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Steal the Look: Dua Lipa’s LaGrange Argylle Outfit

If you thought that Argylle, director Matthew Vaughn’s latest blockbuster set in the world of The Kingsman, would be just another simple spy comedy full of action and espionage, then you would be wrong. With the story kind of based on a novel, it turns out the movie has more questions than answers. Yet the one thing that doesn’t need to be cross-examined is how glamorous the Dua Lipa Argylle outfit is when donned by sexy and confident spy LaGrange.    

So I suppose the only question you should really be asking yourself is; how do you steal LaGranges Argylle outfit for yourself?

The official trailer for Apple Original Films Argylle, starring Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill.

LaGrange’s Glamourous Versace Dress

Dua Lipa Argylle Outfit Golden Versace Dress
Appearing in the opening scenes of the movie, LaGrange knows exactly what she is doing as she unleashes her charms on an unsuspecting Henry Cavil’s Argylle. Arglle, Apple Original Films.

Thankfully we don’t have to wait long for the first glimpse of the sexy super spy in her Dua Lipa Argylle outfit, but with LaGrange only appearing in just over 10% of the movie’s 139 minutes runtime we can’t take a moment for granted.

The movie’s costume designer, Stephanie Collie might have been the one who weaved her magic, but it wouldn’t have been possible without fashion house Versace and their custom designer gown. 

Clinging to every one of Dua Lipa’s curves, the gold custom made Versace gown that isn’t sequinned but sparkles like it is, features statement buckles at the shoulders with the company’s trademark logo. As well as a low-cut draped neckline and daring side split all while modestly falling to just below the knee. 

Dua Lipa Argylle Outfit  on Red Bike
It’s just as well LeGrange’s custom gold Versace gown has a daring thigh skimming side split or how would the sexy spy be able to ride her MV Agusta Dragster bike.  


Who is LaGrange and That Famous Argylle Dance Scene

Dua Lipa Argylle Danle Poses and Outfit
With her gold dress, sultry dance moves and sexy confidence it is no wonder Argylle is drawn to LaGrange. It’s just unfortunate for him that it turns out she’s luring him into a trap. Argyle, Apple Original Films. 

Better known as a singing sensation, Dua Lipa has turned her hand to a little bit of acting in Argylle, and not for the first time as this Barbie was a mermaid in Greta Gerwig’s 2023 summer smash hit of the same name (check out our article on Margot Robbie’s best looks as the plastic doll here). 

Dua Lipa Barbie Scene
With her gold dress, sultry dance moves and sexy confidence it is no wonder Argylle is drawn to LaGrange. It’s just unfortunate for him that it turns out she’s luring him into a trap. Argyle, Apple Original Films. 

However in this spy comedy, she has a bit more than just a cameo, portraying the alluring villain LaGrange. Drawing not just the audience in, but Henry Cavill’s Argylle too, with her sultry dancing, that quickly became one of the standout moments from the movie’s trailer.

Don’t you know who I am? Argylle’s LaGrange according to Dua Lipa. 

Dua Lipa’s LaGrange’s Golden Shoes

Dua Lipa’s LaGrange’s Golden Shoes
She might be better known for her singing, but superstar Dua Lipa has just added another string to her bow by doing all of her own movie stunts on the set of Argylle. Apple Original Films.  

The LaGrange Dua Lipa Argylle outfit, with its less than subtle Bond girl vibes, already destroys any expectations of what you might imagine an international spy with villainous tendencies would wear to conduct business. And that certainly won’t change with the matching gold heels that are paired with that Versace gown.      

With the patent gold leather shining, almost as much as the star, the pointed toe pumps with their string of straps wrapped around the ankle and impressively high stiletto heel, won’t stop LaGrange attempting to flee. 

The LaGrange Jewelry Look 

Dua Lipa’s LaGrange’s Goden Pendant
LaGrange isn’t happy that Wyatt has foiled her plans to escape, after her trap to lure in Argylle and kill him didn’t go to plan. Argyll, Apple Original Films. 

You might think that LaGrange would let her gold custom gown and matching patent leather pumps do all the talking when it comes to the Dua Lipa Argylle outfit, but more is more when it comes to our stylish villain.

Dua Lipa’s LaGrange’s Goden Rings
One of the only flashes of color other than gold in LaGranges look is her deep red scarlet painted fingernails, and statement make-up. Argyle, Apple Original Films.  

But even with her scarlett tipped fingers covered in chunky gold rings and ears adorned with delicate hoops, it is actually her necklace that draws the eye. The delicate short chain with the simple gold patterned rhombus pendant, looks harmless but every spy needs a dangerous gadget or two and maybe LaGrange has hers hidden in plain sight.    

Can a captured LaGrange be trusted when questioned by Argylle and Wyatt. 

Dua Lipa’s LeGrange Hair and Make-up in Argylle

Dua Lipa’s LeGrange Hair and Make-up in Argylle
With her smokey and mysterious make-up and sultry pout, LaGranges confident and sexy spy look finally all comes together. Making her a force to be reckoned with. Argyle, Apple Original Films.  

She’s got her statement gold Versace gown, matching patent leather heeled pumps and array of jewelry on, but LaGranges Argylle look wouldn’t be complete without her hair and make-up.

Making a statement all of its own, her messy side swept platinum blonde bob pairs perfectly with Dua Lipa’s dark smokey make-up. A hint of a shimmer to the bold eyes with their dark cat-eye liner and imposing black lashes, finished with just a touch of blush, a rosy brown lip and sultry pout. 

Stealing the Dua Lipa LaGrange Argylle Outfit

LaGrange might be the short lived villain of the espionage story, the victim of her own over ambitious plans and scheming, but when it comes to the Dua Lipa Argylle outfit nobody makes quite as lasting an impression as the sexy spy. Well nearly nobody. I imagine Alfie the cat might have something to say about who is the most popular with the fans. 

Argylle cat Apple TV
Chip Schiffer (yes his mother actually is Claudia Schiffer) as Alfie in Argylle. The cat that got the cream, and stole everyone’s hearts.
DIRECTED BY:Matthew Vaughn