Armchair and table from -TheTrumanShowEndingScene

The Truman Show Ending Scene – Furniture took the spotlight

The Truman Show – a timeless film that is still relevant today, and especially nowadays, when data protection, and digitalization, change our real world forever. It is almost unimaginable to shoot such a classic movie without timeless classic furniture.

In the featured scene, the producer Christof is sitting in the Gluon Lounge Swivel Chair by Marc Newson. In front of him is the Platner Coffee Table from Knoll.

A worthy and stylish conclusion, and in this scene the furniture is the star.

The Truman show chair and table

The Truman Show is a very popular tv show around the world.  Truman Burbank is the main character of the show since his birth, without even knowing it. Producer Christof designed an artificial world where Truman is watched by over 5000 cameras 24 hours a day. In order to make everything believable and not make the facade collapse, his wife, friends and relatives are all actors.

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In episode 10909, however, various accidental incidents occur that make Truman suspicious.

MOVIE:The Truman Show