The Norman Cherner Chair

As seen in: Toy Story 2, Gossip Girl

Designer: Norman Cherner

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Norman Cherner was an architect and designer and the forerunner of designing modular low-cost housing and furniture. The Norman Cherner chair was designed in 1958 and boy was it controversial.
His chair design using bent plywood was commissioned to him by Plycraft to create a less expensive version of their Pretzel chair. Upon finishing the chair design, he was deceived by Plycraft and claimed it as their own design. Fortunately, he won the lawsuit. Having gone through everything only made the chair more recognized. It can be spotted in the animation Toy Story, in Gossip Girl …
The armrest and seat are made of one-piece bent plywood with a 2-piece lamination of beech wood as the frame. Effortless, sleek, and continuous, the Cherner chair showcases the American mid-century classic design.

Now all of his designs are being manufactured exclusively by The Cherner Chair Company founded by his sons, Benjamin and Thomas.

W 26.5″ (67.31cm)
H 31.5″ (80.01cm)
D 21.5″ (54.61cm)
SH 18″ (45.72cm)