The Ultimate Narco Outfits To Re-Style

Narcos is, without a doubt, one of the best series to binge-watch on Netflix. Who doesn’t like an intriguing story depicting the rise and fall of drug cartels, and that too, inspired by the most brutal coke-dealer criminal group in history – the Medellin cartel? But the storyline isn’t the only thing that makes Narcos a hit among the crowd.

The show’s cast has earned high points in the fashion world, and for all the right reasons! Do you want to style like the Narcos actors? You are at the right place! This post features personal styling tips inspired by Narco outfits. So, let’s get started!

Narcos Mexico: Arturo “Kitty” Paez Striped Polo Shirt



Ralph Lauren Striped Polo Shirt is worn by Kitty (Bad Bunny) in Narcos Mexico

A clean striped polo shirt paired with contrast jeans is the classic retro vibe we all love! Arturo “Kitty” Paez’s striped polo Narco outfit is the most versatile piece of clothing you can own. It goes well with everything: you can style it with a blazer, jeans, denim jacket or even a bulletproof vest if you are into the mafia business like the actor.

Bad Bunny Plays a Gangster Named “Kitty” in the New Narcos: Mexico Final Season. Netflix began teasing the global superstar’s appearance in the show over the weekend, sharing a clip of the rapper in character playing dress-up in his Lacoste polo- and plaid trouser-filled closet, with Los Shain’s cover of The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry” (translated to “Los Chicos No Lloran”) providing the soundtrack. Quote: Harpersbazaar

Narcos Mexico: Kitty Paez (Bad Bunny) Pink Lacoste Polo Shirt

Lacoste Mens Legacy Short Sleeve Polo Shirt as seen in Narcos Bad Bunny


Lacoste Pink Shirt is worn by Kitty (Bad Bunny) in Narcos Mexico

Polo jerseys are never out of style. Even renowned fashion designers incorporate a redefined version of this wardrobe essential in their collections each year. We have spotted a La Coste shirt inspired by Narcos fashion for you to style this summer!

And while we are on summer styling, let’s see what sunglasses are so trendy at Narcos

Narcos sunglasses- an essential item in narcos fashion

The best way to try to have the style of a movie or TV character is to focus on the details and accessories of their outfits.

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s Statement Sunglasses


Diego Luna Narcos Mexico Lacoste Brown Shaded Aviator Men's Sunglasses


Miguel Felix Narcos Sunglasses (S01 E10)

For instance, anyone aiming to copy Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s Narcos clothing style shouldn’t overlook his sunglasses.

These vintage 80s aviator glasses are a fashion statement on their own. With the golden frame and rim, you can rock these Narcos sunglasses in any 21st-century outfit.

Pablo Escobar’s Narcos Sunglasses




Pablo Escobar Narcos Sunglasses (S01 E05)

While we’re on the subject of narco accessories, we can’t miss Pablo Escobar’s sunglasses on this list.

These sunglasses from the 80s are completely different in style and look from the ones Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo we have mentioned above. but are still trendy.

Pedro Pascal Narcos Glasses



Javier Pena Narcos Sunglasses (S02 E09)

Rafa’s Gucci Sunglasses



Rafa escaping from DEA., and Sofia has the same earrings

Right in this scene, Sophia has her earrings, which she also wore when she decided to stop being a good girl and run away with Rafa. We show you that below.

Narcos Woman Fashion and Style

Sofia Conesa’s Narcos Clip-On Earrings



Sofia Conesa ‘s clip-on earrings in Narcos: Mexico

Every fashionista knows how effortlessly a well-chosen piece of jewelry can elevate a look. Check out these half-pink half-gold clip-on earrings by Sofia Conesa for proof! In the famous scene – The girl from a good family runs away with the bad boy. A classic of all time.

Rafa Snatches Sofia- The girl from a good family with the bad boy. A classic of all time.

The actress combines these 80s earrings with an early floral jumpsuit, but that’s not the only choice, because this piece of jewelry goes with everything.

But this is not the last time we saw these earrings in the show. In the scene, where Rafa is escaping from DEA, she wears the same earrings.

Woman’s Narcos Fashion: Enedina Arellano Felix Sunglasses

MYKITA YOLANDA Taupe 701 Black Solid (CAT3) sunglasses narcos style woman fashion


Enedina Felix Narcos Sunglasses (S02 E06)

Narcos features some vital women roles, Enedina Arellano Felix is one of them, as a member of the most powerful drug cartel family in Tijuana. The character has her unique style in the series, like jacquard print shirts and statement Enedina Narcos sunglasses.

In this scene, Enedina Arellano Félix and her associate Isabella Bautista make a deal with a cocaine supplier to move weight without either the brothers or Félix’s approval

That said, you don’t have to dress like Enedina to style these shades. Round sunglasses have the advantage of being quite versatile. Pairing them with outfits as simple as denim and a T-shirt can make a huge difference.

You can spot Javier Pena wearing another narcos-style sunglasses in Season 2, Episode 9. This par is from Ray-Ban, a classic that you can integrate into any outfit, both for a cool urban look and a narcos clothing style. They are similar in design to the one Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo wears.

David Barron’s Narcos Shirt: Two Tone Cuban Style

Mens Button Down Bowling Shirt, Cuban Style Retro David Barron Narcos Mexico


David Barron Narcos Outfit (Season 3)

This Button-up shirt was worn by David Barron Corona in Narcos. You can wear this sneaky piece of clothing practically anywhere, from the farmers’ market to parties and even weddings. Style a dark-coloured shirt with a cream waistcoat to achieve the ultimate David Barron Narcos outfit.

