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  • lost-in-translation-movie-poster-whisky-glasslost in translation poster

    Whiskey Glasses Lost In Translation Poster


  • blade runner 2049 apartmentthe art and soul of blade runner 2049

    Floor Plan Croissant: Blade Runner 2049 Flat Floor Plan


  • lala land printsLa La Land Thonet Chair

    Floor Plan Croissant’S Lala Land Floor Plan


  • orange art printA Clockwork Orange Furniture

    A Clockwork Orange Art

    Archiset produced several art prints by Federico Babina showing famous films. His interpretation of A Clockwork Orange is in an orange art print. If you found Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange interesting, then the art print will amuse you further.

  • breakfast at tiffany's artBathtub-Sofa-Breakfast-at-Tiffanys--Audrey-Hepburn

    Breakfast At Tiffany’S Art



  • byers house

    Floor Plan Croissant Art Print: Stranger Things House Of Will

    The interpretation of Floor Plan Croissant to the house of Will Byers in Stranger Things is on point. The Christmas lights are part of the décor as seen in the series. The top view of the Byers house shows the thickness of the walls. Even with the lights, you can still see the detail of…

  • parasite house plan

    Floor Plan Croissant’S Parasite Floor Plan

    Another movie where Floor Plan Croissant based her watercolor magic is the Parasite. The top view of the modern house, even the trees outside are in the background. You would instantly recognize the clean and modern interior with minimal furniture. The Parasite house plan is just like being in the movie.

  • the movie art of syd mead

    The Movie Art Of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist (Book)

    Syd Mead, how were you able to come up with such futuristic designs? If you would view all his creations as from Blade Runner (2019) and Tron (1982), you would be filled with awe as others did. Purchase book The Movie Art of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist and get amazed!

  • call me by your name painting

    Call Me By Your Name Watercolor Plan

    It is always such a pleasure to look at the works of Floor Plan Croissant. The Call Me By Your Name painting or art print is one of them. The view from the top is complete with flooring, furniture, and accessories. She meticulously painted them with every detail in place, from the bedroom to the…

  • twin-peaks-laura-palmer-house-floor-plan-art-print-floor-plan

    Floor Plan Croissant: Twin Peaks

    A top view or the floor plan of the TV series, Twin Peaks. Not your ordinary floor plan as this was created using watercolor. If you’re familiar with any 3D CAD software, then you could compare this floor plan art. Showing the thickness of the walls and with detailed furniture, it’s clearly impressive. It’s not…

  • vintage-looking Queen's Gambit postervintage-looking-Queen’s-Gambit-poster-2

    Vintage Looking Queen Gambit’s Poster

    QUEEN’S GAMBIT POSTER The vintage-looking Queen’s Gambit poster by Mike Sapienza is smart with the use of black, white, and red colors. The checkered red and white spaces look like a chessboard with the Queen chess piece on the lower left side. With this interpretation, it could clearly be known that the movie has something…

  • JH-Lynch-printsA Clockwork Orange Furniture

    Prints By The Mysterious Jh Lynch

    The artwork “Tina” (1961) shows a portrait of an alluring exotic woman that became very popular. The artist behind it is JH Lynch. Known to be British, JH Lynch was also being rumored to be from the Netherlands or a nun from New Zealand. Whoever he is, his works say more. “Tina” has been seen…

  • Robert-Longo-Men-in-the-Cities-art

    Men In The Cities By Roberto Longo

    Roberto Longo is the painter and sculptor who created the Men in the Cities collection. In the movie American Psycho, the untitled (Frank) was seen in Patrick Bateman’s apartment. His photographs depicted human reactions mostly from agony. This eventually became the inspiration for his large-scale graphite drawings. His Men in the Cities collection made him…

  • panda-painting-from-50-shades-of-greyFifty Shades of Grey Panda Painting

    The Panda Painting

    Fifty Shades of Grey did not scare away from critics for the way it was directed and interpreted. Mr. Grey gave the ladies some romantic excitement. Then there was this Panda painting hung on the wall of Grey’s office. Very intriguing indeed. The Panda painting from Fifty Shades of Grey looks modern in black and…