The Norman Cherner Chair

As seen in: Toy Story 2, Gossip Girl

Designer: Norman Cherner

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The elegant, sleek lines of the Cherner Chair are a testament to Cherner’s commitment to functional design, and its one-piece bent plywood armrest and seat are supported by a two-piece lamination of beech wood. This iconic piece of furniture can be seen in popular productions such as Toy Story 2 and Gossip Girl showcasing its timeless appeal and lasting impact on American mid-century design.

The Norman Cherner Chair is a masterpiece of mid-century design, bringing the vision of architect and designer Norman Cherner to life. As a forerunner in low-cost housing and furniture design, Cherner’s innovative use of bent plywood in the creation of this chair was a true turning point in design history. Commissioned to create a more affordable version of the Pretzel chair, Cherner’s work was unfortunately claimed as their own by Plycraft. But Cherner persevered and won the lawsuit, cementing his place in design history and bringing recognition to his groundbreaking work.Today, all of Norman Cherner’s designs are manufactured exclusively by The Cherner Chair Company, founded by his sons, Benjamin and Thomas, ensuring that his legacy continues to thrive. Upgrade your space with the classic and sophisticated design of the Norman Cherner Chair.