Alberto Sicilia Falcon Jogging Pants




Velour Falcon Narcos Jogging Pants / Tracksuit (S01 E05)

No one appreciates the versatility of jogging pants like our generation! The essential tip to styling this functional piece of clothing is maintaining a classy, aesthetic look. You can pair it with a tucked-in shirt and ankle-high shoes like Louis Roberto Guzman did in Narcos, or style it with a T-shirt and sneakers for a sporty look.

Pablo Escobar’s Narcos Outfits and Clothes

Top 10 Narcos Characters.

Narcos Style: Pablo Escobar Handcuff Knot Sweatshirt

narcos-nautical-rope-sweatshirt-as-seen-on-pablo-escobarGET THE LOOK!


Narcos Style Pablo Escobar Jumper – Narcos Fancy Dress Handcuff Rope Sweatshirt 

The real star of NARCOS is Pablo Escobar’s shirts. at least that’s what narco fashion style followers claim. This dark blue t-shirt with the knot that we have seen in the first episode of the second season is a hit among the fans.

Pablo Escobar Hawaiian Shirts



Hawaiian Shirt for Men with Floral Pattern – Narcos Style

Florals are the top trend this season, and we are convinced the designers got inspiration from Narcos outfits. Pablo Escobar’s character is a significant inspiration for floral designs, brilliant colours, and wide-collared shirts. If you aren’t sure how the look will turn out, choose a shirt with more colour and fewer flowers. Style it with jeans and sneakers, and voila, a minimalist floral look!

Pablo Escobar Striped Cuban Collar Shirts



Pablo Escobar’s Yellow and White Striped Narcos Shirt (S01 E09)

Pablo Escobar’s Narcos dress style features a bright colour theme, trademark bold stripes, and broad collars. Although fashion tends to be repetitive, who would have predicted that Pablo Escobar’s introductory wardrobe from the Netflix series Narcos would make an appearance in the majority of the SS20 menswear runways? And the trend continues!

Stripes on stripes are a dramatic way to stand out! Or, you could experiment with a solid colour shirt under a shirt with the same coloured stripes to add a modern touch to this Pablo Escobar Narco outfit.

You knew you could wear it with chinos, or jeans, or even under a blazer. But were you aware that a neat, striped polo, especially of the slightly faded, retro variety like the above example, is such a versatile piece that it even looks sort of OK when worn with a bulletproof vest?


Pablo Escobar Shoes



Pablo Escobar Narcos White Sneakers -Narcos Netflix

Yep, we have Pablo Escobar’s white sneakers on our list – this is precisely how closely Narcos fans observed the character! You can style these Pablo Escobar shoes in various ways; pair them with a sweatshirt and a pair of chinos or create a casual, timeless look by combining them with a sweater over a button-down shirt – the choice is yours!

Narcos: Mexico is a spin-off of the series Narcos from Netflix and is based on true events. Narcos: Mexico goes back to the origins of the modern drug war in the 1980s and follows the Guadalajara cartel in its rise.

Pablo Escobar Hats



Pablo Escobar Ushanka Hat

During the series, Pablo Escobar is spotted at the prison on his birthday near the beginning of Season 2 wearing Ushanka, a Russian fur cap with ear flaps that one can fasten to the chin to prevent cold air from entering the ears. Some might find it weird- why would he wear that hat meant for Siberia?

The story is that his son had purchased jackets and hats for Pablo and his men for the cold nights spent at la Catedral

Pair a turtleneck with a trench coat and long boots, and add an Ushanka hat for a cosy yet casual look.

Pablo Escobar’s Beige Narco Suits



Pablo Escobar Beige Narcos Suits

Tired of the plain old grey and navy suits? Try something sober for a chance, like this beige Pablo Escobar Narco suit. The shade has a 1970s retro feel and sits nicely with the character. Despite his ruthless personality, Pablo Escobar looks elegant and professional in this beige Narco suit.

Javier Pena Outfits and Clothes

Javier Pena Brown Cotton Jacket


Javier Pena Brown Cotton Jacket

Javier Pena’s Narcos brown cotton jacket is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. Inspired by the1980s, the brown coat has a lovely pattern. You can effortlessly style it with a cream-coloured button-up shirt, leather shoes, and sunglasses.

Javier Pena Narcos Leather Bomber Jacket



Javier Pena Narcos Leather Bomber Jacket

Although the series was filmed in the 21st century, the wardrobe is inspired by the early 1980s cops, although Narcos costume designers modified the original designs. For instance, Javier Pena wears a leather bomber jacket and an open-collared shirt instead of a blue suit. Even though this is a bizarre combo, it somehow works out in delivering the antique vibe.

You can style the leather bomber jacket by pairing it with grey trousers, a button-up shirt and leather shoes.

Migos Belt by Gucci

Migos Gucci Brown Narcos Leather Belt available here

You know the show sets fashion standards when people start taking outfit inspirations from its music video as well. For instance, this Gucci leather belt that Migos wore in the Narcos music video. Although it would be challenging to find the same Migos belt, you can find some close matches like the one we have linked.

Which of These Narcos Looks are You Recreating?

All these Narco outfits, though inspired by the 1970s and 1980s, were crucial in portraying the correct narrative of the drug dealers. Not only has the series been the talk of the town, but the characters’ outfits have also been a hot topic in fashion communities. So, which of these Narco outfits are you planning to style?

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