The Panda Painting

As seen in: Fifty Shades of Grey

Designer: Robert Pruitt

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Fifty Shades of Grey did not scare away from critics for the way it was directed and interpreted. Mr. Grey gave the ladies some romantic excitement. Then there was this Panda painting hung on the wall of Grey’s office. Very intriguing indeed.
The Panda painting from Fifty Shades of Grey looks modern in black and white glittery canvass which shows reflection from the water. The panda looks like it’s hiding, half in half out, not knowing the intensity of its presence. This is the creation of the artist Rob Pruitt. The original paintings you can find by clicking on the 1stdibs button.
According to Pruitt, the Panda paintings were to elicit guilt to human beings who have destroyed the environment. Pandas in the wild are vulnerable to be extinct
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