Essential Accessories

To complete the Rip Wheeler look, focus on essential accessories. Choose a brown cowboy hat to reflect his rugged charm. Don Rip’s aviator sunglasses for a touch of badassery that elevates the overall appearance. Don’t forget the Western buckle belt; these little details make a big impact, capturing the essence of Rip Wheeler’s iconic Yellowstone wardrobe.

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Rip Wheeler Cowboy Hat

Rip Wheeler's Costume Statement Cowboy Hat (S04E01)
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Rip Wheeler’s Costume Statement Cowboy Hat (S04E01)

The cowboy hat is the final but most crucial component of Rip Wheeler’s Yellowstone wardrobe. Make sure you choose a color that reflects your target style.

Rip Wheeler’s Aviator Sunglasses

Rip Wheeler's Aviator Sunglasses - Yellowstone Costume Accessories (S04E06)
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Rip Wheeler’s Aviator Sunglasses – Yellowstone Costume Accessories (S04E06)

There’s not much to say other than Rip Wheeler’s statement sunglasses are necessary if you want to embody the character’s true badassery.

Rip Wheeler’s Western Buckle Belt

Yellowstone Ranch Belt Buckle 2
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Ripe Wheeler’s Statement Western Belt Buckle

Attention to the little details is the key to mimicking Rip Wheeler’s iconic Yellowstone wardrobe. Take his belt buckle, for instance. This unimportant accessory elevates your look and makes it worthy of winning the ‘Best Halloween Costume’ title.

Beth Dutton’s Yellowstone Costume

Beth Dutton’s Faux Lynx Fur Coat: A Unique Wardrobe Stapler Coat

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Beth Button’s Trendy Faux Fur Coat – Yellowstone Outfits (S04E10)

Beth Dutton, the epitome of Montana style, showcases her impeccable dress sense with signature pieces. Her faux lynx fur coat is a standout, adaptable for various styles. Whether paired with a black dress or thrown over a casual T-shirt and jeans, this unique piece adds a touch of luxury to any outfit.

Beth Dutton’s Statement Blue Hooded Coat: Trendy and Versatile

Beth Dutton's Blue Hooded Coat

Beth Dutton’s Yellowstone Wardrobe (S03E06)- Statement Blue Hooded poncho-style Overcoat

Beth Dutton’s blue woolen coat poncho with a hood is a testament to her trendy style. This statement piece offers endless style options, perfect for chilly nights or casual outings. Embrace Beth’s sense of fashion by incorporating this eye-catching blue hooded coat into your wardrobe.

Beth Dutton’s Blue Shirt Dress: Elegance Redefined

Beth Dutton’s Blue Teal Shirt Dress (S03E09)- Beth Dutton’s Long-Sleeved Yellowstone Shirt Dress

Beth’s long-sleeved blue teal shirt dress, paired with a wool coat, showcases elegance and femininity. The dress’s elegant neckline, as seen in season 3, proves that Beth effortlessly blends sophistication with style. Channel Beth Dutton’s chic vibe by adding a similar shirt dress to your collection.

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Beth Dutton’s Plaid Midi Dress: Timeless Elegance

Beth Dutton’s Yellowstone Outfits Long Frontier Dress – (S01E05)

Beth’s plaid midi dress from season 1 is a timeless piece that captivated fashion enthusiasts. The versatility and flexibility of long frontier dresses make them a must-have. Although the exact dress may not be available, a remarkably similar replica allows you to embrace Beth’s style and stay on-trend.

Beth Dutton’s Abstract Print Crepe Floral Dress: Fresh and Trendy

Beth Dutton’s Floral Yellowstone Wardrobe (S04E02) – Abstract-Print Crepe Dress

In season 4, Beth Dutton redefines elegance with an abstract-print crepe Western dress. This floral piece exudes a fresh and trendy spring vibe, making it a favorite among fashion lovers. Embrace Beth’s sophisticated style by incorporating this dress into your Yellowstone-inspired wardrobe.

Beth Dutton’s Sunglasses: Attention to Subtle Details

Beth Dutton Sunglasses
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Beth Dutton’s Yellowstone Aviators Sunglasses (S03E01)

Complete your Beth Dutton-inspired look by paying attention to subtle details, such as her iconic aviator sunglasses from season 3. These sunglasses showcase Beth’s keen sense of style, emphasizing the importance of noticing even the smallest fashion elements in the character’s wardrobe.

We trust this piece sparks inspiration for your upcoming cosplay adventure, embodying the spirit of Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton from Yellowstone. Dive into the world of wild fashion, with Rip and Beth Costume, explore the essence of these iconic characters through thoughtfully crafted outfits, and subtly transform your wardrobe into a nod to the hit series. Let your duo cosplay quietly steal the show.